How to assemble a capsule wardrobe for the winter 2019/2020

A funny saying travels on Instagram. If a guy in a jacket and a hat liked you, then this is true love. However, they did not reveal all the cards of this fateful meeting, which made the girl look stunning. All things in her image were amazingly combined with each other and were united by one style. Simply put, her winter capsule wardrobe was impeccable. The advice of image makers and ordinary mass markets will help to create such a standard of style for a fashionista.

Capsule wardrobe for winter 2019 2020

Elegance with caramel flavor

It is easy to build a capsule based on neutral shades. It is worth adding white, black and gray tones to it. Stylists recommend diluting this standard palette with caramel and blue colors. Since the classics are successfully combined with a similar color scheme, double-breasted outerwear models and trousers tapered downwards will become a successful party in such a combination.

Capsule wardrobe for winter 2019 2020

A cool winter 2019/2020 capsule wardrobe should consist of the following things:

  • golden pullover Mango for 2 799 rubles. on LaModa;
  • double-breasted jacket-style coat for 7690 rubles. from the MiLtex factory;
  • a trench coat of a shade of coffee with milk for 5,990 rubles. on the Asos website;
  • warm tunic dress for 2 319 rubles. on Zendi;
  • sand cardigan Only for 3 199 rubles. on LaModa;
  • graphite coat with an English collar for 8 490 rubles. from the Snow Queen store;
  • white shirt with long sleeves O’stin for 1999 rub. on Msk-moda;
  • orange blouse Studio Untold for 3,160 rubles. on LaModa;
  • black blouse of linen type for 565 rubles. on VitoRicci;
  • down jacket in silver color for 37,500 rubles. on PokupkaLux;
  • snow-white sleeveless blouse with a turndown collar for 1,799 rubles. at;
  • Philipp Plein jeans 2 500 rub. on Msk-97;
  • AjouR wet asphalt pencil skirt for 2,360 rubles at GroupPrice;
  • Olbe charcoal black trousers for 2,500 rubles. at WildBerries.

Capsule wardrobe for winter 2019 2020

Important! It is necessary to add oversized items to the wardrobe. Preference should be given to cardigans, sweaters, shirts and loose-fitting blouses.

Capsule wardrobe for winter 2019 2020

The main thing in the image is shoes and accessories. For this set, it is advisable to choose shoes with stable heels, as well as shoes in the GoodShoes store for 2,600 rubles. A stylish scarf in the shape of a shawl, an elegant watch and a buller bag will be a good addition to such a wardrobe. From the proposed shades, you can create all sorts of combinations that look luxurious.

One week in New York

The winter wardrobe includes a variety of sweaters and pullovers. However, loose jerseys should not be excluded from your winter collection. These garments pair wonderfully with cardigans and skinny jeans.

Capsule wardrobe for winter 2019 2020

So, to create a capsule, a fashionista will need to find:

  • oversized sweater from the Fobya brand for 5,990 rubles. on KupiVip;
  • a cardigan with a Scandinavian pattern for 2,950 at Zivs;
  • orange cardigan for 2 820 rubles. on Lady-XL;
  • white tops with straps for 599 rubles. and 1,671 rubles. at WildBerries;
  • hoodie from the Vesta collection for 2 450 rubles. on KupiVip;
  • black skinny jeans for 2 790 rubles. at Colin’s;
  • trapeze dress for 4,999 rubles on MirPlatev;
  • double-breasted coat with a flared bottom for 36,000 rubles. from Zendi;
  • blue jeans for 2 299 rubles. at Colin’s;
  • pullover from BeWear for 4 350 rubles. on KupiVip;
  • quilted jacket for 2,990 rubles. on BonPrix.

Important! This capsule is for rest and work. Stylists advise using it also for study or everyday activities.

Capsule wardrobe for winter 2019 2020 5
Before creating a capsule wardrobe, it’s important to understand your lifestyle. In addition, it is worth considering the situations, as well as the events that the girl plans to attend. There is no need to exclude natural wool products from your outfits. They bring an atmosphere of coziness and comfort to the bow.

Business lady in gray everyday life

The next capsule wardrobe is designed for women of fashion who spend most of their time in the office. Also, these outfits are suitable for romantic natures and girls with aristocratic manners. Stylists suggest using things from corduroy, wool and silk. Blouses with trendy prints can be included in this set.

Capsule wardrobe for winter 2019 2020 6

Such a winter capsule will look like this:

  • cream blouse for 2,400 rubles. at GroupPrice;
  • shirt with contrasting collars from Eldar for 1,020 rubles. on Berito;
  • light gray blouse for 1,077 rubles. on VitoRicci;
  • pink blouse with a print for 799 rubles. on Oodji;
  • skirt with a wrap from Valentina for 1,700 rubles. at GroupPrice;
  • blouse with short sleeves in blue for 999 rubles. on BonPrix;
  • blouse with floral ornaments from Mango for 1,999 rubles. at WildBerries;
  • gray woolen dress for 3 186 rubles. at La Redoute;
  • dark gray cardigan from PreWoman – 1,750 rubles. on LaModa;
  • dark blue sweater for 2 033 rubles. on VitoRicci;
  • slacks trousers for 2 384 rubles. on VoLento;
  • corduroy blazer for 4,000 rubles. at GroupPrice;
  • classic jacket for 999 rubles. on Oodji;
  • skinny pants Vero Moda for 4,759 rubles. at La Redoute;
  • beige trousers carrot for 3 399 rubles. at LaModa.

Important! Giorgio Armani considers shoes to be the most important element of the image. This season, boots with a low platform are at the peak of popularity. You can also consider the option with a small heel.

Capsule wardrobe for winter 2019 2020 7

You will have to expand the capsule with 3 types of handbags: clutch, crossbody and hobo. You can buy these accessories at competitive prices on the BoutiQue Market for only 1,890 rubles. Be sure to purchase 2 belts: gray and black. In the WildBerries online store, they cost from 200 to 400 rubles. Finally, it is important to pay attention to the selection of jewelry. A pair of earrings, chain, necklace, ring, bracelet and watch should be in any capsule wardrobe.

It is recommended to collect the capsule gradually. Every trip to the store should end with a basic set of items. When making a purchase, you must always combine a new thing with the existing ones. As a result, the girl cannot hide from male sympathies, especially in winter.

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