How to recognize your soul mate: 4 signs of “superior connection”

We very rarely see my cousin uncle. But if I or him feel bad, we always call and write to each other. It is enough for us to say a few words – and we already feel the mood, the level of sadness of the other. A couple of the right words, a song sent on time, the usual presence of a person “on the line” literally heals the soul akin to a medicinal balm.

How it works? Why with this person? After all, we did not do anything specifically for this. Let’s try to deal with such a paranomal phenomenon as a soul mate.

Together forever

The word “soul” comes from the common Slavic basis “spirit”: xj> w., Means “Dimple over the chest.”

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The very concept of kinship goes far beyond just love and romantic relationships. Your soul mate can be anyone: brother, uncle, second cousin, girlfriend.

By the definition of a writer Richard Bach, a dear soul helps us to begin to live for real, that is, understanding us like no one else, sharing our deepest aspirations, directs us to the true life. The one where all our desires and abilities are realized, where our destiny on earth is realized, where a person, realizing that he lives a full life, feels happiness.

The connection of kindred souls occurs at the sacred level. This is a relationship that has gone through many reincarnations. Their purpose is to support each other in learning the necessary lessons and accomplishing the tasks assigned to them.

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4 signs you have your soul mate

Look closely, listen, open your heart and do not be afraid to admit that it is incredibly pleasant for you to communicate with this particular person and to be close.

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  1. You are calm when you are with this person, and you feel a complete understanding.

When you connect with someone at the soul level, you become more patient and understanding. If, when communicating with others, you can get angry and lose your temper, then in this case this does not happen to you. Nothing just makes you nervous or worried. You calmly accept both your soul mate’s flaws and your own.

  1. You have an amazing closeness

You understand and relate to your soul mate on a deeper level that allows you to create a unique relationship with her.

Over time, this relationship goes beyond the spiritual level and spreads to the physical and mental levels. That is why you feel the desire to communicate with this person as much and often as possible.

  1. You keep in touch throughout your life.

This is the kind of friendship that is difficult to break, and you feel like your mission is to take care of each other. Your soul mate is not always your partner or spouse. Not only that, you can each live in your own way and make different plans for the future, but you are always present in each other’s life.

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  1. You are worried about this person and give him maximum attention.

If you’ve really met your soul mate and are constantly in touch with her, you have your own space for two. The fact is that when you communicate, you subconsciously direct your attention only to each other.

In other words, when your soul mate is next to you, it may seem to you that the world around you freezes, and you two have only your own common reality.

And no matter how far away you are from each other, how often you see each other, it is important to remain honest and open to each other.


Many people mistakenly think that a soul mate comes into their life forever. This mistake is especially painful in the relationship of lovers. There are known dramatic examples of difficult partings that carry great disappointment and endless suffering: Romeo and Juliet, Cleopatra and Antony, Anna Karenina and Vronsky and others.

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If you are lucky enough to meet a soul mate in your life, take care of it as your own.

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