The Greedy Man – Proven Reeducation Methods

“Greedy man” is a relative concept. Some ladies will call a companion a curmudgeon who demands an account for three pennies spent. Others are an egoist, accustomed to wasting money only for the sake of their beloved. There is no universal advice on how to deal with the greedy person. Analyze your man’s behavior to find the right life hack.

1. Don’t skimp on yourself

Saving on your own desires is a pernicious female habit. The most greedy men stick to thrifty ladies like flies to honey. And then they finish off their self-esteem by manipulating popular phrases:

  • no one is obliged to provide for anyone;
  • in the courtyard of the XXI century, gender equality;
  • if a woman expects money and gifts from her companion, then she is mercantile.

A lady who is accustomed to saving on clothes, shoes, salon procedures and other pleasant little things, strengthens the thought in a man’s mind: “She has enough of everything.” The situation is aggravated when a woman begins to count money for essential things: food, household items.

Psychologist’s comment: “How to recognize a greedy man at the beginning of a relationship? See how he treats close relatives. Have you got used to visiting, providing support, giving gifts? Most likely, he will behave with you in the same way as with them. “


2. Don’t criticize

Why is a man greedy? Sometimes tight-fistedness is caused by doubts about the sincerity of a woman. All men want love and acceptance, not consumerism. Try to abandon the companion’s accusations of greed for 2-3 months and see the reaction.

Important! Both men and women tend to reject other people’s opinions. Reflect on how you feel when someone criticizes you.

3. Encourage generosity

Sincere compliments can work wonders with a greedy but beloved man. Learn to notice the slightest manifestations of generosity from the companion, for example, buying small gifts, increasing spending on food for the home. Express gratitude not only in words, but also in your mood, so that the man can feel the difference.

Psychologist’s advice: by contradicting the method, say how generous he is when he is hardly spent. Then the man will want to match your praise.

4. Inspire financial exploits

Sometimes a man is greedy for money due to the fact that he faced poverty as a child. Parents even saved on groceries and did not buy toys. So a person is used to saving income “for a rainy day” in order to calm children’s fears.

a man in a tuxedo

Financial success can help you get rid of your money phobia. Tell a man that you believe in his strength, praise for any achievements, support in difficult times (for example, when looking for a job). And if he is temporarily haunted by failure, at least do not drip on the brain.

5. Become a reliable companion

Before you complain to your friends, ask yourself the question: “Is my man really greedy?” You may be living with a thrifty family man. Sometimes a man saves money on things that he considers “empty”, but is ready to fork out for good housing and recreation for his family, treatment, education.

Such a person is inclined to be careful, fearing squandering on the part of the partner. If you show him that you know how to correctly manage the family budget and not be scattered over trifles, then you will gain trust. Gradually, greed will recede.

It is interesting! Astrology believes that there are many greedy men among Cancers. They tend to save and save money, justifying their behavior with the desire to preserve the financial foundation of the family. Also, Capricorns and Taurus are greedy zodiac signs for men.

6. Learn to give

True love is the ability to give. A woman can give her partner attention, tenderness, care. Often, a kind attitude evokes warm feelings in response. Even a very greedy man begins to struggle with his shortcomings in order to please his beloved woman.

Important! The advice does not work with selfish and infantile men.

7. Make the greedy man in charge of the household


The requirement to account for every penny spent is about greedy men. If you are tired of thinking about how to balance debit and credit, shift the responsibility to your partner. Justify that you are tired of counting money. Let him buy food, household items, pay for communal apartments and family entertainment. Perhaps he will change his mind about your squandering.

Re-educating a greedy man is very difficult. This takes months of patience and compromise. Some psychologists even call the reeducation of the greedy a hopeless undertaking. If your efforts are in vain, think about whether you are ready to spend your whole life with a man for whom property is more important than the happiness of loved ones.


  1. J. Gray “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.”
  2. A. Kleverin “About him. Learn, understand and become happy. “
  3. S. Harvey “Act like a woman, think like a man.”

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