How to build your glutes at home: 10 exercises

Probably, there is no such woman and girl who would not like to have firm, toned buttocks. Jennifer Lopez is considered a striking example of beautiful buttocks. But – some are given a beautiful ass from birth, others – thanks to plastic surgery. And still others have to model their buttocks with the help of systematic exercise.

To get a good result, they can be done in the gym, or at home, in a familiar environment.

Today COLADY will tell you how to pump up your buttocks at home.

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You can pump up your buttocks at home without special simulators or any complex devices. A gymnastic mat is sufficient if there is no other soft floor covering. You just need to prepare the place for practicing in such a way that the surface is not slippery.

Useful advice:
Now the so-called “Brazilian buttocks” are very popular – a round, tucked-up butt. To become the owner of the Brazilian priests, you need to regularly do exercises for the buttocks. But first, you should stretch the calf muscles to increase blood circulation and accelerate muscle growth. To do this, perform squats, without lifting the heels from the horizontal surface. By gently stretching, feeling every muscle in your legs, you will save yourself from subsequent muscle pain. Then you can start with the main body of exercises.

During gymnastic training, special attention should be paid to the rhythm of breathing. On inhalation, you need to relax the muscles, and tighten them on the exhale.

10 effective exercises to help build your glutes

10 effective buttock exercises from a fitness trainer
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  1. Effective exercise for the buttocks “Lunch”
    Stretch one leg as far as possible to the side, and put the other in a bent position, take the shoulders back, and the heels should not come off the floor. Start jumping, alternately changing the position of the legs: either the left leg is in a bent position, and the right leg is extended, or vice versa. At the same time, in a jump, perform inclinations with alternately touching the floor with the hands. Perform jumps 30 times at a dynamic pace in each direction.
  2. Lie with your stomach on a gymnastic mat, bend your legs, heels together. Raise your legs in this position up, the stomach does not come off the horizontal surface, only the legs work. The higher you keep your feet off the floor, the better the glute muscles are pumped and the more effective the result will be.
  3. The initial position is the same as in the previous task: lying on your stomach, arms forward, legs straightened. Spread your arms and legs synchronously to the sides… Watch for correct breathing.
  4. Lying on my stomach bend the legs at the knees and tighten the muscles of the buttocks… Then straighten your legs. Alternate bending and straightening of the legs (preferably reaching with the heel to the gluteus muscle) will help pump not only the buttocks, but also get rid of fat deposits on the legs.
  5. We sit on the floor, bend our knees. Put your hands behind your back and lean on them. Then we lift the ass up. While in this position, straighten one leg and lift it up as much as possible. Then take her aside. Fix this position for 10-15 seconds. After that, return to its original position. Do the exercise 10 times in each direction.
  6. Exercise Bridge
    Lie with your back on the floor, stretch your arms along the body, pull your legs as much as possible to the buttock. As you lift your torso up, squeeze your buttocks. As an additional load, this task can be performed as follows: in a position where the buttocks are raised and clamped at the top, bring the knees together. In this case, the internal muscle group of the legs also works. Spring in this position 20 times.
  7. Take an emphasis lying. In a supine position, lean on your feet. Bend one leg at the knee and begin to spring up. After doing this home exercise for the buttocks, you will feel how great the gluteal muscles work after it.
  8. Exercise lunges
    Put one leg as far forward as possible and bend it. Take the other leg back, and then kneel down. Perform jumps, alternately changing the position of the legs. The back is straight.
  9. Put your feet shoulder-width apart… Tilt your torso forward so that your body forms a 90-degree angle, then squat down. Clasp your arms to your chest. The back is straight. Perform squats at a maximum pace. Do three approaches 20 times.
  10. Standing upright, reach the floor with your hands, focus on your hands. From this position, lift the leg with the heel up, straining the gluteus muscle.

In order for the exercises for the girls’ buttocks to give a good result, you need to work hard and systematically on yourself: perform the proposed complex every day.

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Exercises for the buttocks at home preferably performed under the video, where the trainer shows how to perform the exercises correctly, reminds of breathing and, in general, inspires active physical activity.

The most effective exercises for the buttocks on video

Also, watch the video: how to pump up the buttocks using special exercises.

Women need to remember that an elastic ass (and indeed a slender figure in general) is a consequence of not only doing physical exercises for the buttocks and other muscle groups, but also abstinence from addictions, as well as proper nutrition with healthy foods: vegetables, meat, fish, fruits (but not fast food).

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