How to Dress for a Date – Stylist’s Tips

White dress, veil, bridal bouquet, holiday for two – many women dream of this event from an early age.

Where to find a soul mate? What to look for when dating and how to prepare for a date? Experts in psychology, fashion and etiquette are here to help you meet the love of your life this week!

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How to look right on a date, how to choose an image, what should be excluded from your wardrobe, on air Radio Romantika said the stylist Alexey Sukharev.

In the photo, stylist Alexei Sukharev and host of the program “Morning on Romantika” Timur Sokolov, photo material provided by the PR-department of Radio Romantika

Alexey Sukharev: The pervasive impact of the pandemic has had a very positive impact on the fashion industry. Many different trends have appeared, at some point there have been too many self-proclaimed fashion houses, but in fact, they have little to do with fashion. The restrictions during the pandemic helped to identify those, there were only true artists and creators, the most talented. And now there are different theories as to what will happen next. There is a high probability that, as after any depressive crisis, the dawn of beauty and a splash in the fashion world awaits us, as happened at the time when Dior created his New Look. But there is a possibility that for some time we will all be walking in absolute unisex and futur tracksuits.

There are only a few days left before the onset of spring, and it is better to be prepared in advance for its arrival, so as not to find yourself in the eternal situation of “nothing to wear”. As for trends, the main focus should be on colors… Trends have changed little compared to last year, in fact, they remained relevant in the new season. It’s just that we were brought up with options for new lighting solutions. We know that the institute Pantona revealed two main colors – gray and yellow. Moreover, both in one color combination and in various combinations.

Alexey Sukharev
Photo @suharevstyle

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The stylist advises everyone to pay attention to the color combination of gray and yellow. It looks great in a sporty style. It is easy to imagine a stylish set in gray-yellow tones, where gray is somewhat whitened, the so-called gray melange.

Alexey Sukharev: But this does not negate the fact that with the onset of spring, pastel colors come into our lives in large numbers. For example, beige, which, in fact, is not a trend today, has long been relevant. This is a macro trend. If you want to make an investment in your wardrobe, then it seems to me that a beige item would be a great solution. At the same moment, since the trend is total bow, that is, an image completely composed of one color (monochromatic). And, for example, in the bed version, in beige or in some natural color, it always looks much more appropriate than the whole yellow total. This is already for courageous people, which in this way, perhaps, will bring the coming of spring closer.

Alexey Sukharev 2
Photo @suharevstyle

The stylist said with confidence that oversize will not recede anywhere in the near future.

Alexey Sukharev: There is a certain trend in the fashion world that gender is very much erased. Unisex clothes will step on our throats more and more, and nothing can be done about it, you just need to accept it. But even oversized girls can be worn quite attractively. For some reason, we take everything literally: if oversized, then both the top and the bottom are worn oversized. And, by the way, very often compact slender girls, really with an excellent figure, which you want to look at, use oversize. But the girls who have more significant advantages, as it is correct, according to my observations, try to fit themselves as much as possible. And often it doesn’t look very pretty. But back to oversize. Rule of thumb: don’t try to oversize the top and bottom! If the top is voluminous, then the bottom should be very compact, something very tight-fitting. For example, a hoodie with tight-fitting trousers will show that the bone is thin rather than wide. But the main thing is to understand how a person himself feels in this.

Alexey Sukharev 3
Photo @suharevstyle

The main thing is comfort and a sense of harmony – emphasized the stylist.

Another current trend is vintage, both for men and women.

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This is a very good trend, considering that during the pandemic, we forgot a little about reasonable consumption. Although, until recently, this topic sounded loudly. And he urged to pay more attention to really vintage things – these are all those that are over 30 years old, and not what designers now do “for vintage”.

Alexey Sukharev: It can be either a jacket or a cashmere coat, this is a very reasonable consumption. After all, there are really things that will cost less, but will look much better. It’s just that in our country there is still such a dismissive attitude towards secondhand … Look in the closet, for sure there are things of the older generation that you can get hold of.

Alexey Sukharev 4
Photo @suharevstyle

Practical advice: what to wear on a date

So, what should girls wear on a date, how to shape their wardrobe, their image, if they seek to get married.

The stylist drew attention to the fact that here it is worth sticking to the image of “lady like”, in the famous TV series “Sex and the City” he is personified by Charlotte. Of the more modern heroines, role models are members of the British royal family, especially Kate Middleton and her friend. What is the basis of the “lady like” image.

Alexey Sukharev: In fact, this is the image of a good ideal wife. Very correctly selected color schemes. Minimum printing, very pure color, mostly edible shades and, most often, it is a pastel range, or, conversely, rich colors of precious stones, for example, emerald. Always very laconic forms that in no way can discredit the girl. If you are going on a first date, then I would never recommend a girl to come to it in pants. Because psychologically it will always put the girl on the same level with the guy. Yes, this is not bad, it also depends on the type of man the girl is looking for for herself. And it can offend someone to the depths of their souls: “How is this so in trousers?” But do not forget that all the same these are tips for the spring, and not for now, in cold weather, and it is more important to monitor your health.

Alexey Sukharev 5
Photo @suharevstyle

How to dress for your first date so that it won’t be your last?

Alexey Sukharev: It is important for both the guy and the girl to dress comfortably for the first date. This is really important. A date is already quite a nervous event that requires energy consumption. And it would be great if I didn’t have to pull myself somewhere, correct, think: so or not. And, returning to color schemes, girls should not choose too dramatic, any provocative color schemes. I would recommend avoiding combinations of black with red, black in its total version, I would discourage a girl from going on a date in hakki color. Deep brown is also not the best option. Ideally, it is white, for example, a shirt with a loose fit. These are edible shades – the colors of desserts. It’s probably easier to imagine a palette this way. And these shades always work well with a gentle girlish appearance. Very neat. And they set the man up in the right mood. That is, the desire not to lash out with dirty intentions 10 minutes after the start of the date, but still enjoy the aesthetics. It is important. But the truth is, even for the first date, the goals can be very different.

Alexey Sukharev 6
Photo @suharevstyle

The stylist has recreated his feminine image for the first date of a girl who wants to get married.

Alexey Sukharev: You don’t need to get ready for this date for a very long time. When a person has spent 6 hours in front of the mirror, it is always visible. All the same, you need lightness, even if some negligence – it’s easier to fall in love with it than when you see a person in front of you who was preparing too responsibly to meet you, it scares. The main advice is to dress simpler. In this regard, we will begin to describe this image.

It could be a blouse or shirt, but then white. With a fairly open neckline, but not too much. If a blouse, then let it be a whitewashed blue. Bottom – a skirt in blue tones, flared to the middle of the calf, maybe pleated, with an emphasis on the waist in the form of a belt. An important detail is the shoes, but you should not be puzzled by heels, the main thing here is to avoid sports shoes. The perfect look for a date.

Advice to men on how to dress for a date, for example, in a movie, if you decide to continue a serious relationship with a girl after meeting on the first date. What is the best way to make this clear?

Alexey Sukharev: The simpler the better!

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