How Michael Jackson’s children look and live now

More than 11 years have passed since the fateful day on which Michael Jackson died. Now his three children, who inherited the talent of an actor and his bright facial features, have finally recovered from the loss and are trying to build a career for themselves – and on their own, and not using a star surname for the sake of fame.

And, perhaps, the Jackson family is the most friendly: the artist’s daughter publicly expressed love for her brothers and gratefully declared that she had no friends closer than them. Even on the path to success, they go together!

A rich legacy and unexpected death

Michael Jackson

On June 25, 2009, the legendary singer Michael Jackson passed away. The man was 50 years old, and, according to the official version, he died of cardiac arrest caused by an overdose of potent drugs. This was completely unexpected, because he did not notice any signs of deterioration in health or suicidal thoughts. The funeral took place only on September 4 – the body of the artist was placed in a golden coffin and buried in the “Grand Mausoleum” in the Hollywood cemetery “Forest Lawn”.

michael jackson funeral

He left behind not only a sea of ​​beautiful music and scandalous stories, but also three children: Michael Joseph Jackson I, Paris-Michael Catherine Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson II, who at that time were twelve, eleven and seven years old, respectively. Despite the loss of a loved one and the breadwinner of the family, children could be distracted by consoling expensive purchases and know that, thanks to their father, they can no longer think about money for a minute of their lives.

Just a year after the death of the singer, their account was replenished by a billion dollars: 400 million came from the sale of albums of the “king of pop”, the same amount – from the film “That’s all”, and the rest came from the sale of licenses to use Jackson’s image and recordings, as well as royalties from his copyright.

And the posthumous gift of the “king of pop” did not end there. So, another 31 million dollars that year brought only one contract of Michael’s family with Sony Music Entertainment – for another seven years the company released ten albums with the musician’s compositions, and the total amount of the contract was more than 200 million dollars!

Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.

Joseph Jr.

The singer’s first-born was born in 1997, married to Debbie Rowe. According to sources, he was raised by nannies and nurses on an infamous ranch. Joseph was always interested in show business, but he was not eager to become a star himself: especially since he cannot sing or dance. In an interview, the young man admitted that from childhood he dreamed of becoming a producer or director and managing the process “on the other side of the camera”.

In 2016, he shot his own video for the song “Automatic” for the first time, performed by O-Bee. We have to admit that for the first experience he did it very well – we hope that Michael will continue to do this business.

Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson

Paris-Michael Catherine Jackson

The girl was born in 1998 and her godparents are Macaulay Culkin and the late Elizabeth Taylor. She, perhaps, most difficultly experienced the death of her father. Paris made a heartbreaking speech at her father’s funeral, and after his death she even attempted suicide.

The beauty has repeatedly undergone treatment for deep depression in clinics, talked about the violence experienced in childhood, and in January last year she again tried to commit suicide – according to rumors, the reason for her act was the release of the famous documentary about Michael Jackson.

However, the girl is making every effort to cope with mental problems. She, despite her dire condition, worked as a model for the best companies such as Calvin Klein and Chanel, and also took her first steps in music. In 2018, she starred in a film for the first time. The girl became the most influential and famous among the rest of Jackson’s relatives.

Prince Michael Jackson II

Jackson's son

The artist’s third child was born in 2002 from an unknown surrogate mother. He is known to everyone as “The Prince” or “Blanket” – the second nickname stuck to him after the incident when he held the baby above the ground from the balcony of his hotel room. And the boy is often called “invisible” – just because he almost never appears in public.

Now the boy is 18, and he is graduating from high school in Los Angeles, from which his brother and sister graduated a couple of years ago. Unlike his relatives, he is not famous for his antics and is known as a calm and quiet guy. But at the same time, he is a creative and creative person. He is engaged in martial arts and loves video games with all his heart.

In 2015, Michael changed his pseudonym to Bigi, and then he and his younger brother launched the Film Family You-Tube channel, where he uploads remixes of songs and reviews of films, discussing new films of the film industry with famous actors in podcasts.

michael jackson kids

michael jackson kids 2

And recently, the media discussed his new purchase – a mansion for 2 million dollars, located just next to the house of the Kardashian family!

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