How and where to order clothes from America?

Knowledge of English opens the door to the world of international shopping and high fashion. American online retailers are the ideal place for large purchases. Fashionistas have long opened an import portal of high-quality and stylish women’s clothing. Meet the three leaders of the most advanced US marketplaces.

Clothes from America

eBay – the world’s grand shopping destination

This online marketplace is considered one of the largest in the world. Here you can buy whatever your heart desires.

Clothes from America1

In the Fashion section, stylish customers will find for themselves:

  • fashionable women’s and men’s clothing;
  • comfortable shoes;
  • clock;
  • bags;
  • elite jewelry;
  • Kids’ things.

Each block includes 7 to 12 categories. In order to successfully make purchases on this international platform, it is important to understand how it works.

When placing a product, sellers themselves determine the method of selling it:

  1. As an auction (Place Bid button)… The original price is the starting price. In the future, the goods are received by the one who provides the highest bid.
  2. Buy Now (Buyitnow button)… The client agrees to purchase clothes at the price indicated by the seller.

Important! In order to avoid problems on the eBay server, it is necessary to study in detail the information on the selected goods. Particular attention should be paid to the delivery time and cost of clothing.


However, first of all, you need to register on the official website of the online store. A special filter will help to simplify the search for products. If we are talking about an auction, then you have to go for tricks. You can immediately set your maximum bid or beat the existing one at the last minute of the auction. You can increase it by just one step, which is $ 0.5. However, in this case, it is important to be extremely careful, because after the purchase, the conditions cannot be changed.

YOOX – easy and fun shopping

The YOOX online store can be called the grand design and fashion. Close cooperation with renowned fashion designers and manufacturers of fashionable clothes makes the company a leader in this business. The wide range of products not found in conventional stores is the biggest advantage of the American marketplace.


Here women of fashion will find a colossal choice:

  • fashionable clothes;
  • stylish accessories;
  • exclusive capsule collections;
  • eco-products, including things;
  • vintage finds;
  • luxurious interior items;
  • unique books.

Important! Delivery of goods is carried out to 100 countries of the world. The site has a simple return procedure. Emerging questions and problems are solved by the customer support service with lightning speed.


Designer clothes from the USA will allow girls to express their individuality. There is no time limit to style or seasonal boundaries. To do this, you just need to create an account on and start looking for products. When placing an order, you must carefully read the delivery and payment methods.

Amazon is renowned worldwide for quality and safety

This is one of the most gigantic platforms in the ocean of online trading. She is a tough competitor to eBay. Therefore, millions of girls from all over the world go here for fashion shopping.


Unlike other online stores on Amazon:

  • relatively low prices;
  • convenient and simple site navigation;
  • the ability to choose a convenient delivery method;
  • simplified payment system;
  • protection against fraud.

Important! In addition to its own products, Amazon allows other sellers to display products on their site. Therefore, he acts as a guarantor of safe transactions.


All sellers of the site go through a strict data control system. The company controls their activities. Therefore, do not worry that sometimes it is not clear from whom you buy clothes. In addition, the delivery of products is carried out from the warehouses of the enterprise, where the goods of the sellers are already stored.

Via With these shopping monoliths of cyberspace, shopping just got easier and more convenient. However, before starting any operations, it is important not to be lazy and carefully read all the conditions of the online store. Many international servers provide information in Russian.

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