The child has a runny nose – see effective folk methods!

Every parent is faced with such a problem as a runny nose in a child. Inflammation of the nasal mucosa (runny nose, rhinitis) can be an independent disease, but most often it is a symptom of an infectious disease. The opinion that rhinitis is harmless is erroneous, it can cause serious complications.

How to treat a runny nose in a child with folk remedies – the Colady editors asked this question to qualified pediatricians. Introducing the experts’ answers.

COLADY Magazine warns! Self-medication is dangerous. A specialist consultation is required.

10 most effective folk remedies for a common cold in a child

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During the treatment of a common cold, most often we resort to traditional medicine, run to the pharmacy and buy various medicines for children for the common cold. But if a child often suffers from a runny nose, then the regular use of drops can harm his body. Therefore, in order to preserve the health of his child, he can turn to traditional medicine for help.

  1. Mother’s breast milk. The best folk remedy for a child’s cold. Nothing protects a baby (up to a year) like breast milk. It contains protective substances that have antiviral and anti-inflammatory activity, and proteins and fats reduce the amount of mucus.
  2. Aloe juice drops. To prepare them, the aloe leaf is washed with boiled water, put in the refrigerator for a day (it’s good if you already have a prepared piece). Then juice is squeezed out of it and diluted with boiled water 1 to 10. The ready-made solution must be used 3-4 drops in each nostril up to 5 times a day. It is necessary to store the medicine in the refrigerator and no more than a day, so make the preparations in advance.
  3. Garlic juice. Be careful not to bury freshly squeezed juice, first it must be diluted in 20-30 parts with water. And then you can drip into the spout.
  4. Kalanchoe leaves. They irritate the nasal mucosa and cause a rather violent sneezing. After the juice is instilled, a child may sneeze many times.
  5. Honey… Honey has good anti-inflammatory properties. It must be diluted in a 1 to 2 ratio with warm boiled water. Then this solution must be used 5-6 drops several times a day. Rinse the nose well before use.
  6. Beets and honey. A fairly effective folk remedy for the common cold is prepared from beet juice and honey. First, boil the beets. Then take half a glass of honey in a glass of beet juice. Mix thoroughly and do 5-6 instillations several times a day.
  7. Propolis and vegetable oil. To prepare this medicine, you will need: 10-15 grams of solid propolis and vegetable oil. Chop the propolis well with a knife and pour into a metal bowl. Then fill it with 50 grams of vegetable oil. Heat the mixture in the oven or in a water bath for 1.5-2 hours. But the oil shouldn’t boil! After the propolis oil has cooled, it must be carefully drained so as not to capture the sediment. This medicine is recommended to be used no more than 2 times a day, 2-3 drops in each nostril.
  8. Herbal collection. Prepare a collection in equal amounts: coltsfoot, calendula, sage and plantain leaves. For a glass of boiling water, you will need 1 tbsp. spoon collecting herbs. The mixture should boil for 5 minutes. And then she needs to be infused for about an hour, and you can use it for instillation.
  9. Onion juice. Chop the onion finely and simmer in a dry, clean skillet until juiced. Then pour it into a clean container and fill it with sunflower oil. Let it sit for about 12 hours. Then strain and use 1-2 drops in each nostril.
  10. Vegetable oils. A mixture of vegetable oils (mint, eucalyptus and others) helps with a cold. They have bactericidal properties, make breathing easier, and reduce mucus production. The easiest way to use them is by inhalation. Add 5-6 drops of oil to a bowl of hot water and breathe with a towel on top. But this method is more suitable for older children.

Pediatrician comment

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The best and safest folk remedies for rhinitis are rinsing the nose from mucus with saline (sodium chloride 0.9% solution); drinking plenty of fluids (tea, compote, water); constant ventilation and humidification of the room in which the child is. All other methods, such as the instillation of foreign agents such as onion juice, aloe, and so on, can damage the delicate mucous membrane and lead to chronic rhinitis.

Warming up the nose with a hot egg, steam inhalation over potatoes – increase inflammation and prolong the course of the disease. Ointments based on eucalyptus and mint, in general, have no effect on the course of the disease. warns: self-medication can be hazardous to health! Before using this or that recipe of traditional medicine, consult your doctor!

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