How to choose a bra by size and shape correctly – tables

How to choose the right model among all the variety of bras, so that this thing does not disturb lymph and blood flow, improve the shape of the breast and serve for a long time?

Read our tips before purchasing a new bra and it will be your favorite purchase for months to come.

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how to choose a bra

Determine the size in order to choose the right bra – bra size charts

If you do not know how to choose a bra by size, read our instructions.

  • First of all, you need to calculate your breast size, which is usually indicated on the label as 70, 75, 80 and so on.

To do this, take a centimeter and place it under your chest. The resulting volume can be deciphered as follows: in centimeters: 67-72 = p.70, 73-77 = p.75, 78-82 = p.80, 83-87 = p.85.

  • Now we need to decide on the fullness of the breast., which is usually denoted by the letters A, B, C, D.

To do this, measure volume over the protruding chest area.

  • Then subtract from the volume of the protruding area the volume under the breast and be guided by the following measurements.

In centimeters: 10 to 11 = AA, 12 to 13 = A, 14 to 15 = B, 16 to 17 = C, 18 to 19 = D, 20 to 21 = DD.

Example: if the length under the bust is about 70 cm and the length on the bust is 80 cm, and the difference between them is 10 cm, then your size is 70 AA.



How to choose a bra according to the shape – video, how to choose the right bra for yourself

Video: How to choose the right bra

  • How to choose a bra for delicate skin? First, the bra must be underwired. Secondly, without rough, uncomfortable shoulder straps. Thus, the skin of the breast should be free and well ventilated. It is desirable that the fabric and straps of the underwear are soft. If you have large breasts, then your choice is a bra with a wide frame, closed cups and wide shoulder straps.
  • Thin sheer bras can only be worn as an adornment, since their fabric is not elastic enough, and is not able to keep the shape of the breast.
  • If you have a petite back and large breasts, then you need to pay special attention to the even distribution of the load on the back. The best way to do this is with an underwire bra with a one-piece cup and tight elastic straps.
  • A wide back strap is better than a narrow one. It resists upward movement of the base of the bra better.
  • If the breasts are set wide you must use a bra with solid underwire. He pushes the breasts a little towards each other and creates a seductive dimple.
  • With a flat chest you can afford open bras with a stiff bone and thin shoulder straps, for example – “Angelica”.
  • If you need to lift your chest, then choose cups with a sealed bottom.
  • If the breast also needs to be increased in volumethen choose a bra with a fully compacted cup.

Correct fit:


Incorrect fit:


How to try on when choosing a bra – how to choose a perfect fit bra?

  1. Bend forward slightly and throw the straps over your shoulders, placing the cups evenly over your chest and the belt over your back.
  2. Attach the belt to the farthest hook. If necessary, adjust so that the belt is tight.
  3. Check that the nipple is pointing forward, not up or down.
  4. Make sure that the straps do not pinch the skin. If necessary, ask the seller to adjust their length.
  5. Now you can understand how good the fit of the selected model is. This is a very important nuance in the question “how to choose the right bra”! Listen to the tips below.
  6. When viewed from the front, the bra bones should be placed exactly on the ribs. With a small cup or too wide a belt, the chest will fall down. Check: put your hands up and check – if the bra is suitable, then its belt will not budge. In addition, the cup should not wrinkle or squeeze the breast, otherwise it will be a sign of an inappropriate cup size.
  7. The bridge between the cups of the bra should adhere to the skin, and not protrude above the surface.bra
  8. The straps shouldn’t dig into the skin, but they shouldn’t fall off either. If they move, then the size is too large.

  9. Remove the straps and watch the belt – it should not move without the straps.

  10. It is advisable that the straps have a margin in length, because they tend to stretch.

  11. Bra selection should be based on the rear view as well. So, a good belt does not lift up, but takes a position parallel to the floor.

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