The name Karina – history of origin and the meaning of the name Karina

Each name has a coded meaning. Solving it means finding out part of the secret of your own life.
Today we will tell you about the female name Karina, its meaning, origin and influence on fate.

Name Karina

Origin and meaning

This name has a very strong energy – Karina knows how to impress others, it is hard not to notice her.

The exact origin of Karina’s name has not been established. According to the most common version, it has Latin roots and comes from the Roman word “Carinus”. Interpretation – “cute”, “dear”, “dear”.

There is also another version. According to her, the name in question is of Italian origin. Translated, it means “beloved” or “irreplaceable.”

To give a newborn girl the name Karina means to promise her the formation of a huge number of advantages. Growing up, she will conquer the people around her with femininity, mystery and sincerity. An adult, intelligent bearer of this name is pleasant in all respects. She is easy to get along with, she is open and inquisitive.

Often, Karina women have a lot of hidden talents. From early childhood, they strive for creativity (paint, sing, dance).

Important! Parents of gifted children should do their utmost to develop their talents.

The name in question is quite popular in Russia and other post-Soviet countries, it occupies the 29th position in the ranking.


Baby Karina is very active, she is a real fidget. Loves noisy games and fun pastime. Parents often lose sight of her, especially in a crowded place.

As she matures, she becomes calmer and more balanced.

The main character traits of a young bearer of this name:

  • impulsiveness;
  • severity;
  • persistence;
  • activity;
  • prudence.

Origin of the name

She is not devoid of intelligence, therefore, on occasion, she will always “shine” with intelligence. Loves praise and admiration, incredibly assertive. He will never deviate from the intended goal at the first mistakes and difficulties, will prepare a second plan and with renewed vigor will begin to implement it.

Nevertheless, she often makes rash decisions, acts impulsively. The main disadvantage is excessive impulsivity.

For most people, she is a mystery, an impregnable fortress. Karina’s friendship and affection must be earned. She is not inclined to trust everyone in a row.

He approaches the choice of comrades-in-arms and comrades carefully, appreciates in people:

  • devotion;
  • openness;
  • punctuality;
  • a responsibility;
  • prudence.

Trusts only the closest friends. She is prone to moralizing, but if she has competent advice from people she trusts, she will definitely listen.

Important! Young Karina especially badly needs a senior mentor who will show her the right path of development and save her from making mistakes. The ideal option is her mother.

She is an incredibly temperamental and bright person who does not hesitate to demonstrate her dignity to the world. Excessive modesty is not characteristic of her. The girl loves to be in the spotlight, so she strives to wear beautiful clothes and jewelry, and often changes her style.

This is not the end of Karina’s merits. Even in adulthood, she does not lose her desire to develop and comprehend new things. She is interested in many things, from tourism to the migration of a long-eared owl.

Closer to 40, she significantly reduces the circle of friends, leaving only the closest ones. He happily spends time with them, distracted from the family routine. She is very sociable. Easily makes contact with new people, but rarely instills deep trust in them.

Karina also has disadvantages. Sometimes she lacks tact. The girl is annoyed by boring, uninteresting people and, being in a bad mood, she will not miss the opportunity to express her opinion about them. She avoids communication with hypocrites and aggressors.

Sometimes she behaves rudely, especially if she is upset about something. Karina should learn to be more tolerant of other people’s shortcomings so as not to hurt their feelings.

Karina's character

Marriage and family

The nature of such a woman is romantic and lyrical. In love, she craves adventure. She likes to guess people, to study them carefully. She has many admirers, and they appear even in early youth.

Karina reveals her best qualities in love: sensuality, tenderness and femininity. Men love the energy that comes from her, so they quickly fall in love.

Important! Such a woman will find happiness in marriage with a man whose character is much softer than hers.

She is a fighter by nature. It is important for her to lead her life partner with her, to show him the right path. Submission is difficult for her. If any man begins to change her character, to exert pressure, she, without hesitation, will break off relations with him.

Karina, like any girl, needs understanding and care, so she seeks to find a husband with whom she will feel like behind a stone wall. She can get married several times. She will have children in every marriage.
The bearer of the name in question is a wonderful mother. She takes care of her kids for as long as they need it, and she rarely behaves too intrusively.

Work and career

Karina is an excellent negotiator. She knows how to insist on her own and persuade people. Has a well-developed speech apparatus. That is why a job search, which will be based on communication, will be an excellent solution for her.

She is a strong-willed, ambitious, decisive and risky woman, so she can easily realize herself in entrepreneurial activity. Having occupied a niche in the field of business, he will show a creative approach. However, in order to achieve success in financial affairs, Karina will not interfere with the help of a man. The ideal option for her would be the development of a family business.

In addition to entrepreneurship, it can be implemented in the following areas:

  • sales;
  • marketing;
  • management;
  • pedagogy;
  • journalism.

Karina's career


A girl’s immune system will be strong only if she adheres to the rules of a “healthy” diet and sports.

Some helpful tips for organizing your life:

  1. Eat daily breakfast with protein-rich foods (chicken eggs, cereals, nuts, cereals, chicken).
  2. Minimize your intake of fried foods and junk food.
  3. Move more!

Did you recognize yourself by our description, Karina? Share your opinion in the comments.

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