Why roller skating is good for your mental health

Did you know that roller skating is good for not only physical but also mental health? Psychological scientists have proven this. It has been observed that people who regularly roller-skate have an easier time coping with stress, have a high energy boost and a good mood throughout the day.

So why is this sport so beneficial for mental health? We deal with a psychologist.

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The health and body benefits of roller skating

It’s no secret that sports can improve your health and body. But what kind of changes are happening to the person who is rollerblading?

  • Physical endurance increases.
  • Breathing is trained.
  • The body becomes more pliable and flexible.
  • The muscles of the body are strengthened.
  • The blood supply to the internal organs improves.
  • Subcutaneous fat is burned.
  • The cardiovascular system is strengthened.
  • Increased body tone.

Roller skating burns a lot of “excess” fat. As a result, the athlete’s body becomes more toned and slender.

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Mental Health Benefits of Roller Skating

It has been observed that people who regularly engage in such sports are not only healthier, but also happier. What is the reason for this? The answer is simple – with the production in their bodies of dopamine and serotonin, popular hormones of happiness.

They ride on roller skates mainly in good weather, when it is not very cold. And this is another important factor in improving the mental state. Also, don’t ignore the movement! Scientists have noticed that when a person’s body becomes dynamic, adrenaline is actively produced in his body. Another important hormone involved in the formation of “happiness”.

Adrenaline + dopamine + serotonin, produced simultaneously, lead to the following changes:

  1. The overall level of happiness rises.
  2. The level of anxiety decreases.
  3. Decreases susceptibility to stress.
  4. Mental stability increases.
  5. Positive thinking is being formed.

The human psyche has an amazing switching function. Videos are a great opportunity to switch to the positive from the negative. Are you criticized at work? Not getting along on the personal front? Was the seller rude and upset? Put the rollers on your feet and switch forward! Yes, this is unlikely to solve your life problems, but it will certainly help to activate the forces to solve them.

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Expert psychologist commentary

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I want to say not only as a psychologist, but also as a mother of many children – I love roller skating!

We often go to the park with our big friendly family, where we put on rollers and go for a walk. Such a pastime gives an amazing result in terms of the general psycho-emotional state. Roller skating is a great sport that makes people happier, healthier, and less aggressive. And it doesn’t matter if you ride on your own or in a company.

As a result of such skating, the human body produces many hormones of joy, which improve his mood and well-being. Such a “hormonal bomb” retains its effect for several hours. Not surprisingly, after a 1-hour roller-skate walk, a person retains a positive attitude for at least a couple of hours. And if you make this sport a part of your life, that is, do it regularly, you will forget what stress and depression are.

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