How to Not Stress About a Job Interview

Do you know how to not stress out during a job interview? Stressing out during an interview can spiral into a downward spiral of despair, and it is crucial to stay calm. While you cannot get a do-over, you can correct mistakes to avoid interview anxiety. Below are five ways to help you relax during your interview. Follow these tips for success! – Learn Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises

While you may feel anxious before a job interview, there are breathing exercises you can use to help you relax. Try breathing through your left nostril to activate your parasympathetic nervous system and through your right nostril to rejuvenate your body. This practice is effective not only before a job interview, but also during it, as it can reduce your anxiety and stress. In addition to this, you can practice it in the comfort of your own home.

The first breathing exercise that will help you calm down before a job interview is to take a deep breath. Try to breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. Counting to five as you breathe in will help you relax. Repeat this exercise until you reach the count of five. The next step is to breathe out, letting your breath return to its regular rhythm.


If you are stressed out about a job interview, visualization can help you relax. By visualizing the end result of an activity, you can reinforce that it is positive and avoid the stress-inducing emotions. Visualization is particularly helpful when you are nervous and cannot concentrate on the task at hand. Moreover, repetition can improve the results of your visualization. This technique has been shown to be beneficial for people of all ages and in any situation.

To make yourself less stressed, start by visualizing yourself securing the job you desire. Think about how you will introduce yourself in the interview, and what you will say on each slide. Visualize yourself delivering the presentation with confidence, while observing nonverbal cues and making eye contact. Visualize yourself answering the interviewer’s questions without stress or worry. Many of the world’s top athletes use this technique to boost their performance.

Cold water

Immersing in cold water can prime us to handle stressful situations. According to Prof Mike Tipton of the University of Portsmouth, the mood-boosting effects of cold water swims fall into two phases: the initial ‘cold shock’ response and the long-term adaptation. It may sound crazy but it works. After six immersions, the body’s response to cold water is reduced by half, and breathing slows to a normal level.

First impressions are crucial. Try to relax your body before the interview. Avoid slouching in the waiting area. Stand upright, shoulders back, and don’t be nervous. Also, avoid slouching when shaking hands. Your handshake should feel natural, not clammy. Lastly, if you sweat, drink plenty of water before the interview. Avoid consuming caffeine before the interview, as it may cause your palms to sweat. This will also help you focus on the task at hand. Interviews are always stressful. It’s normal, you’re worried and anxious. But to make you feel more confident, you can read some useful blogs at studycrumb. They have good articles on these topics, and after reading them, you will become more confident.

Thinking positively

One way to combat anxiety during a job interview is to think positively. Instead of thinking negatively, think about it as an exciting opportunity to meet new people and prove your worth. If possible, compare the interview with your previous experiences. In order to avoid overthinking the interview, ask questions to prepare for it. If you’re able, do research on the company and the interviewer. Try to get an early night, too.

Another way to combat nervousness before a job interview is to talk to someone in your support network. If you can’t talk to your friends and family members, try talking to a recruiter or colleague. A recruiter knows the industry best, and will be able to give you good advice. Try a video call with the recruiter as well – this will help you test the new technology.

Body language

If you’re going to a job interview, one of the best ways to avoid stress is by using body language to sell yourself. While people often talk with their hands, not opening and closing them can also send the wrong message. For example, if the interviewer crosses his arms while talking, this may suggest disagreement. Likewise, if the interviewer crosses his arms while listening, this may be a sign that he isn’t interested in the position. It’s best to maintain a balanced posture by keeping your hands close to your body. Also, keep your head nodding and tilting it in the direction of the interviewer as this creates a positive atmosphere.

A second way to project a positive message is to mimic the interviewer’s body language. This doesn’t mean that you should mimic the HR manager, but mimicking his/her posture, hair play, and nodding when they do will help you get in the right frame of mind fast. Try not to look overly showy, but if you notice that the interviewer is shifting his or her body language, mimic that.

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