The meaning of the name Sofia (Sonya, Sonechka)

The fact that the name of a person plays a huge role in his destiny has become known for a long time. Sofia is a beautiful ancient Greek name that was given to newborn girls in order to give them holiness. What does it mean and how does it affect the fate of its bearer? Let’s find out.

Sofia name meaning

Origin and meaning

From the ancient Greek language, this gripe is translated as “wisdom”, therefore its owners are intellectually gifted. Calling their daughter Sophia, her parents foreshadow her the formation of such traits as a tendency to rationalization, erudition and good attention.

Interesting! Previously, only early Christian saints were allowed to bear the name Sophia. It was believed that with such a woman faith, love and hope always come.

This gripe is not originally Russian. It came to Kievan Rus after the reign of Vladimir the Great. This happened thanks to the Byzantines.

In the first years of its appearance on Russian soil, this name had an aristocratic meaning. During the reign of the Romanovs, it was given to the royal people. As for the peasants, they practically did not use it.

In the Soviet Union, girls were rarely called Sophia, since the name was still associated with aristocracy and royalty. Fortunately, today it has spread widely in Russia and abroad. Abroad, this gripe can take other forms, for example, Sophie.

The meaning of the name Sofia


Sonya has a lot of advantages. She is strong in spirit, supportive, well versed in people. Her gift to “read” people between the lines appears from early childhood. Baby Sophia makes decent friends who are characterized by openness and kindness. She does not tolerate falsehood and hypocrisy.

Such a woman is always ready to help, she is sincerely worried about the problems of other people. She will not stand aside while someone is suffering, she will try to share the grief with him.

People around who don’t know Sonya well may say that she is too hidden. However, this is a false impression. Such a woman will not turn her soul inside out in front of someone she does not trust. Yes, she is very kind, but with most people who are not in her immediate circle, she keeps her distance. You have to try to earn her trust.

The bearer of this name is not only kind and smart, but also strong in spirit. She will not allow anyone to offend herself or those close to her. Knows about the intricacies of manipulation, do not hesitate to use other people for personal goals. It can be calculating and cunning, but never hypocritical. In other people, she values ​​sincerity and conscientiousness.

Sofia rarely asks someone for help, she is strong, so she prefers to cope with her problems on her own. The tendency to rationalize helps her to correctly prioritize in solving various issues.

The meaning of the name Sofia for a girl

When in society, he often behaves shyly. But, having broken the ground, she becomes more sociable. The bearer of this gripe does not like to be in the spotlight, she observes from the side and gives an assessment to everything.

Sophia’s friends know that she is energetic, cheerful and open, so they spend time with her with great pleasure. She is an incredibly sensual, emotional nature. It emits a strong positive energy. He rarely loses his temper.

Important! According to esotericists, in order to stay in good health and good mood, Sophia should relax more alone. This helps to gain mental strength and internal resources.

Marriage and family

Sonya is a sensual, temperamental person who knows a lot about love. Already from elementary school, crowds of fans follow her. However, until the age of 20, she rarely falls in love.

In the representatives of the stronger sex, he values, first of all, reliability. If a man does not inspire confidence, he will distance himself from him. She never imposes herself if she feels that she is not sympathetic to her chosen one, silently leaves him.

She is proud but kind. Not falling in love. Prefers to tie the knot once. He trusts his chosen one, does not seek to control him. Usually, she gets married after 23-25 ​​years. Such a woman is smart enough to understand that an early wedding is a big risk for both.

Sofia name meaning family

Important! For the carrier of this gripe, it is extremely important to find a life partner who will not only love her, but also understand her. Appearance is not a priority parameter for choosing a partner. First of all, she will pay attention to his inner qualities, and then – how comfortable they are together.

Very attached to children, especially girls. He sees the meaning of his life in them. Always help them with advice, support in difficult times. She prefers to create large families with at least 2 kids.

Work and career

From early childhood, Sonechka receives praise for her efforts in business. She manages to do everything: study well, do handicrafts, play with friends and even raise a dog. Having matured, he abandons a number of cases, leaving his most beloved ones.

The bearer of this name has good creative abilities, so she can easily realize herself in art. It will make a great photographer, choreographer, artist and even a musician.

But creativity is far from the only field in which Sonya can “find” herself. She has well-developed cognitive functions such as memorization and attentiveness. She is assiduous and consistent, so she can become a good philologist, translator, air traffic controller, logistician, etc.

She is diligent in her work, but it cannot be said that she devoted herself entirely to her. For Sonya, the main life priority is her children and family.

Family for Sonya


The bearer of this name is beautiful and bright, she follows the figure, therefore she often denies herself fats of animal origin, contained, for example, in meat. Unfortunately, this negatively affects her health.

Advice! Sophia should not exhaust herself with strict diets, as this can lead to digestive dysfunction.

Astrologers recommend Sonya to adhere to the rules of a healthy diet. They should also regularly exercise to maintain the body’s immune defenses.

Do your acquaintances Sophia fit our description? Please share your answers in the comments!

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