How did the cute Korean boys from BTS take the world by storm?

BTS is now one of the most popular K-pop groups in the world today. Its members were named the Most Influential People of 2019 by Time-100, and also set a Guinness record for the number of views on Twitter.

The full name of this Korean group is The Bangtan Boys / Bulletproof Boy Scouts (방탄 소년단), which literally means “block all bullets in the world” or “impenetrable”. It’s funny that when the boys were just given their name, they took it as a joke and for a long time could not get used to it.

The beginning of a career or a real “boom” on the Korean stage

Bts-gruppa 2

The collective was founded by Big Hit Entertainment. In June 2013, the group debuted with the song “No More Dream” (translated from English – “there is no more dream”). Then the youngest member of the group Jongguk was only 16 years old. Thanks to the advertising on the album of the music group 2AM and the high-quality sound and meaning, the song almost instantly began to gain popularity – a year later, BTS was at the top of the Billbord chart.

However, it took a long time to prepare for such a grand start: three years before the first song, participants who were professionally engaged in rap were selected through auditions. In the months leading up to their debut, they began posting their covers on YouTube and SoundCloud and recording on Twitter.

Initially, the agency thought that BTS would be a duo of Rap Monster and Iron, then decided to create a group of 5 members, however, now the famous group still consists of seven guys, whose average age is 25: Jung Jungkook, Kim Taehyung, Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok and Park Jimin.

Each of them is individual in its own way and has its own vivid and memorable image: someone plays the role of a shy and sweet person, someone professionally writes music and reads rap. In their videos and at their performances, the guys also try completely different guises: from daring street gangsters to exemplary schoolchildren.

Rare conflicts, sincere apologies and sentimentality of the participants

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The collective of the K-pop group is famous for its friendly atmosphere – the guys constantly help each other, cry together with happiness on stage or go through difficult periods, discussing and pronouncing all grievances among themselves. Despite the fact that the participants admit their irascibility, and they say about J-Hope and Jimin that they are “scary in anger”, scandals are rare for them. However, from time to time, conflicts nevertheless mature, and they experience them very difficult and emotionally.

For example, during episode 4 of BTS’s “Burn the Stage” documentary, Taehyung and Jin had an argument over the organizational issues of the performance, and even raised their voices at each other. RM ably stopped them, however, V was so upset that he burst into tears before the show. But after the concert, the guys got together and calmly discussed what had happened, apologizing to each other for the misunderstanding. Each of them argued their words and explained their positions, noting that they did not want to offend. Listening to Taehyung, Jin started crying again and then he said,

Let’s have a drink together later.

Bts today


BTS is still considered one of the most popular and talked about K-pop groups in the world today, with millions of fans of all ages from all over the world. In August last year, the group went on vacation, but after a couple of months they returned to their usual work schedule.

Even now, in quarantine, the boyband delights fans by debuting and setting records in the charts and uploading funny videos.

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