Houses For Rent In Millidgeville Saint John Nb

The Millidgeville and Cedar Point areas of Saint John, NB are a mix of new and older housing, mostly single detached homes and townhouses. The subdivision was built in the 1960s and is named for the shipbuilding Millidge family. It was also the site of the original Saint John airport, which was built from 1928 to 1951. There are several neighborhoods within the Millidgeville area.

Many people choose this neighbourhood for its close proximity to the UNBSJ and Saint John Regional Hospital. The homes are modern and bright with contemporary finishes and great neighborhood amenities. Whether you’re looking for a rental or a home to buy, Millidgeville is a great choice. It’s a great location for anyone who works or plays in the area.

Millidgeville is located in the midst of the thriving, affluent neighborhood. It’s within walking distance of many downtown amenities, including schools and a marina. There are also several small retail areas and nature trails nearby. In addition to housing, Millidgeville is home to a thriving knowledge-based industry. Tucker Park Campus, the university’s Saint John campus, and the DalMed are all located nearby. In 1932, Amelia Earhart flew into Saint John.

The Millidgeville community is a desirable location for a student or working professional. It’s near the Saint John Regional Hospital and the UNBSJ. The neighborhood features bright and contemporary finishes, making it an ideal place to live. The area is also near the seaside, and is also convenient for commuters. There are numerous amenities, and a large marina and yacht club nearby. The city’s knowledge-based economy is abundant, with universities and colleges such as DalMed and UNB Saint John.

For those who are looking to rent a house in Millidgeville, Saint John, NB, Redfin’s services offer affordable homes for rent in sunny Millidgeville. Its professional agents offer lower fees and a full-service approach to real estate. Buying or renting a house in this community can be a great investment. The benefits include:

A typical Millidgeville home is a great place for a student, with amenities in the immediate vicinity. The nearby marina and yacht club are perfect for those interested in exploring the city. The neighborhood is also close to many schools and small retail areas. There are many nature trails and parks for the kids to enjoy. The knowledge-based economy of the area is strong, and the college and university campuses are located nearby.

There are also several houses for rent in the neighbourhood. Some are located in a single-family home while others are found in a two-family house or an apartment building. A house for rent in this neighborhood is a great option for families with kids. Depending on your needs, there are many apartments and townhouses in this area. A great place to live is in a location that is convenient to commute to work or school.

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