The meaning of the name Vera (Verochka) – character, health, career, family

Many people think that the female name Vera has a primordial Russian origin, because it is widespread in the territory of the Russian Federation. To understand what advantages and disadvantages a newborn girl named Vera will have in the future, we talked with esotericists and psychologists. Today we will share this valuable information with you.

Faith name meaning

Meaning and origin

In fact, it was called girls in Ancient Hellas (Greece) for many centuries, it turns out that it is of ancient Greek origin.

The esoteric interpretation of this name is the same as its sound – faith. A woman named so brings a good message to the world, is associated with salvation and hope. This name portends to her the formation of a huge number of advantages.

It is a mistake to think that it is widespread only in Russia and the CIS countries. Girls are called “Faith” even abroad, for example, in America.

Important! According to esotericists, a woman with this gripe has excellent compatibility with men of the fire signs of the zodiac (Sagittarius, Leo and Aries).

In the ranking of popular female names, the considered one takes 37th place. It is pleasant sounding and very strong energetically. By the way, according to statistics, in modern Russia every 100th girl is called Vera. Yes, this gripe is not widespread among the younger generation, but in vain, because the child to whom it will be assigned will grow up to be a bright, worthy person.

Faith character


People who develop spiritually and have a certain life experience understand that grievance, zodiac sign and time of birth are those parameters that partially determine a person’s character and destiny.

Vera is a woman with a strong, strong-willed character. She is moderately sensual, vulnerable, but will not allow anyone to offend herself or loved ones. Psychologists believe that her main advantage is discernment. It is almost impossible to fool the bearer of this name. She has excellent intuition, so she always identifies deceit or lies at the level of feelings.

Moreover, she has excellent intellectual abilities that allow her to easily identify among the surrounding ill-wishers or even enemies. By the way, at a young age, she often conflicts with her peers for public goods or the attention of guys.

Growing up, Vera practically does not change. In solving any issues, she always puts her conscience in the foreground. Never acts against her. He believes that in any situation a person should remain a person.

Important! The carrier of this grievance is an example of moral purity and morality. If she does something wrong, she subsequently experiences a strong sense of guilt.

The meaning of the name Vera for a girl

A woman with such a gripe is a leader by nature. Despite the sound of her name, she does not take anything for granted, preferring to question everything. She has good analytical skills, is honest and open.

It is difficult for her to be a follower, because by her nature she is a leader. Knows exactly how it should be and acts in accordance with its original plan. Temperamental, kind, merciful – this is an incomplete list of epithets that can describe her. Nevertheless, Vera also has its drawbacks – she can be quite harsh.

The fact is that people, developed emotively, sometimes do not notice how they hurt others with a sharp word. The woman named Vera has a strong energy, so she needs to spend a lot of time alone with herself, lead monologues, think about life in general. Without this, she will fall into melancholy.

The people around should understand Vera’s natural desire for retirement. If she is regularly surrounded by people, then sooner or later she will have a nervous breakdown.

The bearer of this name has a wonderful gift – to inspire the people around them with faith in themselves. She is a good motivator for others, knowing exactly how to reach out to everyone. She does not need to study to be a diplomat or a negotiator in order to convince the people around her that she needs to fight, that it is easiest to surrender. They value this talent of Vera, therefore they find their patron or teacher in her.

Faith name meaning character

Work and attitude to money

From early childhood, the bearer of this gripe pleases parents with a desire for learning and creative development. She studies diligently at school, and at the institute she successfully defends her diploma. Such academic success is associated with a natural curiosity.

Usually Vera finds work even before completing her studies, as she understands that material wealth plays an important role in her life. It is important for her to help other people, especially her parents, therefore, if a girl with this name has a “stash”, she willingly agrees to share it with her household.

He always succeeds in work. She never seeks to avoid performing her direct duties, as she is diligent and responsible by nature. Usually successful in management.

Marriage and family

Vera can get married early, before the age of 20, if she falls deeply in love. Usually she is determined with her soul mate back in school, well, so it seems to her anyway. A man for her is, first of all, a friend and companion.

When she is married, she reveals her best qualities. Despite his leadership potential, he does not try to crush his spouse. Believes that for a happy family life, you need to share responsibilities equally. If her husband demonstrates superiority, he will obey, well, only if he really deserves respect.

faith name meaning family

As a spouse, Vera is perfection. She is faithful to her chosen one, treats him with love, care, does not hesitate to express delight. If the relationship is cracked, he will make every effort to save them.


In the first half of life, up to 40-45 years old, the carrier of this name may have problems with the lungs or the nasopharynx. She will probably get sick with sore throat and laryngitis several times. In his youth, he may even go to the hospital with an exacerbation of these ailments.

30-35-year-old Vera’s heart may start to “play naughty”. She is prone to tachycardia. In this case, she will have to reduce physical activity and try to protect herself from stressful situations. Remember to take care of your nerves!

Do you fit our description, Vera? Share your answers in the comments below.

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