How to apply a streak-free self-tanner – 12 rules for self-tanning

Pale transparent legs have not been popular for a long time, so girls resort to various methods of tanning. If your skin reacts negatively to UV rays, then there is another way to get a bronze tan so as not to look like a black sheep on the beach – self-tanning.

But how to properly apply a streak-free self-tanner?


  1. First you need to choose the right self-tanner.

To test if your chosen product is right for you, apply a little of the mixture to the back of your hand and wait 12 hours. If, after 12 hours, you have not found an allergic reaction in the form of a rash or irritation, then you can safely use this self-tanner all over your body.

  1. The next step is epilation.

This should be done so that self-tanning does not accumulate around the hair pores, otherwise the skin will be spotty. It is better to do the epilation procedure not on the same day, but within a day, since the irritation after epilation will pass within a day.

  1. In the morning, before applying self-tanning, you should thoroughly cleanse the skin

Shower with an exfoliating gel or scrub. You can also use an anti-cellulite loofah to exfoliate your buttocks and thighs.


  1. Next, you should wipe the skin and let it “cool” (soothe irritated skin)

This will help the tanner to lie smoother.

  1. Then apply an oil-free moisturizer to your skin.

It is also necessary for even distribution of the tan.

  1. In order for the self-tanner to lay down streak-free, apply the product starting from the feet and gradually move towards the shoulders.
  • Self-tanner should be applied very quickly, as otherwise you may leave some areas darker.
  • It is necessary to very carefully apply the tanning agent on the knees, elbows, ankles and décolleté, as the effect of tanning in these areas is very noticeable.
  • It is best to use a self-tanner with someone else, as it is very difficult to apply the product on your back and back of the thighs on your own.
  • Don’t forget to apply self-tanning to the back of your neck and ears.
  • There is one secret – apply self-tanning with a damp sponge.
  • If you mix self-tanning with body cream, you can get a lighter skin tone while avoiding cheetah stains.


  1. To evenly apply self-tanning to your face, you need to use a cotton swab, otherwise there is a risk of getting a streaky tan with streaks.
  • Mix 1: 1 day cream and self-tanner for a lighter tan.
  • Leave the area under the eyes, eyelids and lips intact.
  • You need to work very well on the part where there is a transition from cheeks to ears and from chin to neck, otherwise you risk getting a mask effect on your face.
  1. After the procedure, wash your hands very well with soap, and clean your nails with a brush, otherwise you will walk with this color for the next few days.
  2. 1.5 hours after applying the self-tanner, you will have to walk around the apartment naked, since you cannot put on clothes and sit down.
  3. After 1.5 hours, do not wear light-colored or tight clothing.

In the first case, you will ruin your clothes, and it will be difficult to wash off the tanning.

In the second case, the seams of a tight dress or jeans can interfere with the uniformity of the tan.


  1. Cosmetologists advise to refrain from taking baths for at least 4-5 hours after applying self-tanning

This will help it absorb better, and you will be sure not to leave the shower like a leopard.

  1. It is better to take a shower, not a bath.

It is best not to rub with a washcloth, as this will not very well affect your “new” skin. However, do not be alarmed if after 5 hours you take a shower and the water is brownish – this is normal. The coloring pigment that has not been absorbed by the skin just comes off.

Then you will have to renew your artificial tan every 4-5 days.but worth it!

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