Losing weight with diabetes is real!

Weight loss diet for diabetesWeight control is a must for any diabetic. With this disease, the sensitivity of body tissues to insulin decreases markedly in proportion to the increase in body weight. And even in people who are only prone to the disease, the chances of getting diabetes are significantly increased if they are obese.

Therefore, regardless of the amount of “obesity”, you need to lose weight! But – right.

The content of the article:

How to change the lifestyle of a diabetic in order to lose weight effectively and without harm to health?

As you know, diabetes is always accompanied by overweight and significant hormonal disruptions. Therefore, the process of losing weight for a diabetic does not proceed in the same way as for a healthy person – with other methods, other diets and, most importantly – with the utmost care!

What you need to know about diabetic coma and how to provide first aid?

  • First of all, a strict diet! According to the type of disease and strictly according to the doctor’s recommendations. No indulgences to my “want”.
  • More movement! It is in him, as you know, life. We walk more often, do not forget about evening walks, we change the elevator to the stairs.
  • We do not forget about our hobbies and interests. Without a positive attitude – nowhere! He is the engine of “progress” in all endeavors.
  • Physical exercise. With their help, we saturate tissues with oxygen and normalize metabolic processes. You can wake up cells by playing sports, physiotherapy exercises, yoga. But only under the supervision of your doctor!
  • In the absence of contraindications (approx. – pathology of blood vessels, heart) and, of course, with the permission of the doctor, you can achieve certain results and in the bath or sauna… With intense sweating, the concentration of glucose in the blood decreases.
  • Hydromassage and massage. It is not prohibited in diabetes, but in terms of effectiveness it is comparable to gymnastics. An effective and pleasant procedure aimed at breaking up fat deposits.
  • Normalize sleep! This is an extremely important point. Poor sleep always goes hand in hand with diabetes: the body reacts sensitively to disruptions in the rest regimen with surges of insulin in the blood. Sleep is the key to diabetes control! We turn off TV at night, avoid “invigorating” products, ventilate the room and prepare the bed correctly (a comfortable mattress with a pillow, fresh linen, etc.). Also, do not forget about a fragrant bath (or a shower to relax muscles) before bed and 15-20 minutes of “idleness” to relieve tension. We postpone all the troubles until tomorrow!
  • Choosing the right clothes! Only breathable fabrics and only loose fit. Nothing should constrain the body, cause sweating or allergies. As for the shoes, their choice should be even more careful. The main criteria: free and not tight, anatomical shape (in the shape of the foot), insoles for cushioning and pressure relief, indentations for insoles and subsequent cushioning.

Losing weight with diabetes - real?

Nutrition rules and diet for type 1 and 2 diabetes for weight loss, folk remedies

Diet is one of the pillars of a diabetic’s health. But before you start it, you should definitely consult an endocrinologist with a nutritionist

New-fashioned diets are contraindicated for diabetics!

Folk remedies can be used in the treatment of diabetes – but always after consulting a doctor and on his recommendation.

Features of the diet with diabetes

  • For type 1: 25-30 kcal / 1 kg of body weight per day. For type 2: 20-25 kcal / 1 kg of body weight per day. In total a day – no more than 1500 kcal and not less than 1000.
  • Meals are extremely fractional – 5-6 times a day.
  • We strictly limit the use of salt, we completely exclude easily digestible carbohydrates from the menu.
  • Fiber on the table! Without fail and every day.
  • Half of all fat consumed per day is of vegetable origin.
  • Nicotine and alcohol are strictly prohibited. Fried dishes too.
  • Without vegetables – nowhere! But with restrictions: banned potatoes, beets and carrots (plus green peas) – a maximum of 1 time per day. The food is based on cucumbers and zucchini, bell peppers with radish, pumpkin and cabbage, squash with eggplant, tomatoes.
  • Only bran bread! For porridge we buy buckwheat with oatmeal, as well as corn and barley.
  • From fruits and berries – only unsweetened varieties. Bananas, persimmons and grapes with figs are prohibited.
  • In sausages and sausages – up to 30% fat. Therefore, we reduce their number to a minimum, and simply remove smoked meats and raw smoked meats from the diet.
  • Meat with fish – no more than 150 g / day. And then – only lean.
  • Dairy products with high fat content – to a minimum. Mayonnaise, fatty cheeses are given to the “enemy”. And we dress the salads with mustard or lemon juice.
  • Sweets, soda and ice cream, nuts and fast food are also prohibited.
  • Diet is required! We eat at the same time!
  • Calorie counting! It does not hurt the daily menu, in which in the evening we enter those products that will be optimal in calories. Strictly follow your own list of low calorie foods allowed.

Gymnastics for diabetes

Exercise and exercise for diabetes for weight loss

Of course, physical activity with such a disease is important and necessary! Regular and … limited. After all, excessive activity can turn into problems.

Therefore, sports, gymnastics, physical education are under the supervision of a doctor!

What is allowed for a diabetic?

  • Physiotherapy and gymnastics.
  • Any homework (be more active!).
  • Aerobics.
  • Fitness and yoga.
  • Walking, hiking.
  • Tennis.
  • Basketball.
  • Jump rope and bike.
  • Swimming pool.

Basic training scheme:

  • 15 minutes to warm up.
  • No more than 30 minutes for basic exercises.
  • 15 minutes – to complete the “workout” (walking in place, light stretching, etc.).

Basic training recommendations:

  • Be careful when taking insulin. If physical activity is intense, do not forget about 10-15 g of carbohydrates (for example, daddy slices of bread) every 40 minutes of training. This innocent “doping” will keep your blood sugar levels normal.
  • Start your workout with 5-7 minutes a day. Do not rush “right off the bat”! We increase the load gradually and bring it up to 30 minutes / day. We do it no more than 5 times a week.
  • We take with us to training a supply of “doping”, water (we drink more!) And comfortable shoes. Checking the condition of the legs is also a must – before and after training.
  • During exercise, it will not be superfluous to check the urine for the presence of ketone bodies. Your positive test result is a reason to adjust your insulin dosage. We start again only after a negative analysis!
  • Pain in the chest or legs is a reason to stop exercising and go to the doctor! What complications can be associated with diabetes and how to avoid them?

Gymnastics for diabetes:

The website warns: the information is provided for informational purposes only, and is not a medical recommendation. Do not self-medicate under any circumstances! If you have any health problems, consult your doctor!

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