How to take revenge on neighbors and teach them a lesson according to the law

How to take revenge on neighbors from above, below, from the side, etc.Housemates are rarely good friends. As a rule, everything is exactly the opposite. The neighbors wear us down with endless repairs and loud music, do not let our children sleep, smoke in the porches, fill the stretched ceilings “yesterday”, park under our windows, etc. curtains in my apartment.

How to punish “parasites” and take revenge without breaking the law?

Is the neighbor constantly keeping watch at the peephole?

Is on duty both day and night? And then he discusses with her friends on the bench – with whom did you come, how much and to what extent in an uncivilized state?

Make a dummy CCTV camera or buy this fake equipment and hang it on the staircase so that the entire neighbor’s door falls into the “field of view” of the camera. Now you will be “looking” at each other. Do not forget to stick the poster – “We are watching you”, tear granny “templates”.

You can also glue her door peephole ordinary scotch tape or to act even more cruel – to fill the peephole with silicate glue (it is impossible to wash and tear it off).

The neighbors got you so bad that you want to walk the dog under their door?

Post an ad (or submit it on the Internet) about renting an apartment. For example, “We need tenants for six months to look after the apartment. Pay only for com / services. ” Let them be tortured with calls. Of course, you will not be able to achieve anything, but your soul will become a little warmer from a little dirty trick.

Do not forget to indicate that you should call from 6 to 8 am on weekends or from 11 to 12 am on weekdays.

If there is no telephone, write their address. It’s even more interesting this way.

A young couple drove into the next apartment and have you already got tired of their nightly “sabantuychiki” with guests and a sea of ​​alcohol?

Do they not react to your requests “let people sleep” and are even rude?

Buy a GSM signal jammer. Mobile phones in their apartment will stop working. True, there is one drawback – they will not work in your apartment either.

Are the neighbors getting drunk, dropping wardrobes, dancing at 3 o’clock in the morning under Verka-Serduchka?

And so actively knocking on the plates with forks that your chandelier is swinging? Do they not open the doors? And they don’t react to knocking?

Unscrew the plugs (if the flap is on the stairs), let them sit in the dark.

Will continue – repeat the action.

A young neighbor can’t imagine his life without Chanson radio?

To the fullest every night? Just when, after a delicious dinner, wrapped in soft pajamas, are you going to lie down and read a newspaper?

Buy a synthesizer for your child. Or a guitar. In general, it doesn’t matter what instrument, it is important that it is loud and that training in the morning is regular.

If you have no children, and the “parasites” from the next apartment again played “and the white swan on the pond” all night, buy a speaker system, put the speakers to the “same” wall (or to the battery), turn on the “a white swan” for constant repetition (of course, at full volume) and go to work calmly.

How to get revenge on your neighbor in law - the best methods

If impudent people have settled right below you, and fighting them gives nothing …

… then, in addition to the musical impact, the constant transportation of sofas around the room, dancing until you drop and the building devices turned on for 2-3 hours, you can use it as revenge and the flood… Fill your neighbors well, and before they come screaming at you, wipe the floor dry.

Do not forget to make big eyes (“Oh, we have such terrible overlappings here! They haven’t changed since the time of Tsar Peas!”) And offer to go up to the neighbors higher or call the plumbers.

The neighbor is completely insolent, parks right at the exit from the yard or on the playground?

And in the evenings, right under your window, turns on the radio at full power and drinks beer with friends?

All your timid requests rest on the promise of this impudent man to break your legs if you ask for something again.

How to punish a boor?

If the grannies and kids in your yard love to feed pigeons, then just throw a handful of millet or breadcrumbs on the hood and roof of a neighbor’s car… He will not put it here anymore.

Are the neighbors in the country tired of their drunken companies, barbecue and musical girls?

The stream of guests is endless and doesn’t want to stop?

Under cover of darkness, imperceptibly and silently, like a ninja, make your way into the “Triss booth” (street toilet) of a hospitable neighbor and throw a packet of yeast into the hole… In the morning, a neighbor and his guests will find not only an incomparable aroma, but also the contents of the toilet significantly increased under the influence of yeast.

In the nearest future nobody will disturb the silence in your country house.

Neighbors raised the whole house for a month with their repairs?

Did they break, rebuild and chase walls, lay floors, without turning off hammers, drills and jigsaws for hours on end?

Give them a housewarming gift – have a karaoke night with friends!

And if pissed off new settlers break in to you at 4-5 in the morning demanding to “shut up”, you can laugh in their face and tell them that this is your gratitude for a month of headaches, plaster falling on your head and overlooked interesting films.

Is the neighbor’s dog pestering you?

Buy a dedicated whistle (or device), to which only animals react, and start communicating with the dog the moment its owners go to bed.

Are your upstairs neighbors too loving?

Are you tired of smoking on the balcony at night until the groans and creaking of the bed subside?

Write a love note for your neighbor’s wife in beautiful handwriting (from, for example, a certain Vasya) and throw it into the mailbox (or shove it at the door). It’s great if Vasya turns out to be your other nasty and disgusting neighbor – you will kill two birds with one stone.

Everything. You are gorgeous. You can sleep well for the next week.

A neighbor and his not always sober friends constantly smoke on your stairs?

Do you hate smokers and start coughing long and tediously from the smoke? There is a great way to stop a neighbor from smoking!

At the bottom of the can, which is usually placed “under the cigarette butts” on the stairs, pour in the sulfur planed from matches… The neighbor will no longer smoke here.

If by physical parameters you overtake your neighbor by 20-40 kg (and in the past you were engaged in karate, sambo or at least capoeira), you can suddenly jump out of the apartment at the moment of smoking his cigarette and put out a neighbor along with a cigarette from a fire extinguisher… The effect may not be, but the spouse’s thunderous ovations are guaranteed.

How to get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke in an apartment – effective methods!

Another, quite peaceful and, oddly enough, effective way to disaccustom neighbors to smoke at the entrance.

Throw away all their cigarette butts and place an ad instead “Whoever lights a cigarette here again will deal with me personally.”

Who is this terrible “with me personally” – no one knows, but it will be scary to smoke.

Is your neighbor’s music center set as your alarm every morning?

Are the walls between the apartments thin? And you want to shoot him with a slingshot with wolf berries?

Pour (if he lives on the 1st floor) at night millet and seeds on his windowsill. Let him also have a “favorite” alarm clock.

A very cute way to take revenge on your neighbors …

… – hang up announcements in your area (not along the path of your neighbor!) with the following content: “The daughter’s favorite cat has disappeared. Redhead, thin. Responds to the nickname Kysya. Please bring to the address ****. The remuneration is guaranteed (3000 rubles) “.

Any cat of red (and not only) color will react to this nickname. The stream of “suffering” (grandmothers, children and homeless townspeople) with ginger cats will be drawn to your neighbors immediately and for a long time.

Fun guaranteed!

Ways to “poison the life” of neighbors – a carriage and a small cart. Some masters even write entire multi-page manuals on “revenge” on neighbors.

But it’s worth noting that sometimes it is much more effective to invite neighbors to your housewarming party (or just to visit) on kebabs and “a glass of tea”, than to arrange battles and competitions on the topic “who will take revenge on whom more gracefully.”

Also, do not forget that private property is inviolable. As is the silence at night. And for any “revenge” they can be “administratively” or even criminally punished.

Be kinder and don’t forget to put yourself in the shoes of your neighbors!

Have you had similar situations in your life? And how did you get out of them? Share your stories in the comments below!

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