How to behave on the first working day

You have passed all the interview tapes and the long-awaited call rang. “You are accepted!” – says the employer. There is no limit to joy. Finally, you will be able to realize yourself as a specialist. But, how to behave on the first working day so as not to get into a mess? The psychologist-sociologist comments.

Preparing for the first working day

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What you need to find out at an interview in order to adequately prepare for going to work:

  • Who will meet you at the office on the first working day. Who will be your curator and who to contact if you have any questions.
  • Start and end time of work, work schedule.
  • Does the company have a dress code and what is it?
  • Do you need to bring documents with you on the first day, if so, which ones and where. How the registration process will be organized.
  • Specify what computer programs you will need to use in your work.
  • So, everything that is necessary, you have learned, figured out everything. Why worry now? On your last day off, relax and create a positive attitude. Spend a day without stress, conflicts and worries, do not be loaded with thoughts about how you will be met tomorrow, whether you will understand everything the first time, and similar gloomy thoughts. It is better to devote the day to relaxation, your favorite hobby and a support group in the form of your family and friends.

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Tips for organizing your first day at work from a psychologist

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Here is a list of useful tips that will help you feel at ease on your first day at work and get the most benefit and positive emotions.

  1. Do not worry! Try not to worry too much. The first day at work is always a stressful situation, because it is necessary to immediately understand both the organization of work and the specifics of the company, and remember the names of colleagues. Just try to concentrate. Carry a notebook with you and jot down the details.
  2. Be polite and friendly! When dealing with coworkers, you are required to have a friendly greeting and polite contact. Treat employees exactly as the organization says. If there are no such traditions in the company, then it is better to contact a colleague by name, to an older colleague by name and patronymic. Remember, it’s impolite to use your last name.
  3. Be interested in your colleagues’ affairs! Here, do not overdo it and do not impose. Rejoice at the success of your coworkers and empathize with their failures.
  4. Do not show personal antipathies and resentments! If you don’t like someone, you shouldn’t show it. Also, don’t burden employees with stories about your problems and troubles.
  5. Keep your workplace in order! There is no need to correct makeup at the table, transfer or review documents at someone else’s workplace. Do not use your work phone for personal conversations.
  6. Be attentive to others! If someone comes to you with a question or advice, give that person your attention. In the event that you do not find anything interesting in the conversation, then try to cling to at least something.
  7. Give up straightforwardness, don’t be smart! You should not tell and show everyone your talents and knowledge from the doorway. The main thing today is to demonstrate interest in work, desire and ability to work, attentiveness. At this stage, it is not worth making any, even sensible, proposals.
  8. Try to avoid jumping to conclusions! You will still have time to figure out whether what seemed so bad to you at first. Better to observe more and ask questions that start with “how.”
  9. Look closely! Watch your colleagues work. Pay attention to how they communicate with each other / boss / you. Try to determine as soon as possible who you can turn to for help, who can support, and who should be feared.
  10. Dress code. The proverb “they meet by their clothes, but they see them off according to their minds” is very relevant in your case. If you do not want to annoy the team, then do not be a black sheep. Whichever style of clothing you like, you should adhere to the accepted dress code rules at work. Dressing differently from the situation will make you feel ridiculous and uncomfortable. Pay attention to how your co-workers are dressed.
  11. Be punctual! Your daily routine is clearly indicated in your employment contract. Most likely, you will soon notice that not all employees adhere to the established routine. Someone is late for work, someone leaves earlier. Don’t jump to conclusions about Free Roam. If the old employees are allowed something, then it will not necessarily be allowed for the newcomer, that is, you.
  12. Look for support! Try to win the positive attitude of your colleagues with kindness. Usually, a new employee is given a supervisor who brings him up to date and answers questions that arise. However, if a certain person has not been appointed, then you will have to choose him yourself.
  13. Use the feedback! You should not start communicating with your boss with resolving conflict situations. After a while, depending on the length of your probationary period, ask your boss if he is happy with your work.
  14. Don’t try to make everything perfect right away! Take it easy. During the trial period, brilliant results are not expected from you. Everyone understands that a beginner needs to get comfortable and understand the specifics of work in order to avoid mistakes.

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How to behave in a new team

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Now let’s talk about what rules you should follow when communicating directly with new colleagues and the boss. Do not try to immediately cram into the favorites and friends of the boss.

During a conversation with a coworker or boss it is important not only to listen attentively, but also to look attentively listening. Control yourself. Look at the interlocutor, leaning slightly towards him. During the conversation:

  1. no need to slouch, but you should not stand still, relax your shoulders, the posture should be relaxed;
  2. do not cross your arms over your chest;
  3. do not tell long bearded jokes;
  4. do not look at other people or objects on the table while someone is talking to you;
  5. do not overwhelm your speech with incomprehensible words and words with parasites.

If you coordinate the work of subordinates according to your position you employees, then you will certainly encounter some kind of conflict or crisis situations, criticism, if the employee does not perform his task properly. To get out of such situations without ruining your relationship with your subordinate, remember a few rules:

  1. criticize an employee only in private with him, never in front of witnesses;
  2. criticize his mistakes, not the person himself;
  3. speak on the merits of the problem, specifically;
  4. the goal of criticism should be to improve performance, not to belittle the employee’s personal qualities and destroy trust.

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Psychologist’s comment

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The first and foremost rule of organizing your first day at work is to have fun.

You have come to work. A new stage of life has begun. So what is not a reason to rejoice? Understand that now you will significantly reset your life, let new people, money, prospects and much more into it. The joy of realizing this is an order of magnitude stronger than excitement. Yes, a slight shock in the first days of working in a new place is absolutely normal excitement. But don’t let fear take over!

If you feel like you’re worried, concentrate on your breathing. Psychotherapists talk about a specific state of a person that blocks a nerve impulse, and focuses exclusively on breathing. It is called “hypnotic trance”. Just take a few deep breaths in and out. The excitement will recede.

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