Daniel Komen’s Crazy 3000m World Record

One of the most amazing races I have ever commented on was Daniel Komen’s 3000m world record on September 1, 1996 – 7: 20.67!

For those who do not count very quickly, this is an average of 2 minutes 27 seconds per 1 km. That is, every 200 meters is faster than 30 seconds!

1500 m on average at 3:40!

Daniel Komen was 20 years old. He missed the Kenya Olympic team at the 1996 Atlanta Games.

Immediately after the 1996 Games, Komen struck a sensational 5,000 meter defeat to Gebresselaysie himself in Zurich.

And so he embodied his form in this crazy 3000m race at the legendary stadium in Rieti.

Before Komen, the world record at this wonderful distance of 3000 m was held by the king of the mile of the early 90s Nureddin Morselli – 7: 25.11.

After Komen, the great Gebre and the new king of the mile, Hisham El Gerudj, tried to approach this achievement, but could not – at Gebre 7: 25.09 in 1998, at The Gerudj 7: 23.09 in 1999.

This run is still in my memory. Komen, up to the last meters, remained relaxed, free of movement, long stride and did not lose frequency.

Running is not just a flight for Bolt. 🙂


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