How to become a nanny and make money – everything about the nanny profession first-hand

How to become a professional nanny?They say that babysitting is usually applied to those women who have neither a decent job nor a normal personal life. That is, from hopelessness. In fact, this “opinion” is just a prejudice, and for many modern professional nannies, their work is a vocation and a source of pride.

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What is she, a good nanny – all the necessary qualities

There are all kinds of nannies. Some – like Mary Poppins, others – like Arina Rodionovna, others – like “My Terrible Nanny” from the American film of the same name.

Even a very young woman without pedagogical education can become a good nanny, if she is able to teach kids to be “kind and light”.

What should be a nanny?

  • Loving children. This is the main thing. It is absolutely impossible to enter this profession without love for children.
  • Neat and tidy. They are always greeted by their clothes, everyone knows that. And the decision of employers will largely depend on grooming in appearance. A minimum of makeup, clean clothes without pretentiousness and kitsch, neat hairstyle – that’s what is expected from a nanny.
  • Good. Well, how could it be otherwise? The nanny should be charming and good-natured. So that, looking at her, the parents of the baby smile, and the child immediately has a desire to show her his toys.
  • Cultured and educated. It is unacceptable for the nanny to use foul language, or her speech resembled the dictionary of Ellochka the cannibal. A nanny should be fluent in Russian (or better, a couple of foreign ones), express herself competently, be ready to answer a variety of child’s questions and participate in his all-round development.
  • Punctual, responsible. The nanny should not be late and should have an excellent memory. Everything that is entrusted by the parents must be carried out. The health and life of the baby depends on this.
  • Without bad habbits. It is unacceptable for a nanny to be “drawn” by a smoke or “yesterday’s holiday.”
  • Reliable. The nanny must keep her mouth shut. Everything that happens within the family must remain within the family. And the nanny should not share the details of this strange life with anyone.
  • Healthy. Each potential nanny should be prepared for the fact that she will be required to have a certificate of the absence of certain diseases.
  • With work experience. Of course, this is a fat-fat plus if the nanny already knows about the intricacies of work. And it’s even better when there are only kind words about this nanny in the reviews, and they can recommend her to a new family with a light heart.
  • With kids. Parents are always suspicious of nannies who have no children of their own. Of course, there can be many reasons, but the conclusion mom and dad always make is the same – how will she cope with my child, if she has no experience of motherhood at all?

Nanny education

The Duties of a Professional Nanny – What Should a Nanny Do?

The main task of the nanny is to take care of the baby, to ensure his comfort and safety.

In the absence of parents, the nanny must …

  • Feed, walk and put the baby to bed.
  • Read books to him, develop the baby creatively (modeling, drawing, etc.).
  • Tell fairy tales, teach new games.
  • Vigilantly watch the child so that he returns to mom and dad as whole and healthy as they left him in the morning.

Additionally, the duties of a nanny may include:

  • Cooking.
  • Washing / ironing of children’s clothes.
  • Cleaning in the children’s room (or throughout the apartment).
  • Visiting a dairy kitchen or purchasing baby food.
  • Visits with the baby to the clinic.
  • Accompanying a child to a kindergarten or school, theaters and museums, etc. (there and back).
  • Homework check.
  • Foreign language teaching.
  • Training according to the school curriculum.


I want to become a nanny - where to start?

Babysitting training – is it necessary to study?

Of course, teacher education is an advantage. Especially if a nanny is looking for a job through an agency (without education, they simply won’t take it).

And then everything depends on the preferences of the parents. Someone wants a simple and kind “Arina Rodionovna” – without any special education, but with a wide soul and care for the child. And someone requires a higher pedagogical education with a bias in foreign languages ​​and with additional medical education.

One thing is for sure – the more knowledge, the more job offers.

  • In the absence of special education, you can complete special courses. They are often run by the nanny agencies themselves.
  • Also, do not give up the opportunity self-education – the Internet will help you. Today you can find in it any materials that will help you in your work.

Where to find a nanny job

Working conditions and pay – is babysitting profitable?

The pay for nanny labor today is not just tolerable, but very decent. Moreover, some nannies (who are especially appreciated) reach a salary level equal to the salary of a serious specialist in production.

But is the profession of a nanny included in list of the highest paid professions for women?

It is difficult to name average figures, because the nanny’s salary is usually hourly. Her range is from 150 rubles per hour and more

On average, nannies today receive …

  • About 30,000 rubles – in the Northern capital.
  • About 40,000 – 50,000 rubles – in the Gold-domed.
  • About 19-20 thousand – in Novgorod or Novosibirsk.

Of course, the numbers are very average. After all, the real salary will depend on the range of responsibilities, and on the time / schedule of work, and on how many kids you have to look after at the same time.

I want to become a nanny - where to start?

Where to look for a nanny job – help in finding a job

The most popular way to find a job is to contact one of the special agencieswho are engaged in the selection of personnel. It is not difficult to find them – they are present in every city.

Of course, you will have to “shake” your diplomas and recommendations, present documents, certificates and medical records, prove your decency and responsibility, and make a good impression. Anyone “from the street” simply will not get into the agency.

Where and how to look for work nanny?

You can look for a job yourself:

  • On the relevant forums.
  • Among friends and acquaintances (possibly relatives).
  • Post ads (including near the nearest kindergartens).
  • Submit your resume to relevant Internet resources.
  • Go to the labor exchange.

Having chosen such a profession consciously, it is important to understand what difficulties you will have to face.

If you are not afraid of difficulties, adore children and know how to treat them – good luck!

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