HR director – how to become an HR director from scratch and build a career

HR Director - How to Become an HR Director and Make a CareerAnyone’s dream is to take a management position at a popular company. On the one hand, this guarantees a large monthly income. On the other hand, you will have to constantly monitor all processes within the organization.

Nevertheless, the vacancy of an HR director allows you to realize your abilities to the fullest, make new interesting acquaintances, and share experience.

The content of the article:

  1. Functionality and job responsibilities of the HR director
  2. Professional skills and personal qualities
  3. Where do they teach for HR directors?
  4. HR director’s career and salary – prospects
  5. Where and how to find a job – choosing a company and self-presentation

Who is an HR director – functionality and job responsibilities

Synonym for the concept “HR Director” – HR Director

The position provides for a permanent personnel control, selection of qualified personnel – etc.

The main challenge is human resource management… We are constantly working with internal documentation.

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The list of functional responsibilities consists of:

  • Management of internal HR departments, divisions or services.
  • Individual creation and practical application of internal personnel policy, which applies to certain categories of professionals.
  • Development of an annual, quarterly and other budget for the maintenance of personnel.
  • Determination of the optimal number of employees on the territory of the enterprise.
  • Formation of personnel reserves on the territory of the organization.
  • Creation of all the necessary conditions for the internal training of specialists.
  • Performing a number of activities required for the correct adaptation of employees.
  • Debugging the system of internal interaction between various departments.
  • Checks of the work of the HR department, including the correct selection of candidates, the effectiveness of their work – and so on.
  • Checks for compliance with HR administration requirements.

And this is not a complete list of tasks that the HR director will solve.

In fact, this is a highly qualified manager who is constantly working to improve his own managerial competence.

  Who is an HR director and what does he do

Required professional skills and personal qualities to work as a HR director

In total, competencies are conventionally divided into four categories.

  1. Corporate skills. This includes the ability to show leadership qualities, the ability to organize teamwork, motivate staff to improve their qualifications and work results. It is important to show creativity and dedication to your work. Otherwise, even a carefully designed personnel policy will be ineffective in practice due to poor staff motivation.
  2. Management skills. It is important to demonstrate your vision of the business, be able to properly organize work, effectively interact with your subordinates, showing by your own example that tasks of any level of complexity are quite feasible.
  3. Professional skills. A director is not an “uncle” in the usual sense of any employed person. This is a person who knows how to apply an individual approach to any specialist, communicate with him in a positive way, but at the same time respecting the chain of command.
  4. Personal skills. Not a single HR director will do his job effectively if he does not have self-confidence, he cannot adequately assess his actions, does not strive to improve as a person or change for the better. This position is for stress-resistant people who are able to find solutions to problem situations, to demonstrate their business image to partners. Improve your efficiency in just 15 simple tricks – instructions

How to become a HR director from scratch - instructions

Where they teach for HR directors – education and self-education

The issuance of diplomas in the specialty “HR Director” is practiced by a large number of Russian universities. But practice shows that the quality of teaching cannot be called high.

The reason is quite standard, it applies to the entire system of higher education, which is now operating in the Russian Federation. The theoretical and practical material available to students is out of touch with the real needs of a modern employer.

It is also worth noting that only a few educational institutions in Russia focus on practice. The result of this is the acquisition of knowledge that, at the moment, can be safely called outdated. They are being modernized every year, adapting to the current realities of personnel policy on the territory of enterprises.

As for the cost of training, it depends on the city in which the university is located, and what level of prestige it can boast of.

In fact, there is no direct training to become an HR director. The closest specialty is “Labor economics and personnel management”… The cost varies from 80 to 200 thousand rubles per year.

The price spread is again explained by the prestige of the educational institution and its territorial location.

HR Director Position and Salary

If the Russian educational system cannot boast of high efficiency, this does not mean at all that it is impossible to become a highly qualified competent HR director. Recently, it is gaining more and more popularity distance learning

There are several reasons for this:

  • Programs are developed on an individual basis. General knowledge, which is given in territorial universities, is taken as a basis, and a theory adapted to modern realities is used to increase efficiency.
  • Much more practical training. Each module provides both theory and practice. Thus, it is easier for a student of a virtual university to consolidate the knowledge gained, he is able to quickly make the right decision in a given situation.
  • The cost of training is much lower. Remote universities do not provide for the allocation of colossal funds for renting premises, paying for utilities, and so on.
  • The ability to combine the educational process with work. This is facilitated by a more convenient schedule, and all training is carried out at home.
  • No need to purchase study materials. The entire theoretical base is provided to students in electronic format. At any convenient moment, you can go back to difficult material in order to learn it.
  • Application of an individual approach… Teachers, who, by the way, are certified specialists with extensive practical experience, are ready to help in consolidating a theory that is incomprehensible at first glance.

And this is not a complete list of the benefits of distance learning.

And most importantly, only the knowledge is given that will be useful specifically to HR directors.

It’s real to get education on the Internet – 15 training sites

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HR Director’s Career Prospects and Salaries

Career growth really does take place. Large companies with a large staff always need highly qualified specialists.

During the first two years, you should go to work in a small company, where wages will vary from 45 to 60 thousand rubles per month. As you build up your practical experience, you can look for better deals in parallel.

So, for example, the average monthly salary of this category of specialists starts from the level of 100-120 thousand rubles. There is no limit to perfection – top HR managers get 250 thousand rubles a month without any problems, and this is without taking into account premiums for overfulfilment of plans.

Agree, the prospect of earning a decent second-hand foreign car in just two months looks very attractive.

But such a salary will not be immediately available – you need to gain experience and constantly improve.

HR Director Job - Responsibilities and Career

Where and how to find a HR director job – choosing a company and self-presentation

It will not work outright to get a job in a large and popular organization, because the effectiveness of its work strongly depends on personnel policy.

When making a choice in favor of one or another option, pay attention to the duration of the company’s work in the domestic market, the number of internal staff.

Do not forget to carefully read the requirements for the candidate.

There are several life hacks for confidently getting a job in a company:

  • Come to the interview in a new business suit, have a well-groomed appearance – as they say, they are greeted by their clothes.
  • So that you do not see off your mind (more precisely, because of its absence), prepare in advance for the interview. Check out a sample list of questions that you may be asked, prepare the answers.
  • Put your skills to the test before taking on the job with hands-on assignments – many managers always put candidates in an uncomfortable situation and ask them to find solutions.
  • Do not chase wages – you first need to gain experience, and only then try to move to other companies with a higher salary.

HR director is a demanded profession that is suitable only for assiduous, persistent and motivated people working for results.

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