How to prepare for a date and not miss out on anything

The first impression is the most important thing. And this applies to any meeting – be it a new employer or an employee of a social institution. And when it comes to the first date, a woman should be fully armed.

Today COLADY will tell you how to prepare for a date to make a good first impression. You need to know this!

How to prepare for a date

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Preparation for a date, of course, begins with a shower and body care (scrub, smooth heels, moisturizer, pedicure, hair removal, etc.). It is possible that your chosen one will turn out to be that rare prince who translates relations into a horizontal plane only after the wedding, but the percentage of such an accident is very low, so it is better to be fully armed.

If you absolutely do not want intimacy at such an early stage in the development of a relationship and at the same time feel that you are losing control of yourself next to Him, play it safe. Do not wear sexy lingerie or stockings. If a woman has an arrow on tights, “insulated panties”, “three-day stubble” on the legs and a bikini zone “before epilation”, then even the most charming and determined man will not be able to take her to bed.

If, on the contrary, you do not plan to deny yourself this pleasure at all, and your appointment involves an intimate atmosphere, closeness to bed and “we will not go to school tomorrow,” then make sure that you don’t have to blush for yourself or look for a bath, to “quickly shave your legs.”

Preparing for a date with passion.
You shouldn’t scare a man with an arsenal of sex toys either. If he turns out to be a conservative on this issue, then your first date will be the last. And try not to wear clothes and underwear with a thousand buttons, hooks and laces. Until your man unbuttons and unties everything, he will not want anything.

1. Don’t get carried away with makeup

Not every man will like war paint and may scare him away altogether. Choose natural makeup, highlighting only your eyes. A layer of foundation, a kaleidoscope of eyeshadow and powder falling off your face are the worst you can think of.

How to Prepare for a Date and Don't Miss Out - Tips for Girls
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As for the use of lipstick, there are three options: to give it up altogether, choose a lip balm, buy a super long-lasting lipstick. Traces on the glass and smeared lipstick are unlikely to charm a man.

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2. Get a manicure

Pens should always look well-groomed! At any given time. You should not paint your nails in a provocative red color, even if the color matches your shoes.

The best option is a French manicure or a transparent varnish and a white cosmetic pencil. Of course, no chips and “peeling” – just a fresh and neat manicure.

3. Get your hair done

You don’t need to build any fancy towers on your head, and you don’t need to run to the hairdresser for an almost wedding hairstyle. Be natural. This does not mean twisting your hair into a “grandmother’s bun” or braiding a primitive braid.

If the hair allows, leave it loose, but on the condition that it is clean, shiny and well laid. If, after a 15-minute walk, you resemble a witch who got off a broomstick, then it would be better if you originally fix your hairstyle with a fashionable and discreet hairpin.

4. Do not overuse perfume

Never pour a liter of perfume on yourself before going out. You shouldn’t mix the scent of deodorant with perfume either. If you can’t do without deodorant, choose one that has a neutral odor.

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Perfume is needed quite a bit – on the “pulsating” areas (neck, wrist) and only with a light and delicate aroma. To prevent your companion from developing an asthma attack or allergies. See also: How to prolong the longevity of a perfume in winter?

5. Take care of your appearance

Shoes should be nice and comfortable. It is clear that after spending the whole evening on high heels, you will not think about the man, but about how to throw off your shoes as soon as possible. Therefore, choose comfortable shoes, even if they are not from the latest fashion collection. This also applies to clothing.

There is no need to wear jeans, from the tightness of which you will have a stomach ache in a couple of hours. Replace them with a dress or a comfortable skirt (not too short). Clothes with a deep neckline are not recommended – too “affordable” for a first date.

6. Accessories in moderation

Accessories, of course, make a difference. But it’s not worth putting on all the family gold. Jewelry should be in modest quantity and emphasize taste, not lack of it.

Additional measures

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  • What to talk about on a first date?
    There is no advice here. Feel with your heart, observe, draw conclusions and listen more than you speak. If you have a sense of humor, that’s great, but don’t turn your first date into a skit. Behave naturally, but within the bounds of decency.
  • What to bring with you?You never know how the body will react to the kitchen of a new restaurant or a pie on the way to the cinema … Throw pills in your purse that can urgently help you with heartburn, bloating or stomach cramps. If you do not plan to return home in the evening, bring hygiene and cosmetics.
  • Retreat routes. They should also be thought out in advance. The first date does not always end with an invitation to the second. Sometimes you have to think convulsively – how to quickly slip away from a man who clearly did not live up to your expectations (or something worse). There are many options. For example, arrange with a friend to call at a specific time. If the date is successful, you can tell her that everything is fine and you will call her back tomorrow.
  • Contraception. A man should think about the “rubber product”, but, just in case, it is better to take care of contraception itself (this is in your interests). Moreover, we are talking specifically about condoms, because pills will not be able to protect against sexually transmitted diseases (which a man may not even know about).

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