How to come up with a beautiful and unique signature: 7 steps

As soon as the moment comes to receive the first passport, many people think about the question – what kind of signature to put on the document? Graceful, graceful and unusual – for the female half, and prim, restrained and soft – for men.

COLADY will tell you how to come up with a signature for documents.

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So how do you come up with a unique, memorable signature?

For reference: How is it right to say – “painting” or “signature”?
Many people confuse the words “signature” and “signature”, giving them the same meaning by mistake. But it is necessary to clarify that these words are different and do not mean the same thing. The signature is the very unique squiggle that every person with a passport has. The word “painting” has a completely different meaning – it can be a painting of the newlyweds in the registry office, or painting the walls in the temple.

Signature value for a person

  • Person character on paper
    An experienced graphologist can easily determine by the signature not only the gender of a person, but also hidden character traits, his emotional, internal state.
  • Decision
    By signing documents, a person leaves his mark on them. The signature confirms its consent or disagreement. She expresses will.
  • Person ID
    The signature was of the most important character in the history of mankind – just remember the significance of the signing of international treaties, laws, reforms. And the signatures of kings, kings, emperors, and great presidents?

What should be the signature

  • Uniqueness.
  • Difficulty in reproduction.
  • Speed ​​in execution.

This is not a joke, the signature should be individual for everyone, and besides it must be done quickly, combining with complexity performed by another person. Only you should know how your signature is executed.

How to come up with a unique and beautiful signature – 7 steps

Coming up with a beautiful signature for documents - 7-step instructions
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  1. Surname letters
    You should start your creativity on thinking about a signature with experiments on your own surname. Traditionally, the first three letters are used.
  2. Letters from the name and patronymic
    Another integral part of the signature is the letters from the name or patronymic, or all at once. Try to put one uppercase letter of the last name first, and then two lowercase letters of the first name.
  3. Letters
    Increasingly, letters from the Latin alphabet began to be used in signatures. You can work with letters that do not overlap with the Cyrillic alphabet. There are a lot of options for an interesting signature with the letters “D, F, G, U, L, V, Z, Q, W, R, S, J, N”.
  4. Male and female signature
    Characteristic differences: clear lines for men, and smoother lines for women.
  5. Illegible flourish
    Your signature will always feature a flourish. It can be a series of broken lines, or something in a rounded version.
  6. Letter on letter
    The end of one letter becomes the beginning of another letter. They complement each other, adding originality to your signature, and most importantly, uniqueness.
  7. Train!
    Indeed, it is very important to practice diligently on a white blank sheet of paper over the execution of the signature. It should be done quickly, and look no less graceful than if you draw it carefully. There is a lot of documents to be signed, so it is worth hone the “quick signature” skill.

How did you come up with the signature? Let us know in the comments!

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