How to become a model in 9 steps – detailed instructions for girls

Do you want to become a model for the whole world to be your feet? Do you dream of repeating the career of Tyra Banks or Natalia Vodianova, finding your prince or even more than one, and generally living like a fairy tale? But is it possible?

COLADY will tell you about all the pitfalls of the modeling profession, and will also give detailed instructions for those who dream of working in the field of modeling.

How to become a model in 9 steps: instructions for girls who are walking towards their dreams
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Difficulties in life of models

What do you know about the modeling business? It is hard work. Money does not come easily in it.

  • The model’s work is a constant lack of sleep. Because auditions can take place at different times and, which is very important, in different cities. We’ll have to urgently fly out to the other end of the world in the middle of the night and at the first call.
  • You will have to be far from your family and friends. Personal life will also be in the background.
  • You may need to give up good rest and be content with sleeping on a plane or train.
  • Plus to everything – the careless attitude of colleagues in the shop and customers. After all, they evaluate models as a favorable background for their clothes, as an interior or as a walking hanger. And, by the way, they have the right – after all, they pay for it. But not everyone can withstand such an attitude.

In addition to all that has been said, you can find a bunch of horrors of the modeling business on the Internet.

How to become a famous model for a girl – 9 steps

How to become a model in 9 steps: instructions for girls who are walking towards their dreams
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  • Fit according to technical characteristics
    Girls should preferably meet certain parameters:
    • Growth from 178cm to 2m.
    • Age. There are also models of children, starting from birth. Working with them has its own characteristics, but the load of children is no less than that of adults. In adult shows, girls start working at the age of 14. At this age, a model has more chances of a successful career than a 25-year-old lady.
    • Dry physique. Today, girls without forms are in vogue: thin legs – sticks, a complete absence of a belly and small breasts. Finding a dress for a girl with at least a second size is very problematic in any design studio. Therefore, such ladies are rarely invited to shows.
    • Plus size models have recently become relevant Puffy beauties can also try their luck on the catwalks of the world. But the demand for such figures is small. It takes a lot of work to be successful in this narrow industry.

    If you do not meet any of the above parameters, do not be upset. This does not mean at all that the doors of the modeling business are closed for you., it just means that you will have the hardest part in this business to prove your professional suitability and uniqueness among all the models of the world.

    • By the way, models of unusual appearance are in demand todaybecause the world is tired of ideal beauties. The audience wants to see the same simple girls with minor flaws. Therefore, lop-eared girls smile at us from billboards, a lady with a noticeable chink advertises mascara, incredibly large eyes and very large plump lips flaunt on the pages of magazines, and a crooked nose becomes a recognizable highlight of its happy owner.
    • It used to be that the model should be clean, like a white sheet of paper. Now it’s not scary if she has scars or tattoos. They give the model a special uniqueness. They make her stand out from the crowd of ordinary girls. But the fashion for wearable designs is changing, but the tattoo remains. And soon, butterflies and flowers on the body will only interfere with work.
How to become a model in 9 steps: instructions for girls who are walking towards their dreams
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  • Be able to work in front of the lens
    The main partner of the model is the camera. You need to be able not to be ashamed of her, to take effective poses, to profitably present your figure and what she is wearing, to skillfully emphasize the advertised product. Do not create problems for the photographer with your misunderstandings. To issue a larger number of different and high-quality photographs so that the customer has a lot to choose from.
  • To be able to transform, because a model is almost an actress
    Today – a countess, tomorrow – a homeless woman. It is necessary to make the viewer believe in the invented legend. A useful skill is to quickly change emotions in front of the camera. Anger for joy, surprise for printing. Do whatever the photographer tells you to.
  • Good gait is essential for the podium
    You need to confidently hold on to heels of any height and configuration. See also: How to learn to walk in high heels without pain?
    Whether platform or stiletto heels. The model should walk beautifully and without heels. To be able to change the gait depending on the clothes that will be on her.
  • Be sociable
    People want to work with fun and simple people. Fashion designers don’t like bitches, nobody likes them.
  • Know languages
    Mainly English. After all, half of humanity speaks it. It will also be good to know French and German. See also: What is the best method of learning a foreign language?
  • Build an excellent portfolio
    This is a proof of your professional aptitude, a graphic resume. A portfolio is a collection of photographs that describe you best. The first half of it is a snap – a photo without retouching, makeup, accessories and other beauty. Such photos are usually shot in swimsuits and black high-heeled shoes.
    The snap includes full face and profile portraits. They are needed for an adequate assessment of the figure and facial features. The second half of the portfolio is artistic. It is advisable to place photographs of different directions in it. Cheerful and carefree, serious and strict, so that a potential customer can see the breadth of your possibilities as a model. Those. I could be sure that you can take on any order and fulfill it perfectly.
  • Fill out questionnaires to all the agencies you like and send photos there
    It is very difficult for a single model to find a job. Agencies coordinate work, find orders for girls and boys, send them to auditions, provide comprehensive assistance to young stars. And for their services they take a certain percentage of the models’ income.
    But the choice of agencies should be taken more than responsibly, because there are a lot of charlatans around. You need to look at how many years the agency has existed, how many models it has, what their successes are, what are the biggest contracts. And also that they offer you what guarantees what kind of help. It is imperative to draw up a contract, preferably together with your lawyer, so as not to fall into financial slavery. Or at least consult a knowledgeable lawyer about possible pitfalls and dangers.
  • To be a model, you need to have a great desire to be her, constantly improve and develop
    After all, the world does not stand still. You may be replaced by younger and more promising girls, so you need to maintain your competitiveness as an employee.
How to become a model in 9 steps: instructions for girls who are walking towards their dreams
Pexels Photos

Following all these rules, any girl can become a model. The main thing is to develop abilities in oneself, to persistently move towards the goal and not stop. on the way to her.

Are you familiar with modeling? Share your experience in the comments!

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