How to tidy up your skin before the New Year holidays

There is very little time left before the New Year. In the course of work, reporting, buying gifts and preparing the house for the celebration, many forget about preparing their face for the holiday.

I will tell you about procedures that will help you quickly remove traces of fatigue, and you will shine not only on December 31, but also for a long time after the holiday.

Botulinum therapy

Facial rejuvenation: how to tidy up the skin before the New Year holidays - beautician advice
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The leader in the fight against mimic wrinkles is a botulinum therapy procedure. The wrinkles formed by the very actively working facial muscles of the face are perfectly amenable to correction with beauty injections. You can tidy up your skin before the New Year holidays with this effective procedure.

The botulinum therapy procedure takes only 15-20 minutes, and the result will not be long in coming. Within a few days, wrinkles will begin to disappear, literally before our eyes.

Thus, almost all wrinkles can be smoothed out:

  • vertical in the area between the eyebrows;
  • horizontal on the forehead;
  • around eyes.

In addition, the procedure helps to improve the condition of the face oval (when injections are made along the oval line in order to relax the subcutaneous muscle of the neck and, as a result, it becomes clearer and more even).

Contour plastic

Facial rejuvenation: how to tidy up the skin before the New Year holidays - beautician advice
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And although some people believe that injectable rejuvenation techniques should not be done on the eve of the celebrations, due to the fact that there is a risk of hematomas, I cannot agree. And I will tell you about the contouring procedure.

Contour correction is a procedure for injecting an implant gel (filler), most often based on hyaluronic acid, in the facial area, where with age there is a deficit (lack) of volume or deep folds have formed.

The introduction of the implant gel using a cannula – a special instrument with a rounded tip allows not injuring blood vessels and injecting the gel without hematomas. The cannula is an improved, atraumatic version of the needle.

Therefore, the contouring procedure now does not require a recovery period, and you can safely return to your business.

Thanks to this procedure, you can get a pronounced anti-aging result.

The most frequent requests that can be solved with the help of contour plastics:

  • improve the area of ​​the oval of the face;
  • “Hide” bags under the eyes;
  • reduce the severity of nasolabial and labial folds;
  • refresh the area of ​​the red border of the lips;
  • give them volume.

These procedures allow you to quickly get a refreshing and rejuvenating face. But if you are not ready for injections, then there are other suggestions for you.

Other anti-aging treatments

To make the skin shine on New Year’s Eve, you can combine business with pleasure and go to sessions:

  • hydropeeling or hardware facial cleansing;
  • non-injection mesotherapy;
  • care program.

Each of them will help you look irresistible not only on New Year’s Eve, but also several months after it.


Facial rejuvenation: how to tidy up the skin before the New Year holidays - beautician advice
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Hydro peeling is one of the most demanded skin care procedures.

The hydropeeling procedure is a delicate cleaning and is carried out with the help of special equipment. The nozzle delivers the solution to the skin, and immediately the vacuum collects it together with the keratinized skin scales, unclogs the pores and evens out the top layer of the skin.

This procedure can be carried out practically without restrictions for people with oily, porous skin prone to acne; and people with dry, dehydrated skin, regardless of age.

By the way, for pregnant women and nursing mothers, this procedure is also allowed and helps to take care of the skin during such difficult periods of life.

Usually, for such a procedure, several options for solutions (sera) are provided for the problem. For instance:

  • for oily skin – with salicylic acid;
  • for dry – serum with hyaluronic acid;
  • for hyperpigmented and tired skin – with vitamin C.

There are many variations of the equipment itself for the hydropeeling procedure, and different serums for this procedure.

Serums are selected by a beautician, taking into account the type and condition of the skin at the time of the patient’s visit. Also, a specialist can recommend a course of such procedures to solve specific problems on the skin.

Hydropeeling does not require a rehabilitation period, so this procedure can be safely done on the eve of important events.

Injection-free mesotherapy

Another procedure worthy of the attention of those who want to look amazing on New Year’s Eve is non-injection mesotherapy.

The essence of the method lies in the introduction of active cocktails to improve the quality of the skin using the apparatus.

The device delivers medical oxygen under pressure, and due to this, the cocktails pass into the skin.

Laser biorevitalization

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Another similar technique for moisturizing the skin is laser biorevitalization. When you do not want to do beauty injections, but you want to preserve the beauty.

How is the procedure for laser biorevitalization performed:

  1. A special gel containing hyaluronic acid is applied to the prepared and cleansed skin.
  2. It is spread over the skin, and, given that the hyaluronic acid molecules in the gel are very small, it sinks into the skin.
  3. And then the skin is exposed to laser light, which helps the hyaluronic acid molecules in the skin to gather in large chains and provide their therapeutic, moisturizing, rejuvenating effect. No recovery period.

Of course, you need to remember the fact that procedures for improving the quality of the skin give a pronounced, declared result when they are carried out by the course.

Professional facial treatment in the beautician’s office is not only beneficial for the skin, but also a time for relaxation and restoration of mental strength.

One of the most pleasant procedures in the office, when the skin is cleansed, moisturized and nourished. Massage, mask and many other different stages can be included in a professional care program, depending on what task the beautician has to solve.

A small comment from a specialist: start preparing your face and skin for the New Year and remember to care for your beauty all year round.

After all, when you regularly take care of your face, emergency assistance is not particularly required before any holiday.

How do you take care of your skin in winter? Let us know in the comments!

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