How to thicken your eyebrows with natural makeup

Natural eyebrow makeupThe trend for drawn, crisp and graphic eyebrows is a thing of the past. Now at the peak of popularity are natural, thick and styled eyebrows with highlighted hairs.

What to do if nature has not endowed with thick eyebrows, but you want to make your eyebrows noticeable and at the same time natural?

Eyebrow preparation

Even if you have thin and thin eyebrows, I recommend keeping them neat. To do this, remove excess hairs (especially short ones) with tweezers, brush your eyebrows up with a brush. Be sure to remove hairs closer to the temples. No matter how good the naturalness is, nobody canceled the accuracy.

It is important to know the following:

  • Never use a solid line on the top contour of the brow; this will make the brows look unnatural, look heavy, and rough features.
  • Girls with black hair should never use black pencil or eyebrow shadows, even if the eyebrows are also black. Use a dark brown pencil (or eyeshadow) with a cool undertone.
  • The tip of the eyebrow itself should be sharp, there is no need to shade it.
  • It will be very difficult to make a natural eyebrow makeup if the eyebrows are dyed with henna (biotattoo is made): in this case, they themselves look graphic.
  • If you regularly brush your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush and style them with gel in a certain way, sooner or later, they can slightly change the direction of their growth as you need.
  • Under no circumstances should a pencil or eyebrow shadow turn into a reddish color: it looks cheap and artificial.

Eyebrow shadow

It is necessary to take shadows are 1-2 tones darker than yours the natural color of the eyebrows, if they are light or one tone lighter – if they are dark. We need eyebrow shadows in order to emphasize the lower contour of the eyebrow.

Eyebrow shadow

  1. So, we type a small amount of shadows on the beveled spiky eyebrow brush and with a light press, with a few abrupt and light movements, we emphasize the lower line of the eyebrow. The contour drawn should be very thin and almost invisible.
  2. Then again we take a brush, wipe the remnants of the shadows on a dry cotton pad and begin to shade the drawn line up. The eyebrows should be more prominent, but still fuzzy. They don’t have to become graphic.
  3. After that, comb the hairs up again with a special eyebrow brush.

If you find it difficult to draw line shadows, you can use for the same purpose. eyebrow pencil… The shade is selected in the same way as the shade of the shadows.

Consider: The eyebrow pencil must be well sharpened so that it can draw a thin line.

Blend the outline in the same way, that is, up.


You will need to stock up on two eyebrow liners: one is a lighter shade, the other is a slightly darker shade. A good product of this kind is available from a budget cosmetics manufacturer – Art Visage

Art Visage Liner

It stands in order 250 rubles… It allows you to draw fairly clear lines and retains its performance for a very long time, does not dry out. The product is able to stay on the eyebrows for a whole day.

Felt-tip pen called BROW DRESS CODE and is presented in three shades. I recommend using 801 shades as light and 803 as dark. 802 strikes me as a bit reddish, so it won’t work.

Felt-tip pen BROW DRESS CODE

  • So, with a light liner, draw the hairs along the upper contour of the eyebrow. Draw them in such a way that they are directed upwards and slightly to the side: create the effect of hairs combed upwards.
  • Next, draw the hairs along the lower contour with a dark liner, also striving for this effect. The main thing is that the hairs below start at the same level so that the eyebrow looks neat.

You will see that visually the eyebrows have become thicker and more beautiful.

Gel for eyebrows

The final touch – gel for eyebrows… I recommend using transparent, otherwise there is a risk of getting too dark and saturated eyebrows, but we are striving for naturalness.

Eyebrow Gel Art Visage

You can, as in the case of the liner, use the brand’s product Art Visage… They have a reasonably good long lasting eyebrow gel that costs about 120 rubles

  • Comb the eyebrow hairs up and a little to the side with a light movement.

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