How to choose a black dress for a plump woman

In 1926, the famous fashion designer Coco Chanel presented her famous black dress to the whole world. From that moment on, it is believed that a little black dress should be present in the wardrobe of every fashionista – that simply should be, and that’s it!

But do not think that this wardrobe item is suitable only for girls of model appearance. There are tricks, thanks to which, you can choose a black dress for obese women. This will help you look slimmer and prettier. Check out these 8 tips!

The stylist told how to choose a black dress for obese women - 8 tips
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  • Skirt style and length
    For overweight girls, a dress slightly higher or slightly below the knee can suit. The choice depends only on preference. Many girls can boast of several models of this dress of different styles and lengths at once.
    For overweight girls, the best style is a loose-fitting skirt made of semi-adjacent material. See also: What models of skirts are best for overweight girls?
  • Golden mean
    The ideal dress length is 10 cm from the knee, and the beginning of the skirt should be strictly in the middle of the waist. This dress is perfect for special occasions or for a romantic dinner.
    Three-quarter sleeves are a great solution for overweight girls. It is better to choose a V-shaped neckline of the dress.
The stylist told how to choose a black dress for obese women - 8 tips
  • Underline Forms
    To focus on the chest and rounded appetizing shapes, you should choose fitting dresses. But you should avoid translucent, tight-fitting and thin materials.
    You can accentuate the chest thanks to a sleeveless dress with a V-neck (as an option – with straps around the neck). If you do not want to completely bare your arms, you can cover your shoulders with a beautiful bolero. It may differ from the dress in color, texture, and material.
  • Mysterious lace
    To create a gentle romantic look, you can wear a dress made of black lace and complement this outfit with a satin belt.
    The choice of a belt is only for the girl, as anyone will emphasize her waist and make the image complete.
  • Antique
    You can purchase a straight cut dress. This dress was popular in the 20s of the previous century and is now back in fashion. This dress can be trimmed with lace, velvet or other soft fabric. The best length for this dress is 5-10 cm above the knee.
    If a girl has a rectangular body type, then this dress is what you need. Pearl beads and high-heeled shoes will complement the look.
  • Universal option
    If a girl has a pear shape (narrow shoulders and wide hips), then a dress with one open shoulder is perfect for her. The length of the dress should be just below the knee – this is the best option. It is best to choose dresses that fit slightly to the body to accentuate the roundness of the hips.
    On dresses of this style, there is almost no decoration, which helps to emphasize the dignity of the girl’s figure and draws attention to her open shoulders. A dress with a pearl bracelet and stiletto heels is a great option for the evening. If you complement this dress with a cardigan and wedge ankle boots, then this set is suitable for a business meeting or leisurely shopping.
The stylist told how to choose a black dress for obese women - 8 tips
  • Maximum
    Do not think that a little black dress has no right to be long – how much it can! For the first time, long black dresses made of flowing material became popular in the mid-70s of the last century. And since then they have been the main “beauty weapon” in the wardrobes of girls of different physiques.
    Dresses with three-quarter sleeves and a traditional V-neck are suitable for donuts. If you don’t like such a neckline, then you can choose a deep neckline, which will add harmony to your figure. You can also opt for elegant off-the-shoulder dresses or just two straps. Do not forget about the location of the waist on the dress. The best option is a high waist on the skirt – this will accentuate your waist, and figure flaws will become less noticeable.
  • Prints
    If you decide to take a black dress for yourself, then think also about the fact that some details of the dress can be made of colored and even bright material that attracts attention and thereby hides all the flaws in your figure.
    These dresses are ideal for overweight girls.

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Do you have black dresses in your wardrobe? Let us know in the comments!

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