Heel spur treatment with folk remedies – 14 proven folk recipes

narodnoe_lechenie_pyatochnoj_shporySuch a phenomenon as a heel spur (approx. – bone growth on the plantar part of the calcaneus), manifested by the feeling of a “nail in the heel”, is most often encountered by people with excess weight and flat feet, increased tone of the calf muscles, as well as working “on the legs” long time.

How to get rid of this ailment with folk remedies?

To your attention – the most effective (already tested) methods!

It is worth noting that it is very difficult to completely heal the heel spur with “grandmother’s means”, but relieve exacerbation and eliminate pain attacks – quite possible.

  • Sea salt bath
    We make a strong solution of sea pharmacy salt (without additives) – 3 heaped spoons for 1 liter of water.
    We lower the legs in a hot solution for half an hour.
    Next, we wipe our feet dry, put on woolen socks, and sleep.
  • Garlic in a heel spur recipeGarlic compress
    Rub the garlic (1/2 head) on a grater, mix with 1 tsp of olive oil, and apply the gruel with gauze on the area with the spur. We fix the compress with adhesive plaster.
    The course of the procedure is until the pain disappears.
    If you feel a strong burning sensation, the procedure is canceled.
  • Bath and lard
    After the above-described bath with sea salt, we fix a slice of lard (approx. – unsalted!) On the affected area, fix it, put on a sock on top for better fixation.
    We leave it overnight.
  • Bath and Kombucha
    After a 30-minute bath with sea salt, we apply a compress on the affected area with a slice of kombucha. It is also permissible to wet the gauze in the kombucha liquid.
    The procedure takes about 3 hours until the gauze dries. Then it should be wetted again and continue the procedure. The duration of the course is until the pain disappears.
  • narodnoe_lechenie_pyatochnoj_shpory2Lard, vinegar and egg
    Pour 100 grams of lard (approx. – fresh, without salt) with vinegar (100 ml), add one egg (approx. – directly from the shell), hide in the dark for 21 days. Stir occasionally to smooth the mixture.
    After the mixture is ready: steam the sore heel, apply gauze with the mixture and fix it. We change it 2 times a day.
    The course is 5 days, provided there is no burning sensation.
  • Black radish
    Grate the vegetable (the finest) into a gruel. Apply the product directly to the spur, securing it with a bandage and a toe on top (at night!).
    In the morning we rinse with warm water and at night again before going to bed we repeat the procedure.
    The course is 3-4 procedures.
  • Potatoes and iodine
    Potatoes with heel spurWe put potato peelings (as well as small potatoes) in a large saucepan and cook until cooked. Then we shift everything into a basin and begin to knead it with our feet until this potato “porridge” under our feet begins to cool down.
    We rinse the heels with warm water, wipe dry and, drawing an iodine mesh on the sole, put on tight socks.
    Course – 10 procedures (1 per day).
  • Aloe, alcohol, tablets and seasoning
    We pass the leaves of a 5-year-old aloe through a meat grinder (juicer), squeeze through cheesecloth. To 500 ml of plant juice, add 5 pharmacy flasks of valerian tincture, 500 ml of alcohol and ground red pepper (approx. – 2 tbsp / l). We also add there, crushing in advance, analgin (10 tablets) and aspirin (10 tablets).
    We mix all the components in a 2-liter jar, tighten the lid tightly and hide in the dark for a couple of weeks.
    We use the mixture after its preparation every evening for a wet compress.
    Course – until the pain disappears.
  • Soda, salt and clay
    Put 1 pack of baking soda and traditional salt into a metal basin, add 3 kilos of red clay and fill it with 3 liters of water. Bring the solution to a boil, put it on the floor and hold the legs over the steam.
    As soon as the solution cools down a little, we lower our feet into it for half an hour. Next, wipe your feet dry, warm socks on top and sleep.
    The course is 3-5 procedures.
  • Analgin with iodine
    Iodine and analgin from the heel spurGrind the analgin tablet into powder, pour it into a vial of iodine, shake thoroughly until the tablet is completely dissolved and the iodine is clarified.
    We lubricate the spur with this mixture twice a day.
  • Oil and ammonia
    We mix sunflower oil (1 tbsp / l) and ammonia (approx. – 50 ml).
    Apply this mixture to gauze until it is completely wet and apply a compress on the heel for 30 minutes.
    Course – 1 time / day for 3-4 weeks.
  • Bath and medical bile
    Steam the heel (bath with sea salt) for about 20 minutes, wipe it dry and, wetting the gauze in bile, apply a compress to the spur.
    We fix it with a bandage, wrap it in polyethylene and fix it with a woolen sock.
    Course – 1 time / day (at night) until the pain disappears.
  • Turpentine
    Turpentine from the heel spurWe take turpentine from the pharmacy, carefully rub our spur with this product, wrap our leg in a cotton sock and put on a woolen sock on top.
    Course – 1 time / day (at night) for 2 weeks.
    Then a 2-week break and repeat the course.
  • Vinegar and turpentine
    Dissolve 50 ml of vinegar and turpentine (about 200 ml) in hot water.
    We lower the heel in this solution for half an hour, after which we put on a cotton and woolen sock.
    Course – 1 time per night for 3 weeks. Further – a week break, and again we repeat the course.

On a note:

To avoid aggravating the problem, you should consult a doctor before starting treatment with alternative methods!

The website warns: the information is provided for informational purposes only, and is not a medical recommendation. Do not self-medicate under any circumstances! If you have any health problems, consult your doctor!

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