Maria Pogrebnyak told how important it is to defend your opinion

The businesswoman and the wife of the famous football player Maria Pogrebnyak clearly does not belong to those who look back at someone else’s opinion. The social media star is often criticized for her thinness, bold looks, use of photoshop and beauty injections.

However, Maria herself does not even think of giving up her usual way of life and changing according to the criteria of others. Recently, a celebrity shared with subscribers her thoughts on freedom from other people’s opinions and received many interesting comments.

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“This is your Life”

“Can you defend your opinion?” – with such an interesting and always relevant question for many, Maria began her recent dialogue with subscribers.

As a lover of events and an active user of social networks, the star is always in sight and, accordingly, often faces criticism from outsiders.

Every little thing from the color of the hair to the volume of Maria’s waist is discussed, and as the celebrity herself admits, she used to often follow the lead of other people, preferring to listen to someone else’s opinion, to consult. However, now she has become completely independent from others and acts as she sees fit.

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“Can you defend your opinion or can the public opinion bend you?

We often ask others for advice: to forgive the betrayal or not, cut off the bob, buy this bag, Shoes, clothes ??? Etc.

I myself used to make a huge mistake that I consulted with everyone, collected the opinions of strangers to me, followed their lead.

Now I know for sure, you only need to listen to yourself, do as you see fit!

And let your friends gossip behind your back, the world condemns! But you know that you did what your heart tells you! This is your choice! Your life, ”Maria wrote on her page (spelling and punctuation are preserved).

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User reaction

The star’s post received a lot of likes and positive comments. In them, the majority of users supported Mary’s position, agreeing with her and writing that they need to act according to their opinion. And some subscribers even considered that other people’s gossip behind their backs was the best PR and popularity engine.

“It is important to make decisions on your own and not feel guilty about it, do not care what others say, the main thing is that you feel comfortable!” – valeria_in_england.

“Listen to others, but do it your own way”, – tanivasi200788.

“Maria, how right you are !!” – alenushka_25.

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Photo @mariapoga_

Do you agree with Maria Pogrebnyak? Should you listen to other people’s words?

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