How to clean an iron from scale and carbon deposits at home

Plaque on the soles and scale are the most common problems with the iron, arising from both the intensity of use of the device and from illiterate handling. For example, from improper use of temperature conditions. When cleaning yourself, the main rule is not to overdo it, so as not to spoil the technique completely.

How to descale your iron at home? COLADY presents the best home remedies for iron cleaning.

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How to descale your iron at home

The main causes of limescale in the holes of the soleplate are hard water that we pour into the appliance.

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How to get rid of limescale – the best remedies

  • Lemon acid… Dissolve 2 tsp of acid in hot water (1/2 cup), moisten gauze in this solution and put it in the holes. After 5-10 minutes, remove the gauze and turn on the iron – the scale is most effectively removed when exposed to high temperatures. Remaining limescale can be removed with a cotton swab.
  • A similar recipe to the previous one – using vinegar and lemon juice… True, you will have to endure not the most pleasant smell from burning organic substances.
  • Can be of great help and descaling agentsthat are designed for cookware.
  • Concerning store-bought descaling products – their choice is wide enough today. The most effective are German cleaners with additives that perfectly remove scale and protect metal. Follow the instructions.
  • Use exclusively purified (or distilled) water for the iron – this way you will extend its service life. But first, carefully read the manual for the iron – for some models, distilled water cannot be used.
  • If there is self-cleaning system, you should fill the container of the device with water, set the maximum temperature, turn on the iron itself and wait for the automatic shutdown. Then repeat the procedure.
  • Folk method using cleaning agent Cillit… The one that removes rust and plaque. Preheat the iron, unplug it, place it upside down and gently drip Silit into its holes. Collect the protruding dirt with a sponge after 10-15 minutes, then rinse the device from the outside and from the inside. Remember to take precautions.

How to clean the iron from carbon deposits – we remove carbon deposits on the iron with folk remedies

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If your favorite iron starts to spoil things, leaving dark marks on them, and complicates the ironing process, then it’s time to clean the sole of the appliance from carbon deposits.

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How can you clean the surface of your iron:

  • Special pencil for removing carbon deposits (it is not difficult to find it in stores) – one of the most effective remedies. Warm up the appliance, turn it off and rub the soleplate with a pencil. You can quickly remove the softened carbon deposits with a dry cloth. The smell will not be the most pleasant, there is no harm to health. After the iron has cooled down, wipe the base with a damp cloth.
  • Hydroperite. The principle of purification is similar to the previous one. A tablet or two is enough. As for the smell and gas evolution during the procedure, good ventilation is a must for this option. After detachment of dirt, wipe off carbon residues with a wet cloth and wipe dry.
  • Table vinegar. Saturate a rough cloth (like a waffle towel) with this product and quickly remove any dirt while the appliance is turned off. For effectiveness, you can add ammonia to vinegar. The attempt failed? Heat the iron and iron the cloth previously dampened with this solution. Don’t forget about airing. If vinegar is not available, ammonia is sufficient.
  • Finely ground salt. This option will not work with Teflon coated appliances. To cleanse, you need to sprinkle a thick layer of salt on a clean cotton cloth and run a heated iron over this layer several times. You can mix salt with candle paraffin (pre-crushed). Just remember that when using paraffin, you need to tilt the device so that the paraffin does not get into the steam holes.
  • If carbon deposits appear from synthetic fabrics, you should warm up the iron and, after turning it off, remove these traces of melted synthetics. wooden object
  • Looking for the least hazardous cleaning method? Then you can mix baking soda with dish soap, distribute the mixture over the sole and after a few minutes rub the base vigorously until it is completely clean. After – wash and dry with a dry cloth.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. Moisten cotton with peroxide, wipe the sole of the iron.
  • You can also use toothpaste or dishwashing powder… Only after cleaning should the base rinse with water and wipe dry.
  • You can apply and nail polish remover… But only if your device is not Teflon, enamel or sapphire coated.

And of course, remember about preventive measures. That is, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, use the correct temperature conditions, do not clean the device with abrasives and metal sponges, and promptly clean its sole with a soft, wet cloth.

How to quickly clean an iron at home – video

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