Drying the body for girls at home – a list of products and diet rules for drying

Drying the body for girls at home - menu, products, diet for dryingIt is almost summer already, which means that everyone simply does not fit into gyms: both girls and boys want to bring themselves into the right “beach” shape for the summer. And one of the most fashionable and relevant topics in gyms in recent years has become “drying” the body. For some, the term is new, while others are already very familiar with it.

However, drying for men and for women is, as they say, two big differences. We study the “drying” rules – and remember the main thing!

The content of the article:

  1. What is body drying, how is it different from losing weight?
  2. Pros and cons of body drying for girls
  3. Features of a diet for drying the body of girls and women
  4. List of products and dishes on the menu for effective body drying

What is body drying, and how does it differ from losing weight – why do girls need to “dry”?

Given the lack of the necessary, and, most importantly, accurate, information, many ladies of a young – and not too – age mistakenly believe that drying is weight loss.

But this is not at all the case.

The processes are completely different, with their own “work intensive” pattern for each process.

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So, what is the difference between drying and shedding extra cm?

Under the term “drying” is a process, as a result of which muscles are manifested by reducing the level of the available subcutaneous fat to the desired specific value (usually 8-12%).

  • The key goal of drying is to “carve out” the muscles from under their own fat mass. Losing weight, on the other hand, involves a banal dumping of extra pounds, which does not necessarily include only fat body mass. And the goal of losing weight is, as a rule, to fit into prenatal jeans or to walk beautifully along the beach in the summer.
  • Drying is a serious job with a serious training program. Losing weight can only involve diet, fitness and spreading pepper cream on the buttocks.
  • The drying program also includes mass gain. The weight loss program includes the maximum discharge of extra centimeters.
  • Drying requires increased muscle calories to maintain the desired anabolic environmentrequired for muscle growth. Losing weight involves eating only low-calorie foods.
  • Drying is the growth of muscle and adipose tissue in the desired clear ratio. Losing weight does not involve dividing body weight into fat and muscle.

As professional trainers say, “drying” is not just a quick weight loss for the summer season, but a very serious process that requires tough steps, restructuring the diet, correcting the training program, and so on.

Drying takes up to 12 weeks of intense self-improvement, and drying is not for everyone.

And it is because not everyone can master it (although drying is a really difficult process, and not without consequences!), But because drying does not make sense if the goal is a beach holiday. The game is just not worth the candle!

Why does a woman need drying?

It is clear that a beautiful body with muscle relief is a dream.

But if, with a height of 175-176 cm, a girl is carried away by a gust of wind with her weight of 45 kg, then drying becomes “curly bone carving.”

The optimal parameters for drying are about 60 kg with a height of 170 cm and the right ratio (this is an important point!) Of fat and muscle mass. The optimal level of subcutaneous fat for a start is about 20-25%.


Burning muscle is faster than burning fat. Therefore, in the drying process, one cannot do without power and nutritional support of a certain quality and quantity.

Pros and cons of drying the body for girls – to whom is body drying contraindicated, and can drying be hazardous to health?

First of all, you need to understand that in order to dry the muscles, they must first be built up. Each drying process is preceded by a mandatory set of muscle mass.

That is, counting on quick drying in a month and getting a relief elastic body to the envy of everyone simply does not make sense. All the more so for girls.

Pros of female drying (when following the rules):

  1. Weight loss.
  2. Strengthening and growing muscles.
  3. Converting fat to muscle.
  4. Reducing blood sugar (this item can be attributed to the disadvantages).
  5. Lack of hunger during the diet due to the abundance of protein foods.

Cons of drying for girls:

  1. “Unnatural”, harsh diet when drying is stress for the body.
  2. An increased intake of protein with a minimum of carbohydrates and fats leads to a serious disruption of hormonal levels, which is extremely dangerous for the female half of the gyms. There is also a malfunction of the endocrine and reproductive systems.
  3. Drying has nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle.
  4. The risk of developing ketoacidosis, involving the formation of ketone bodies due to the accumulation of residues of the decay of fat cells.
  5. Increased irritability (and other consequences) due to lower blood glucose levels.
  6. Strong consumption of calcium, which can cause the development of thrombosis and increased blood clotting.
  7. Drying abuse changes the way the internal organs work. For example, the kidneys start to work worse.
  8. Menses may be delayed for several months.
  9. The skin condition worsens, hair and nails become brittle.

And most importantly, after drying, the return of the discarded mass with the appearance of puffiness occurs extremely quickly. Immediately after the restoration of the norm of carbohydrates in the diet.

The categorical contraindications for drying include:

  • Diabetes.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • The presence of problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Mental work (with such work without carbohydrates – just nothing).

Drying the body of women - diet rules

Features of the diet for drying the body of girls and women – dry by the rules!

The mechanism for creating a beautiful relief body by the drying method, as we found above, is based on a special set of training (before proceeding to which you should evaluate your own level of fat mass) and diet.

Features of the drying diet:

  1. Having a clear strategy to cut carbohydrates and NaCl in the diet.
  2. Drinking water in the maximum amount.
  3. An increase in the amount of lean protein in the diet,
  4. Introduction to the diet of sports nutrition – fat burners, amino acids, protein.
  5. Periodic loading of the body with carbohydrates in order to avoid exhaustion and even coma (women are more dangerous than men, due to the characteristics of the body).

