driving rules for a pregnant woman, possible risks

For many women, pregnancy is not at all a reason to abandon the usual way of life. They continue to work, shop, visit beauty salons and drive.

So today let’s discuss can pregnant women drive a car, and consider basic driving rules car for a woman in position.
Pregnancy Driving - Basic Safety Rules

The content of the article:

Can pregnant women drive a car, and until when?

  • To drive or not to drive a car in position – every woman must decide for herself, guided by their well-being and emotional state.
  • The most important thing for a future mother is feeling of calmness in the car… Here, the lifestyle that the woman led before pregnancy plays an important role. After all, if she has always been an avid motorist, then a sharp change in the way of movement, and as a result – a stuffy subway, overcrowded minibuses and loss of mobility can cause stress.
  • Even psychologists agree that driving a car gives a positive charge and extremely positive emotions for a woman.
  • But don’t forget that during pregnancy, reactions are somewhat inhibited, and emotionality is increased… Therefore, during this period, women need to be especially careful and attentive, and also forget about risky maneuvers on the road.
  • With good health and no contraindications the expectant mother can drive a car for almost the entire period of pregnancy… But you should not, however, go on the road in the last months of pregnancy, especially alone.
  • The only thing, what you should definitely not do during pregnancy is learning to drive… After all, then you, on the contrary, will be in a state of continuous anxiety, turning into stress. And such nervous tension will only harm both the expectant mother and the unborn baby.

Well-being and health of a pregnant woman driving

Being pregnant you should be very serious about your well-being while driving
Pregnancy Driving - Basic Safety Rules

  • In the early stages, women are often tormented by toxicosis and fainting, which, of course, should become a sign that in this case it is not worth driving.
  • Pregnant women are prone to to uncontrollable bouts of hunger… It doesn’t matter that you could have dined just twenty minutes ago. In such cases, keep fruit or packets of dried fruit mixes, natural yoghurts and some kind of sweets in the machine.
  • In late pregnancy, a woman may there are pressure surges… Therefore, be very careful about your well-being, and at the slightest suspicion of hypertension or anemia, refrain from driving.
  • In the last months of pregnancy, you may be faced with the fact that the grown belly will interfere with getting in and out of the car, and the child will begin to push, which can even cause pain. If you feel any discomfort, never continue driving. Better to pull over to catch your breath and take a walk.
  • If the road is long the expectant mother should make frequent stops, get out of the car, warm up, walk.
  • remember, that now you should be even more careful about the technical condition of the car, no matter what you in no way worried about it, and you were insured against unexpected breakdowns.
  • You can purchase air cushion seat covers online or put a regular pillow under your back. These little things will make your driving experience much more comfortable.

Pregnant driving rules: safety comes first!

  • Pregnant women should not neglect a seat belt. There is a prejudice that the belt can hurt a child by squeezing the belly. But this is not at all the case. The baby is very reliably protected by the amniotic fluid, as well as by the muscles of the abdomen and the walls of the uterus. Put on the belt correctly – place the upper part under the chest and the lower part under the belly.
    Pregnancy Driving - Basic Safety Rules
  • You can purchase a seat belt specifically for pregnant women… This belt has four attachment points and is much more elastic than a standard belt. In any case, remember that these precautions can save the life of you and your baby. Read: Maternity seat belt – Seat belt adapter for expectant mothers.
  • The expectant mother, while driving, should follow the traffic rules even more carefully.than outside of pregnancy. It is better to insure yourself and avoid risky maneuvers in order to avoid force majeure on the road.
  • You can protect yourself a little, by gluing a special sign on the carindicating that a pregnant woman is driving. In fact, traffic rules do not provide for such signs, but you can attach an exclamation mark to the rear window or download the sign “pregnant driver” from special sites on the Internet. Such precautions will not be superfluous, because in this case other road users will treat you as correctly as possible.
    Pregnancy Driving - Basic Safety Rules
    Pregnancy Driving - Basic Safety Rules
    Pregnancy Driving - Basic Safety Rules
  • It is also very important do not forget to complete the first aid kit with all the necessary medicines – these can be remedies for nausea prescribed by a doctor, sedatives, but-spa for abdominal pains – in general, everything that can help you if you feel unwell while driving.

Pregnancy Driving - Basic Safety Rules
In this article, we have provided the basic driving rules for a pregnant woman. Remember that, first of all, you need focus on your well-being and inner feelings… Pregnancy is a very important and crucial period in the life of every woman, when, for the sake of the health of the expectant mother and baby, it is worth taking seriously your usual way of life.

Be sure to talk to your doctor about driving while pregnant!

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