How can skiers run in plus 10 at the Sochi 2014 Olympics?

Ahead of us on Thursday February 13 and Friday February 14 are two classic trials on the most difficult tracks of the Sochi-2014 Olympics.

These races are the most difficult in terms of ski preparation and in terms of the hard work of skiers from the first meter to the last to win the Olympic Games.

We have all seen the almost limiting complexity of the slopes at the Laura complex, which for many has become unbearable. And we saw how hot it was for skiers in the skiathlon and sprint. Many ran already without hats and in racing suits on their naked bodies.

But the Sochi tin seemed not enough to the Olympic gods and they threw fuel into the stove. The forecast for Thursday and Friday is amazing:

sochi forecast

This has probably never happened in ski racing in the history of big starts! This is, of course, a big challenge for grease crews – how to find the right option for a +10 classic!

And for riders and riders, this is an additional burden. In endurance sports, athlete overheating is a major limiting factor. In running marathons, +2/+8 is considered the optimal temperature. But on the sunny sections of the Sochi highways it will be much warmer than +10. There is also the reflection of the sun’s rays from the snow. Anyone who has skied in the sunny Alps knows that on a good day you can ski in nothing but topless shorts with complete peace of mind. 🙂

Question of the Day: will we see topless skiers tomorrow? 🙂 Of course not. The starting number must be worn. But you can run in the same starting numbers – the ski bibs are very dense and completely unbreathable!!!

Runners competing in these temperatures use modern running gear made from breathable and moisture-wicking materials. This is the know-how of running brands. Cross-country ski overalls are made of completely different materials, the tasks set before their creators were different.

Protecting your head from the sun is also a very important factor, ski caps are too tight, and without a hat on a sunny day at altitude, you can easily get heat stroke. The best option would be bike caps with a short visor. The speed on the slopes on the skis to match the cycling.

In the summer, all skiers train in running, make imitations, ride roller skates in a running uniform. Who is in running shorts, who is in short tights, and the top is running T-shirts.

But the skiers almost certainly don’t have running uniforms in the correct colors of the national team. Maybe tomorrow we will see ski suits cut off on the legs and on the arms, as Petter Northug did at the Tour de Ski in positive weather. Or maybe something more exotic. Here, the main thing is that the IOC does not suddenly get “excited” about non-standard equipment.

The skiers are not trained for competition which is a big plus. It will be very difficult for them. But the conditions are the same for everyone. And hot days in Sochi were predicted long ago. It is not for nothing that these Games are called “Hot. Winter. Yours.” 🙂

So we’ll see who is better prepared for them in every sense.

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