How to enhance eye shadow color?

A good and competent shadow pattern on the eyelid can beneficially change the shape of the eye. This requires the right technique and the right products. Even the most pigmented and high-quality eyeshadows can get even better with the right use.

Base under the shade

The base under the eyeshadow will help to achieve the most natural effect. It is usually either beige (flesh) or translucent and is applied to the eyelid in a thin layer.

Base under the shade

With shadows it comes into contact exclusively on the skin, in no case should it be mixed with shadows in advance.

It can be super long-lasting, anti-aging, and moreover, radiant. This product is applied with slightly stretching, but at the same time hammering movements. The base under the shadow is more aimed at fixing them on the eyelid, but one of its important positive “side” effects is just the enhancement of the color of the applied product. These are usually dry pressed eyeshadows.

To enhance their brightness with a base, you must, of course, first apply the base itself, and only then, using a flat brush, apply shadows with swiping movements. Usually eye makeup includes several shades of eyeshadow.

When using the base it is better to first apply light colors, and only then all kinds of darkening, for example, a gray-brown shade in the crease of the eyelid and the darkest one in the corner of the eye.

The base is best suited for natural eye makeup, which will consist of light and brown shades. It will not significantly enhance bright, colored and non-standard shadows.


But the substrate will serve as a good “amplifier” just for bright shadows. That is why it is most often used for smoky ice, both classic dark brown or black, and for colored ones.

Smoky ice base

The main task of the underlay is to help the color blend smoothly into the skin, while enhancing it. In this case, the maintenance of the makeup is rather a side task.

In most cases, cream or gel shadows and eyeliners, tints or even matte lipsticks play the role of a base. Such liquid textures are easier to blend, but usually set quickly. Therefore, when building the shape of the future shadow pattern with their help, you must be ready to quickly shade products. However, you can get used to this from about the second use.

Although the liner hardens, usually the portion that is on the upper eyelid before the crease is still somewhat sticky. It is in this part that dry shadows are applied. In this case, it is better to use friable products: their fine particles will fall on such a sticky layer more readily. The color will noticeably intensify.

Choose a substrate to match the shadows you are going to apply. It will be better if it is about the same shade and color temperature, but a few tones lighter, then the effect will be clean and accurate. For example, if you are going to apply purple eyeshadow, use a light pink cold matte lipstick underneath.

An eyeliner also works well with the role of a substrate. It should be greasy and pigmented, easy to fall on the eyelid and shade. For dark shadows, it is better to use a pencil of the same color, and for light shadows, you need to use a white pencil. Apply a small amount to the eyelid and blend it. Repeat this action until you reach the desired brightness. Apply shadows over the resulting “haze”.

Attention: it is necessary to shade the pencil very well until the moment you apply the shadow. Otherwise, you will get dirt.

Eyeshadow thinner

Finally, a product that makes dry eyeshadows liquid.

Eyeshadow thinner

It not only changes their texture, but also makes them rich and shiny. The consumption of the thinner is very economical: just one drop is enough for one make-up.

The shadows are first drawn onto a brush, and only then mixed with a drop. It is better to use loose eyeshadows, as they can be taken in a larger volume than pressed ones. You will need to get a liquid of medium density, and already apply this mass to the eyelid using a flat brush. The edges of the applied shadow will need to be shaded using a fluffy brush.

To improve stamina you can use a backing, but in this case it will be better to let it cure completely. As a result, you will get even brighter and more colorful eye makeup.

Wet application

One way to make your shadows brighter is to apply them in an unusual way. To do this, a brush (preferably flat) is thoroughly moistened with water, and then squeezed out so that it remains wet, but not too wet. Next, shadows are collected on this brush and transferred to the eyelid.

Wet eyeshadow

This method works best for shimmery or shimmery eyeshadows. With matte eyeshadows, especially lighter shades, the result will not be as spectacular.

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