How to Choose a Facial Brush for Your Skin Type – 7 Types of Facial Cleansing Brushes

7 types of facial cleansing brushes - which one do you choose?Facial skin care should begin with cleansing. Mechanical brushes are preferred by many women as a substitute for spa cleansing.

We will tell you what are the features of face brushes, what they are, whether they are suitable for everyone and who is better not to use them.

Types of facial skin and their characteristics – what type of skin do you have?

Pros and cons of using brushes for cleansing your face and washing your face – are there any contraindications?

Consider the benefits of a facial brush over standard cleansers:

  1. Cleansing efficiency is 5-10 times higher, since the skin is cleaned mechanically.
  2. Thus, the facial skin is massaged.… It tightens, folds are removed, fine wrinkles disappear, the structure of tissues is leveled. Muscles and blood vessels are stimulated.
  3. Eliminates blackheads, pores are visibly reduced.
  4. Acne goes away.
  5. The flaking caused by dry skin disappears. The cellular structure of the skin changes and renews. The water balance is restored.
  6. The tone of the face is evened out. The skin, which suffered from oily content, ceases to shine. Various inflammations pass.
  7. The tissue permeability is increased. Cosmetics are absorbed faster and better.
  8. The surface barrier is strengthened. The skin becomes less sensitive to external stimuli.

6 modern models of facial brushes – which one do you choose?

There are also disadvantages to using these brushes. Let’s list them:

  1. There is a risk of micro-damageif the person has dry skin.
  2. Cannot be used by people who have papillomas, warts, herpes on the skin… These formations, if damaged, can begin to grow even more.
  3. There is a great impact on the vascular system… For those people who have it close to the top layer of their skin, it is better not to use such brushes. They can create micro-ruptures of the capillaries, from which hematomas will appear on the face, or striae will appear in their place.
  4. The force on the skin can be high… It is difficult to find the right type of bristle.
  5. With severe acne and allergic rashes do not recommend using a brush.

We advise you to contact a beautician to advise you and determine whether you can use a brush for cleaning specifically for your skin type.

7 types of facial cleansing and washing brushes – how do they differ and how do they work?

We will tell you what types of brushes for cleaning the face exist, what are their main features and how they work.

1. Ultrasonic

  • They operate from a built-in battery that can operate for 18-24 hours.
  • The brush is made of a porous material that gently cleanses the skin of the face from bacteria and impurities.
  • The device can have several modes of operation.
  • Cleaning takes place with a wave effect.

The application is simple: it is enough to moisten the face with water and gently massage each area of ​​the face with light, massaging movements in a circle. It takes 20 seconds to cleanse the nose, chin, forehead, but on the cheeks it should take about 10 seconds (for each zone).

These ultrasound machines may not be suitable for everyone. You need to use them at least once every two, or even three weeks.

Pros: Helps get rid of age spots, acne, blackheads. Evens out the complexion. It works gently and gently.

Video: Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing Brush Operation

2. Electrical

Brushes of this type are a technique that has a built-in battery that is charged from the mains via an adapter or USB port.

The principle of operation of such a device is the same as that of the previous model. The structure of such brushes is well thought out, the bristles are polished, the edges are rounded.

Electric brushes can have several speed modes.

It is worth paying attention to them so as not to damage the skin during use.

3. Massage, conventional

Brushes can be made from a variety of materials. The handle can be plastic, wood, metal.

It is worth paying attention to the bristles, pile thickness, length.

These brushes do not rotate, do not have batteries, and do not need to be charged. In simple words, this is not a technique.

Regular facial cleansing brush

The principle of use is as follows: apply a cleanser on the skin of the face and brush it over the face in a circular motion.

4. Brushes with different bristles

The best is a silicone brush. Its surface is pimpled. For convenience, there are holders through which you can slip your fingers.

Not everyone will be able to use it, since strong pressing can lead to redness or microcracks.

You can use such a brush several times a week, but people with very sensitive skin are advised to stop using them.

Silicone Facial Brush

The shape of the brushes can be different, as well as the color.

You don’t need to use a scrub with it.

The pile of bristles can be not only silicone, but also natural (hair of a horse’s mane) – or made of nylon. Many people prefer brushes with natural bristles, as the synthetic bristles are spiky, coarser and stiffer.

5. Waterproof

The main difference between these brushes is reliable and high-quality protection. It is clear that if the brush is ordinary, then it can be used together with water. But if the brush is a device, and even electric, then here it is worth paying attention to the instructions.

Face brush waterproof

As a general rule, waterproof brushes can be wet – but it is best not to dip them directly into the water. After use, dry and store in a dry place, never in water! Manufacturers are now using different marketing strategies to attract buyers.

If they try to convince you that the brush can withstand full immersion in water – do not believe it! Most likely, the consultant just needs to sell this unit.

6. Brushes with different speeds

How the facial skin will be cleansed is directly affected by the speed of the device.

Models of devices with an initial, first speed clean more gently and gently. They are perfect for sensitive, dry skin or for those with noticeable injuries, cracks.

As the speed increases, the intensity, the power of cleansing, increases. So, the second speed is recommended for girls with normal skin type. The cleaning efficiency is increased by 25-30%.

Women with combination, oily, problem skin can use a brush with 3 and higher speeds.

7. Brushes with different density and bristle length

When choosing brushes, pay attention to the thickness of the bristles.

The thinner the pile, the softer and more accurate it will remove dirt. And vice versa – the thicker the villi, the harder and rougher they will cleanse the skin of the face.

Brush for cleansing the face with a lint

The first brushes are usually chosen by girls with sensitive, problem skin, and the second – by women with oily, combination.

The length of the bristles can also affect the intensity of brushing. It is worth choosing based on your desires and preferences.

In fact, the principle of operation is the same for all electric brushes with a pile. They are battery operated and need to be charged. The only difference can be in how the villi move. For example, in a circle, or left and right. Consider this when choosing your face brush. website thanks you for your attention to the article! We will be very pleased if you share your feedback and tips in the comments below.

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