How to take revenge on your husband’s mistress – instructions from a psychologist

Women who have never been cheated on by their wives are truly happy. But what about those who found out about the infidelity of a loved one and made sure of the existence of a mistress? COLADY psychologists will tell you how to take revenge on your husband’s mistress in such a way as to preserve dignity.

How to take revenge on your husband's mistress without scandal and blood - a guide to action
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Husband cheated on you – what do not need to do?

Naturally, the situation is unpleasant, and thoughts of revenge on the woman who stole your beloved husband from you naturally arise. And rightly so, because the time has come to stop such injustice and impunity!

Use the tips on how to take revenge on your husband’s mistress gracefully, without blood and scandals. So, taking revenge on your rival, you will not only lose steam, but also show your husband your character, add tar to the honey of family life.

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The main rules – what to do is not recommended:

  1. Don’t overdo it with your revenge plan., it should be something simple and elegant at the same time.
  2. In no case violate the laws and, if possible, the norms of decency. You do not need unnecessary unpleasant chores at all. In the end, you are, after all, a well-mannered, self-respecting woman.
  3. Don’t get hung up on your mistress, your main goal is not to ruin her life, but to show that it is better not to mess with your faithful, just like you.
  4. After you complete your plan of revenge, switch to yourself, give yourself attention.… Go to a beauty salon, be sure to buy yourself exactly the dress that you have dreamed of for a long time, and in which you look simply stunning. Your husband will definitely notice a good change in your appearance and it will intrigue him. Undoubtedly, you deserve the best attitude towards yourself, and if your faithful does not appreciate your merits, this does not mean that you do not have them.

Do I need to take revenge on my husband’s mistress – said the psychologist, expert Colady, Elena Tolkacheva

How to take revenge on your husband's mistress without scandal and blood - a guide to action
Elena Tolkacheva – owner of an international dating agency, expert of COLADY magazine

First of all, ask yourself the following questions: “Why take revenge?” and “What will I achieve with this?” – Will you return your husband? Why do you need a “used tea bag”? If inside him lives, to put it mildly, a womanizer, he will again be drawn to exploits.

I remember a good friend of mine said: “When I don’t change, my business collapses, I need emotions, I need a muse.” And another one gave the following: “Such a handsome man should not be with only one woman.”

Let’s go back to the mistress. Ask yourself more about whether she is to blame and whether she should take revenge? Maybe we should deal with the man? He was obviously not dragged into bed by force.

I’ll tell the story of my close friend

After she found out that her husband had a mistress – a tall, slender long-haired brunette – she had a blow. After all, close friends of the family introduced him to this very mistress. The thought never left her mind that everyone had betrayed her. And she decided to take revenge – first to everyone, then only to the homeless woman.

She did not call either her or him, to understand and hysteria. And I went to the fortune-teller to fix the lapel, and then spoil the mistress. They made a voodoo doll, which she buried in the garden. I was scared for her. I tried to talk to her: “Alena, well, you wanted to get a divorce. Maybe let him go? Resentment speaks in you now. This is black magic, do not take sin on your soul! “. I believe that nothing goes unnoticed. Two weeks later, a friend broke her leg.

Various bad events began to happen to her. The boomerang force has worked. Who is it better for? Nobody. However, two months later, the husband returned as if nothing had happened, they forgave each other. But a year later they got divorced. Now she is happy with another person, and the ex continues to sort out girls.

We once recalled this situation with her, and she said: “I was not myself, I am still ashamed. I had to immediately chase him in the neck. ” Know revenge is a sign of weakness, be above it all.

Believe me, your tantrums further warm up and amuse the cheaters and their mistresses. The only “revenge” worth taking is to get better! First of all – yourself from yesterday. To become independent and not hold on to what can no longer be saved. Become more worthy – externally and internally: to work out personal boundaries and your value, love for yourself, traumas of childhood and past relationships, etc. Then you will walk with a confident gait with your head held high – in every sense.

You will attract worthy men, not cheaters. And also annoy the ex and his new passion with all this. Without even doing anything wrong with them.

How to take revenge on a mistress – methods of graceful and beautiful revenge

First of all, you need to find out whether the mistress knows you by sight or not.

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If she hasn’t seen you yet, then the following methods are for you:

  • You will have to get to know her, moreover, close, fully gain confidence, become a friend. Sooner or later she will want to get to know your family, her husband. And here it is, that awkward moment when a newly-made friend finds out that she broke your family. The most important thing is to remain a victim, as she will be tormented by remorse for a long time – if, of course, she has one.
  • Find out the home address of the mistress, and write an indecent word on the front door with paint. When she wipes it off or repaints the door in a different color, write the same word in a new way. You can go to the church of sectarians and give contacts to your girlfriend. After that, they will call her and come home, talk about the Bible, the meaning of life and so on.
  • If the husband’s mistress has a car, then the task is greatly simplified. You need to stock up on valerian and pour it over the car. Naturally, all local cats will come running to the smell, and begin to stain and scratch it. And on the roof you can put bread crumbs, and birds (pigeons and sparrows) will spoil the covering with their keys. In winter, you can break an egg on the roof of the car, it will instantly freeze, and when it gets warmer, it will peel off along with the paint. When developing a plan for how to take revenge on your mistress, make sure that your revenge does not look like the tricks of an offended child.

If your husband’s mistress already knows not only about your existence, but also saw you, you can use one of the following methods:

  • Find out about your rival, whether she has a husband, even an ex. You can flirt with him in front of her… You don’t need to get into a serious relationship with him, make sure that mutual acquaintances see you together. If she doesn’t have a husband, you can flirt with her friend, brother, or ex-boyfriend. And rest assured that it will hurt your mistress.
  • In addition, you may just constantly catch her eye., she, in any case, it will be unpleasant. However, if you are a very impressionable person, then it is better to refuse this option, since you yourself will be more upset than your lover.
  • If your spouse is a decent person, then you can constantly ask him to stay with the children on weekends and evenings. Better yet, go on a business trip or vacation, and leave the children to the spouse.
  • If a loved one was beaten off from you by the one with whom you work at the same job, then the best way is get promoted and become a boss over a rival… What to do next, probably, does not need to be explained, and even better if you defiantly dismiss her. Or maybe when you grow up professionally, you will meet someone more worthy than an unfaithful husband.

So, as you could see, you have every opportunity to take revenge on your husband’s mistress. However, before you get down to business, think carefully – do you really need it? Remember that stupid girls spy on their husbands, and smart girls spy on themselves.

If you want the faithful not to cheat on you, and even have no desire to look at others, make plans on how to preserve and strengthen feelings.

Or your relationship has gone wrong for a long time – this means that it’s time to think about a new relationship!

In this case, there is absolutely no need to take revenge, it is better to just wish them good luck and do the search for your happiness… After all, after the betrayal of your husband, it will be very difficult for you to start trusting him again, and you will constantly suspect him of something.

In any case, do not hesitate – you deserve to be loved and the only one, and not to take secondary roles!

Would you take revenge on your husband’s mistress? Share your opinion in the comments!

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