How Cashback Works?

What is cashback?

Cashback is a refund by the bank of part of the expenses for card purchases. If the purchase was paid from a ruble account, then the cashback will be in rubles, if from a dollar account – in dollars. You can spend cashback on anything at any time.
What types of cashback are available with the Tinkoff Black card?
For different types of purchases with a bank card, cashback is charged from 1 to 30%:
  • 1% — for any purchases from every 100 ₽ spent;
  • 2-15% – for increased cashback categories. Categories can be selected from those offered once a month. For example, this month – supermarkets, sports and entertainment, next – restaurants, clothing and transport;
  • up to 15% for restaurants, tickets and services – to get even more bonuses, plan your leisure time using the Tinkoff app. For dinner in a restaurant we will refund up to 10% of the cost, for a ticket to the cinema, theater and concert – 5%, for purchases and services from 5 to 15%. You can get more cashback for tickets with a Tinkoff Pro subscription: with it, 15% will be returned to the card. Connect Tinkoff Pro subscription;
  • up to 30% – for purchases on special offers from our partners: popular stores, services and cafes. What are special offers

When does the bank charge cashback?

Once a month, on the day of discharge, immediately for the entire billing period. The release date is individual for each client. It can be changed by writing to the support chat. What is a billing period
For example, the bank generates a statement every month on the 15th, the next one should arrive on April 15th. On this day, the bank will credit cashback for purchases from March 16 to April 15.
Cashback notification
You can find out the start and end dates of the billing period in the mobile application or in your personal account:
  • On the mobile app: Select an account from Home → Account → Account Details (⚙️ icon in the top right corner) → Statements. The last line “Balance as of the date” will indicate the date – it is on this day of each month that the statement is formed.
  • In your personal account: select an account in the menu on the left → “About account” → “Inquiries and statements”. The dates of the previous billing period will be indicated there.
Where can I see how much cashback was credited and how the amount was formed?
To see how much cashback you have already earned, in the mobile application or in your personal account, click on the card account.
When the bank accrues cashback, you will receive a statement by SMS and email. mail – it will indicate the amount of cashback for the month. The same amount will appear in the list of expenses, which is displayed in your personal account on and in the mobile application. Next to each transaction there is a tag with the amount that will be returned for it.
You can see what the amount of cashback was made of in the event feed: next to each transaction there is a tag with the amount that will be returned for it.
Purchases for which an increased cashback will be credited are marked with a yellow tag
When accruing, cashback is rounded down to the nearest whole number. For example, you spent 470 ₽ in the category of increased cashback with a rate of 5%. We multiply 470 by 5% and get 23.50. Since the cashback is rounded down to the nearest whole number, you will be refunded 23 rubles.
How to understand how much cashback I will receive for a purchase?
In the mobile app, click “Monthly spending”, in your personal account – the “Events” tab: the amount of cashback will be indicated in the purchase line.
If this is a purchase for a promotion, for example, for tickets or for a special offer, only the standard 1% cashback will be indicated in the column. The rest will be credited after: for example, for tickets to an event – within 14 days after it is held.
Purchases for which the bank will credit an increased cashback at the end of the month are marked with a special icon in the list of expenses:
The bank determines purchases with an increased cashback by the MCC code and the name of the store. MCC code is a special four-digit code that describes the type of activity of the outlet. How the bank determines purchases with increased cashback
Where can I see a list of companies that give cashback on my card?
There is no such list, because cashback is credited for all purchases. Standard cashback will be credited for all purchases from 100 ₽, increased – for all purchases in selected categories and special offers, for travel – when buying through Tinkoff Travel.
View a list of available specials:
  • in the mobile application: “More” → “Bonuses” → “Cashback”;
  • in your account: “Bonuses”.
Why not get cashback?
Cashback is credited only for purchases, including in online stores and Tinkoff services. For transfers, utilities, duties, payment for services through a mobile application or personal account on, cashback is not credited.
Here is a list of transactions for which the bank will not charge cashback:
  • replenishment of the card in any way;
  • cash withdrawal;
  • debit transactions in other credit institutions;
  • any money transfers from the card;
  • payment for utility services;
  • payments through your personal account on or the Tinkoff mobile application, except for payments in the “Transport” section;
  • replenishment of any electronic wallets;
  • operations with MCC codes 4812, 4813, 4814, 4816, 4829, 4900, 6012, 6050, 6051, 6211, 6529, 6530, 6531, 6532, 6533, 6534, 6536, 6537, 6538, 73240 , 7399, 7995, 8999;
  • payment for air tickets and related services (luggage, insurance, etc.), except for purchases through Tinkoff Travel and on the websites of Aeroflot, Siberia, Pobeda, Utair, Ural Airlines;
  • payments using QR codes within the Sberbank Quick Payments and QR Codes System.
Why didn’t I receive cashback for card purchases?
There may be several reasons.
The billing period has not yet expired. The bank will credit cashback immediately for all purchases of the month on the day of the statement. Before that, you can see how much cashback you have earned and for what purchases in the payment history.
The bank did not have time to calculate the cashback. Each payment goes through two stages: when paying, the bank confirms that the card works and there is money on it – this is authorization, and within 1-3 days after payment, the bank transfers the purchase amount to the store’s account – this is a transaction. Until the transaction has passed, the bank cannot calculate and accrue the cashback amount for the purchase. Therefore, purchases that were paid for at the end of the billing period are usually not included in the statement, and the cashback for them is credited in the next month.
No cashback provided. For some operations, the bank does not charge cashback – for example, for replenishment of electronic wallets, utility bills, money transfers. Here is a complete list of transactions for which there is no cashback
The seller incorrectly entered the details of the store. You can check the data in the purchase history in the application or in your account. The bank recognizes purchases for which an increased cashback is due, by MCC code shop is a four-digit code that describes the type of activity of the outlet. If the seller indicated an obviously incorrect MCC code – for example, “Communication” instead of “Air tickets”, write to the chat – most likely, we will be able to recalculate the cashback.
You have reached the cashback limit. During the billing period, you can get no more than 3000 ₽ cashback for regular purchases. Anything over that amount will be burned.
Purchase canceled. If the store or you canceled the purchase and returned the goods, then the cashback for this purchase will not be credited.
If the purchase was on a special offer, there may be other reasons.
If none of the reasons suits you, write to us in the chat – we’ll figure it out.

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