How does model Devon Windsor eat?

Model Devon Windsor doesn’t change her diet much before major shows. She continues to eat sweets and desserts on the eve of the show. The girl assures that without sugar she loses strength.

The 24-year-old fashion model works for the Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand. At the shows of this brand, you have to look gorgeous, because you need to show not dresses and coats, but bras and swimwear.

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Devon Windsor

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Devon can get its carbohydrates from low-calorie foods. She loves brown rice and whole grain breads. Her diet is healthy.

“To be honest, I have a healthy diet,” says Windsor. – I eat a lot of proteins, I also adore carbohydrates. The right carbs because they help you feel fuller longer. I prefer whole grain bread or brown rice. I like to keep these foods in my home.

Devon has her biggest meal plan for breakfast. This helps her to endure a busy day. At lunchtime, she also cannot do with salads alone.

– I like to have a good breakfast, – adds the model. – I need to collect my thoughts and get enough energy, because I have a long day. And I always dine. As an example of what I eat for lunch: zucchini, some rice with salmon, cabbage salad. If I limited myself to salad, I would feel hungry in a minute.

Not all girls can afford such happiness. Devon’s colleague Shanina Shayk is on a strict diet of only proteins and vegetables. She also drinks hot water with lemon to improve her complexion and speed up her metabolism.

Hot water with lemon1

“I drink hot water with lemon in the mornings and evenings,” says Shayk. – It improves metabolism, digestion and skin color. My diet includes a lot of protein: I only eat fish, as I am a vegetarian. And also vegetables and salads from organic products. Two weeks before the shows, I remove sugar and carbohydrates from the diet. I want to be slim before the show, with a chiseled silhouette.

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