how to apply correctly and which ones to choose?

How to apply patches under the eyesEye patches are often high expectations. Naturally, they will not help get rid of significant age-related skin changes or bruises under the eyes caused by constant lack of sleep.

However, their benefits lie in moisturizing the skin, nourishing, eliminating dullness and evening out skin tone. Plus, eye patches are quick and enjoyable treatments.

Patches first appeared in South Korea, which is not surprising, since this country is the progenitor of many beauty products. After gaining popularity in its homeland, this product gradually gained popularity all over the world.

The name of the tool comes from the computer term “patch”, which means “elimination of a deficiency.” The best eye patches are sure to deserve your attention.

Mechanism of action

Eye patches are patches composed of a gel-like substance or non-woven material.

The composition of the impregnation of patches includes useful substances: extracts of various plants, vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, as well as oils and panthenol. Certain substances have a certain benefit: plant components relieve fatigue, protein – give the skin elasticity and strengthen its overall tone.

All useful items penetrate the skin within twenty minutes of use and begin to act almost instantly.

Types of eye patches

There are several types of this tool. As a rule, they differ in purpose and, accordingly, in composition.

How to use eye patches correctly

Patches are:

  • Restoring and rejuvenating: trigger the mechanisms of natural skin rejuvenation and maintain an optimal balance of all components. The formula contains all the achievements of modern science: peptides, coenzyme, collagen, extracts of caviar, algae and ginseng.
  • Smoothing agents: inhibit the transmission of nerve impulses and slightly block facial expressions, acting like Botox. The composition may contain collagen, colloidal gold, hyaluronic acid.
  • Moisturizers: quickly saturate tissues with moisture and a complex of vitamins. They are ideal for thin skin and visually smooth the wrinkle pattern.
  • Draining: are used to relieve or reduce puffiness under the eyes. They contain vitamin C, vitamin E, and antioxidants. They need to be kept on the face longer than others (ideally – 20-30 minutes).
  • Feeding: These are more expensive plasters with placenta, plant extracts, pearl powder and retinol, which are aimed at complex skin improvement.

Respectively, the choice of patches must be deliberate, otherwise they will not solve your problem. If you have chosen the right remedy, their action will be directed and useful. Be sure to pay attention to the composition, because the result depends on it.

How to apply patches under the eyes

So, for example, if you use smoothing patches with hyaluronic acid instead of draining patches aimed at reducing swelling, then you will get a completely opposite effect and your swelling will increase.

You will notice the result from using a suitable product immediately when you see that your problem has been somewhat resolved: the skin color has improved, it has become more elastic and radiant, fresh, and swelling has significantly decreased.

Using eye patches – how and how often to apply?

Using patches is very simple:

  1. You must first cleanse your skin.
  2. Then remove the pads from the packaging and place them under the lower eyelid. This area can be lightly massaged beforehand.
  3. After that, the patches are left on the face for 20 minutes. With some patches, you can even walk around the house, but it’s best to combine such care with a pleasant relaxing rest, in other words, just lie down.
  4. Within 20 minutes, the nutrients are absorbed into the skin, after which the patches can be safely removed. You cannot wash your face after using them; it is better to leave the unabsorbed product in place.

How to use eye patches

Often on the Internet it is recommended to dissolve the used patches in water, and wipe the face with the resulting tonic. I do not recommend doing this, because all bacteria from the skin also end up in the finished “tonic” and, as long as you keep it, they multiply. And besides, all the nutrients contained in the patches have already reached their destination – the skin of the eyelids, so the use of such a solution becomes even more useless.

Eye patches should not be used on a daily basis, as there is nothing good about a hyper-walker. But pampering yourself with a similar procedure several times a week is the best option.

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