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Features of drying workouts:

  • The transition from strength heavy exercises to a system of multiple repetitions and light weights, taking into account the fact that the female body, as more resilient, is more adapted to long loads.
  • You will have to switch from a fitness tonic program to a mass-type program, chosen individually.
  • In addition to preserving muscle mass, we also need an increase in the level of growth hormone, due to which the breakdown of subcutaneous fat is stimulated and muscles are protected from burning. The main growth of this hormone occurs in the first 90 minutes after falling asleep, but the higher the glucose level, the more difficult it is for growth hormone to be released. Therefore, it is recommended to give up carbohydrates in the last 1-2 meals (out of 5-7 necessary).

Key rules of a drying diet for women:

  1. Sugar levels should remain stable throughout the day. This can be achieved by eating the right foods and through fractional 5-7 meals a day.
  2. We calculate the amount of water required per day using the formula: H2O = N (own weight) x 0.03.
  3. We gradually reduce our calorie intake, but do not forget to increase the amount of carbohydrates by 100-200 g once a week in order to replenish our glycogen stores in order to avoid losing the muscle mass we need.
  4. When cutting down on carbohydrates in the diet, we increase the amount of lean protein to 2-3 g per 1 kg, so that during the drying process we do not burn muscles along with fat mass.
  5. The reduction of calories is carried out gradually (we reduce by 100-200 kcal per week) so that the metabolism does not slow down. The body does not need a sharp shock therapy – we switch it to the expenditure of fats, so that, frightened by the loss of calories, it does not begin to intensively store energy for the future.
  6. We use fat burners (approx. – thermogenics / thermogenics) on the recommendation of a trainer. They are needed to burn fat, stimulate the central nervous system, and protect the body from slowing down the metabolism.
  7. When the moment comes to slow down the metabolism, despite all efforts (and this necessarily happens with any diet), you must load the body with fats and carbohydrates for 1-2 days.
  8. Slow carbohydrates lengthen the fat burning process, we don’t use them. Also, avoid non-fibrous carbs like bread and white rice.
  9. Once every 10 days, we deceive the body in order to stimulate fat burning, arranging for it a “critical” day with a decrease in carbohydrates to 50-80 g.
  10. Pre-workout meals should include slow carbohydrates (oatmeal and whole grain bread) and fast-digesting protein.
  11. Fish is also suitable to stimulate the breakdown of fat and should be eaten once a day.

Menu, products for drying girls' bodies

List of foods and dishes in the diet of girls for effective body drying

Do you need a calorie count and food diary?

Yes I need it.

For what?

The answer is simple: the less calories you consume, the more you lose weight. In the case of the “opposite”, there is a gain in mass.

It is recommended to count calories both for each meal and in total for the day. And remember that drying requires an increase in the dose of protein: for lean protein – up to half the daily ration.

Video: What to buy on the dryer and how to eat for girls?

Sample menu for the 1st week of the drying diet …

We lay on whole grain bread, buckwheat, eggs and chicken breast, cottage cheese and white fish.

We refuse seasonings, and salt – a minimum.

We eat a strong hunger grapefruit (about 100 g) or a green apple.

  • Monday. Breakfast: 3 boiled whites and 1 yolk, banana and a glass of green unsweetened tea. For lunch: green salad with cucumbers and lemon juice dressing, orange juice and 100 g of boiled chicken breast. For dinner: an orange and 100 g of white fish.
  • Tuesday. Breakfast: 200 g oatmeal, banana and unsweetened green tea. For lunch: grapefruit juice, cabbage salad and baked chicken fillet 200 g. For dinner: a glass of herbal tea and 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese.
  • Wednesday. Breakfast: a glass of light yogurt and an omelet for 3 eggs without yolks. For lunch: cabbage-cucumber salad with olive oil, 1 orange and 200 g white fish (stewed). For dinner: herbal tea, 100 g of light curd and fruit salad of banana and grapefruit.
  • Thursday. Breakfast: muesli, a couple of boiled eggs and unsweetened green tea. For lunch: vegetable soup and boiled breast for 250 g. For dinner: a glass of yogurt and buckwheat without butter.
  • Friday. Breakfast: scrambled eggs for 3 eggs and 1 tomato, unsweetened green tea. For lunch: buckwheat and 250 g of white fish (bake or boil). For dinner: herbal tea, citrus, light cottage cheese no more than 150 g.
  • Saturday. Breakfast: oatmeal, milk and banana. For lunch: 100 g of pasta (only hard varieties!), 250 g of boiled squid and cucumber salad. For dinner: orange juice and 150 g of white fish.
  • Sunday. Breakfast: muesli, boiled egg and unsweetened tea. For lunch: cauliflower soup (don’t put potatoes in it), cabbage salad with boiled chicken breast. For dinner: fruit salad (the same as on Wednesday) and 150 g of light cottage cheese.

Rules for the 2nd week of drying:

Based on an existing menu …

  • We exclude fruits.
  • We count carbohydrates: per 1 kg of weight – 1 g of carbohydrates. That is, for 60 kg of weight – no more than 60 g of carbohydrates per day.
  • Protein – 4/5 of the total diet, fats – 1/5.
  • Carbohydrates and fats – morning and afternoon only.

3rd week rules:

  • Carbohydrates – maximum 0.5 g per 1 kg of body weight.
  • We remove cereals / grains.
  • We monitor the state of health and acetone (intoxication) in the body.
  • We start taking vitamins.
  • If you feel unwell, we drink a glass of fruit juice.
  • Water – maximum 1.5 liters per day.
  • We leave on the menu without fail – bran and eggs, breast, cottage cheese and milk.


It is not recommended for women to dry for more than 5 weeks!

In addition, you should consult not only with a trainer, but also with a doctor about the advisability of such work on yourself in order to avoid negative consequences.

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