How to dress at home to look stylish?

Admit it, do you have XXL T-shirts in your homewear arsenal? Or sweatpants since the bankruptcy of MMM? No, I do not for a second doubt that your spouse in shapeless robes likes you, because he loves you anyone. But honestly and looking in the mirror, answer the question: “Am I sexy now?“.

Brigitte Bardot once said: “There is no harder task than trying to look beautiful from eight in the morning until midnight.“. We all get tired after work. And in the evenings we allow ourselves to relax a little. But in order to stay attractive at home, it is not necessary to pull on a ball gown or stand on high heels.

Today’s agenda: advice from a wise wardrobe. Let’s give your wardrobe a different look.

Home suits

The simplest option that combines style, convenience and practicality is home suits. Here you don’t have to bother and combine clothes with each other. The main thing is that the selected items meet two criteria:

  1. The fabric is soft, pleasant to the touch, and does not hinder movement.
  2. Material suitable for the current season.

Choose the color and style as you wish. But do not forget that our main goal is to create a complete and beautiful image.

home suit
@ gagara1987


This season, home fashion has been attacked by a new trend in pajama jumpsuits. In general, this is not surprising. Convenient, unusual and attractive option. Nothing pulls anywhere, does not squeeze and does not bully.

By the way, world-class stars carry this style also in a daytime manner. Look at what the British model Cara Delevingne is parading through the streets. The Stella McCartney pajama jumpsuit contrasts perfectly with the black stiletto heels.


Faina Ranevskaya said: “Why do women devote so much time and money to their appearance, and not to the development of intelligence? Because there are far fewer blind men than smart ones. “

Dresses are great on their own at any time of the year. If it’s +30 outside, choose light sundresses. And in the cold, combine the look with leggings or a cardigan. Agree, layering was, is and will be in trend. So why not follow fashion trends even at home?

the dress
@ alenavodonaeva


These stylish and comfortable sweatpants have been squeezed into modern fashion for a long time. They go with everything: slippers or heels, a sweatshirt or blouse, a backpack or a handbag – in any look, joggers will come in handy. Don’t believe me? Look for yourself!

The famous stylist and fashion blogger Sofia Coelho sports joggers around the apartment day and night. No wonder, as the loose fit and small pockets for small items are ideal clothes for household chores.


T-shirts and T-shirts

Don’t even remind me of the oversized T-shirt I mentioned at the beginning. After all, now we are talking about a completely different fashion. We remove the stretched things with a cracked pattern in the far drawer, because stylish madness is already in a hurry to replace them.

Instead of boring colors – explosive brightness, instead of monotony – cheerful prints and daring inscriptions. Allow yourself a lot of emotions and a touch of bullying. A good mood for the whole day is guaranteed!

@ aizaanohinaa

Cycling shorts

Once forgotten, but gradually regaining its former glory trend. Take a closer look at them for at least three reasons:

  • First, they are very comfortable. Soft and cuddly fabric on the hips will make you feel comfortable.
  • Secondly, they are as practical as possible. They do not hinder movement, do not rub, are not whimsical in washing.
  • Third, they rhyme with any top. T-shirts, T-shirts, shirts – experiment with whatever you want. I promise you won’t miss.
@ gagara1987

Sweatshirts & Hoodies

We add them to the previous point – and you are beautiful. The sport-chic style has always been and will be in vogue. Long, short, solid or with bright accents – you will always feel fashionable.

Alena Shishkova very often uploads home photos with her daughter, where she is wearing all kinds of sweatshirts and hoodies.

@ missalena.92

Do a wardrobe revision and get rid of all things that represent boredom and carelessness. Be bright, be sexy, be stylish even when you are at home! As one wise man said: “the beauty of a woman is like a powerful alchemy that transforms men into donkeys“. So let your husband walk behind you and admire your every image.

Do you think such clothes are suitable for the home? Or will we return to our usual wardrobe?

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