How to distinguish fake cosmetics from originals – signs of left cosmetics

When choosing cosmetics, you should be extremely careful not to run into a fake. After all, the use of fakes can lead not only to bad make-up, but also to sad consequences for health, since it is not known what the unscrupulous manufacturer added to the composition of his “creation”.

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How to spot fake cosmetics

What is a fake?

In short, this is the case when a product (most often, low-quality) is passed off as another product. This is achieved by identical packaging, similar properties.

However, the composition of the counterfeit product differs sharply from the original. The composition of the “left” cosmetics may contain prohibited and hazardous components – for example, heavy metals.

The production of fakes takes place in unsuitable conditions, possibly unsanitary.

If you have ever heard about cosmetics such words as “replica” of a particular product, or its “high-quality copy”, then do not flatter yourself, since these words are synonyms for the less poetic word “fake”.

Where can you stumble upon fake cosmetics?

You are unlikely to find “replicas” of products in well-known chains of cosmetic stores, such as “Il de Beautet”, “Rive Gauche”, “L’etual”, “Podruzhka”. Usually, these stores cooperate with reliable suppliers, so such incidents are excluded in them. The assortment presented on the shelves of these stores can be trusted.

Also, you will never find fakes in branded cosmetic corners such as MAC, Inglot, NYX.

Cosmetic corner

When in doubt, – check the official website of these brands, in which places their official points of sale are located.

But fake cosmetics can be found in the following places:

  1. Doubtful cosmetic shops in small mallswhere supposedly branded cosmetics cost 5-10 times cheaper than in well-known stores.
  2. Unofficial online stores… If you know that cosmetics of the desired brand are not supplied to Russia, you should not look for them on Russian-language sites.
  3. You will definitely not find original cosmetics on the famous Aliexpress website.… In general, this site is simply full of various fakes, most often made in China. Do not take risks and do not hope that it is you who will receive the original product. They are simply not there.
  4. Instagram Stores most often resell the same fakes from Aliexpress. No matter how beautifully the information is presented, do not trust such pages.

If the seller of any of these options tells you that the prices in his store are lower than in official outlets, because his acquaintance “works in the production of this cosmetics in a warehouse, and gave the rest of it to him for sale” – in no case trust to such a seller. There is no such arbitrariness in the cosmetic industry., therefore, these words are nothing more than a lie aimed at concealing that the product was received from an unreliable supplier.

Differences between the original and the counterfeit cosmetic product

Differences between the original and the counterfeit cosmetic product

Therefore, there is no safer way to buy an original product than to purchase it from a reputable store.

If you are still in doubt, then when choosing cosmetics, pay attention to the following details:

  • Correctly spelled brand name… It seems absurd, but some manufacturers of fakes change one letter in the name, rearrange the letters in places, and sometimes it can be overlooked.
  • In rare cases, the font on the packaging of the counterfeit “slips out”, or it differs in size and some design elements from the original. Carefully study the photo of the original product on the official website of the manufacturer, save it and compare the selected product with this photo before purchasing.
  • Find the batch code on the package and check it… A batch code is a set of letters and numbers applied to the packaging by the manufacturer during the manufacture of the product, in which the production date is encrypted (batch number / expiration date). You can check it on special sites – for example,
  • Look for all possible information about points of sale on the official website of the cosmetics manufacturer… Then it will be safer for you to purchase it even in well-known chains of cosmetic stores.

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