The meaning of the name Alexander, Sasha – psychology and nmerology

The fate of each person depends on various factors: date of birth, origin, nationality, personal qualities, as well as his name. Yes, the parents of the child, without knowing it, influence the life events of their child, assigning him a particular name.

What will be the fate of the girl named Alexandra? Will it be successful? The answers are given by numerologists and psychologists.

Alexander's name

The meaning and origin of the name

The female name Alexander became very popular in Russia in the late 80s. Even then, almost every third boy was called “Sasha”, and the female form of the name quickly became fashionable.

It is not surprising that the woman named Sasha has an energy similar to that of a man. She is strong in spirit, purposeful, punchy and morally stable. The gripe has Greek roots and is translated as “patroness”, “protector”.

Such meanings of the name Alexander are very symbolic. The girl named so is a real rebel, a fighter for justice. She is not alien to traditional values, and she is always ready to defend them.

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Important! Esotericists and numerologists believe that Alexandra has all the qualities needed to survive. These include tenacity, resistance to stress, consistency, endurance and courage.

It cannot be said that masculinity dominated in Sasha. She, like any representative of the fair sex, can be feminine and mysterious, but we often hide our true essence behind a mask of courage.

Numerology named after Alexander

Numerologist of the COLADY edition, Lyudmila Bakalina, presented the name in question in numerical terms.

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Dear Alexandras!

Your life number is 1. Very few, as a rule, natures are very charming and energetic. They never sit around, always rush somewhere. Fussy and fickle. They have a lot of hobbies, interests, hobbies. Always strive for development. For a few, muscularity is characteristic. You are strong natures, with a stable psyche and very assertive. It is not surprising that among Sash (not only women, but also men, there are many successful businessmen).

Alexandra’s character

Little Sasha’s parents often praise her in childhood and this is absolutely deserved! She knows exactly when to show the best traits of her character, and when it is better to retreat.

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Striving for perfection and goodness often helps her out, especially in her youth. For example, she will probably stand up for a weak person, but she will not help a strong person, because he must cope on his own. Sasha has a well-developed intuition. She relies on her throughout her life, especially when an important decision has to be made.

Interesting! Astrologers and numerologists believe that Alexandram is patronized by the planet Mars. Thanks to this, they have expressed masculine character traits.

In adolescence, the bearer of this gripe does not cease to be lively and stubborn. She is a great leader, but some peers try to avoid communicating with her, as they feel very strong energy.

Sasha often manipulates others so that they do what suits her. With age, it can become softer, give up attempts to use psychological pressure on people. But, for this she must communicate with kind, sympathetic people.

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Sasha always sets himself an example of an older person whom he deeply respects. She believes that it is possible to achieve significant heights in life only with a spiritual mentor. Therefore, he listens to the advice of his mother, grandmother or older friend. It cannot exist without a violent manifestation of emotions. It is more interesting for Alexandra to live when dramatic events take place around. That is why from 15 to 35 years old she often starts quarrels with loved ones, trying to provoke them to strong emotions.

Despite Alexandra’s desire to assert herself at the expense of other people, her comrades will say that she is a wonderful and sympathetic person who, if necessary, will always come to the rescue. And there is. Such a woman has a very kind soul.

Work and finance

Alexandra is persistent and purposeful. She knows how to be successful at work. Already at school age, she is firmly determined with the activity to which she wants to devote herself, therefore she studies diligently in order to enter the specialty that interests her.

She studies well, more often – excellent. Always diligent, diligent. Such diligence cannot but be appreciated by potential employers, therefore Sasha is often offered a job already at the stage of training.

To be successful in a particular activity, she needs to have a sincere interest in it. It is also important that her job is well paid. Money is the best motivator for Sasha.

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Professions suitable for Alexandra: school director, dean of the faculty, engineer, architect, translator, philologist, photographer.

Family and marriage

Alexandra has a lot of fans, because she is incredibly charming and attractive. Such a personality is strong and charismatic, so men rarely bypass her. At school, Sasha has many secret admirers who rarely come out of the shadows. They understand that strong and energetic Alexandra likes guys to match her. However, she often chooses a weaker partner.

The fact is that such a nature tends to patronize others. She becomes happy when she protects and protects someone. For this reason, an insecure and overly vulnerable man can become her chosen one. However, as Alexandra grows up, her tastes and preferences change. In her youth, she seeks to experience as many emotions as possible, therefore, she often falls in love, and with completely different guys.

Who is suitable for Alexandra as a husband? Experts believe that a successful marriage awaits Sasha only with a spiritually developed person who will become her senior mentor and best friend. It is very important that she appreciates and respects him.

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The carrier of this gripe has high chances of getting married 1 time and giving birth to 2 children in marriage, more often same-sex children. She treats her offspring with great love. They are the meaning of her life. Never ignores children and spouse if they need comfort. However, due to severe overwork at work, family matters may be neglected.


Sasha’s weak organ is his stomach. She is prone to the appearance of ulcers, pancreatitis, gastritis and other pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. So that the digestive system does not fail, it should adhere to the rules of PP (proper nutrition).

Tips for Alexandra:

  1. Refuse snacks.
  2. Eat more vegetables and fruits.
  3. Minimize the consumption of fried and salty foods.

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After 40 years, Alexandra may develop migraines. Prevention – frequent walks in the fresh air and regular rest.

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