How to tie a tie knot – step by step instructions, 12 tie knots

Types of tie knots - how to tie a tie for a man or womanHow to tie a tie knot, which will add flavor to the image, help you look stylish and respectable?

In the modern world, there are a huge number of accessories that help us complement our image and reflect our individual taste. One of the most common accessories is a tie. There are a huge number of models, colors, and most importantly – the forms of presentation of this accessory, both in female and male looks.

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There are many techniques for tying ties. We will look at twelve of the most common ones.

How stylish and beautiful to tie a tie for a man or a woman?

The most popular types of tie knots are:

1. Four-in-Hand Knot (Classic Knot)

It is the simplest version of the tie knot. It looks laconic and elegant.

Suitable for both female and male models.

This kind of knot is perfect for beginners who want to quickly and easily learn how to tie a tie.

Video: Tie a tie. Classic knot

2. Full Windsor node

It is this type of knot that can most often be seen in businessmen in everyday life. The knot got its name from the Duke of Windsor, who preferred a neat symmetrical triangle made of dense fabric as an accessory for every day.

It is noteworthy that with such a tying, the neck is not squeezed at all, which makes this type of knot the most comfortable to wear.

Video: How to tie a tie. Windsor Knot

3. Half Windsor knot

This type of knot is preferred by men over women.

It has a neat appearance, triangular shape and medium size.

Video: How to Tie a Tie with the Half Windsor Knot

4. Nicky Knot (Nicky’s Tie Knot, also known as Free American Knot, New Classic Knot)

Suitable for long, tight ties while still looking as elegant as a Windsor knot.

Ties tied in this way with a checkered pattern will look especially advantageous.

Video: How to Tie a Tie in a Knot: Nicky, New Classic, Olney

5. Bow-tie knot

Since this type of knot is quite difficult to perform, the modern fashion industry produces elasticated butterflies that are worn around the neck.

However, in appearance, such butterflies will differ from those knitted with their own hands, since the latter have a more elegant look.

A bow tie is worn with pleasure by both men (most often to official banquets or events) and women.

Video: How to tie a bow tie (mittens)

6. Oriental knot (east knot, Asian knot)

You can tie such a knot in just three steps. It is small in size.

Great for bulky ties made from heavy fabrics.

Video: How to tie a tie with a knot: “Oriental”, “Eastern”, “Small”, “Asian”

7. Kelvin knot (Kelvin tie knot)

The knot was named after the famous English scientist Kelvin. This is a more complex version of the east node.

Kelvin is a purl knot that is tied with a seam outward. In this case, the seam is not visible, it is completely hidden by the collar.

Video: How to tie a tie. Kelvin Knot

8. Pratt knot (Pratt knot, sometimes called Shelby knot, or American knot)

The Pratt Knot is named after Jerry Pratt, an American who worked at the Chamber of Commerce.

It is also called “Shelby” after the famous American journalist Don Shelby, who constantly wore it on his broadcasts, thereby making it extremely popular.

Video: How to Tie a Tie with the Pratt Knot

9. Node St. Andrews (St Andrews node)

Also known as St. Andrew’s knot. The knot got its name in honor of the Apostle Andrew.

The tie looks quite versatile, therefore it is suitable both for everyday style and for an official banquet.

This knot should be tied crosswise. Solid wool ties are perfect for making the knot.

Video: How to Tie a Tie in a Knot: St. Andrew, St. Andrew, St. Andrew

10. Balthus knot (Balthus knot)

The creator of this site is the French artist Balthasar Klossowski.

This node is the largest node. The knot is quite wide and has a conical shape.

Quite difficult to perform, so get ready to practice in front of a mirror for a long time before you achieve the desired result.

Video: How to tie a tie with a knot: “Balthus” (Balthus Knot)

11. Hanover node (Hanover node)

When knotted correctly, Hanover looks like a symmetrical triangle.

It is a large knot, goes well with shirts with wide collars. And in combination with a narrow collar, it will look sloppy, and even slightly sloppy.

Video: How to Tie a Tie with a Hannover Knot

12. Plattsburgh Knot (Plattsburgh Knot)

Plattsburgh is a wide junction. Inverted cone shape.

Typically, Plattsburgh is tied with ties of lightweight fabrics.

Perfect for people who have old ties – and want to refresh their look with their help. At the same time, the tie looks asymmetrical, which is an excellent accent in the image and gives it some relaxation.

Video: How to Tie a Tie with the Plattsburgh Knot

All nodes have their own history and creators. Each of them is suitable for its own occasions. With just one such accessory, you can create new looks every time using different nodes.

From the history of ties

In ancient Egypt, ties were worn only by the privileged strata of the population. People from the nobility tied ties around their necks, which testified to the high social status of their owners.

Over time, ties have lost their symbolic meaning and have become a favorite accessory of millions of people.

From men’s wardrobe to women’s

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just men who wear ties. Modern women increasingly prefer this piece of jewelry, which makes it versatile.

Of course, women’s models are different from men’s – they are more sophisticated, and stand out in a large number of colors and prints.

How to tie a tie for a man and a woman

Designers strive to keep up with the times, and create entire collections of women’s tie models, coming up with more and more new designs and variations.

There are no special requirements for the technique of tying female models. Women who wear ties often wear them to emphasize their individuality and independence in their style.

Many models of modern women’s ties are so adapted to women’s fashion that there are women’s models in the form of bows, frills, beaded models, satin ribbons and lace.

Designer ties

Many Italian brands are developing tie designs. Among them, the most famous brands are Armani, Hugo Boss, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Carlo Visconti.

Of course, an Armani tie will cost an order of magnitude more than a regular tie. However, it is designer items that are famous for the high quality of fabrics and tailoring – and, having acquired just one such accessory, you have been carrying it for more than one year.

Types of tie knots - women and men

What to keep in mind when choosing a tie knot?

In order to choose the right tying technique for you, you must first of all decide where you want to wear the tie. Some knots are everyday, while others are suitable exclusively for special occasions.

The material your tie is made of also matters a lot. The fact is that some knots are only suitable for ties made of lightweight fabrics. The role of the shirt style with which you are pairing the tie is also worth mentioning, since many knots will look more advantageous on shirts with wide collars.

In a word, there are several nuances that cannot be ignored if you want to accurately choose the right gastuk.

Summing up, I would like to once again note the relevance and popularity of such a classic accessory as a tie. The tie is worn by both men and women, which speaks of its versatility. And having learned several original techniques for tying tie knots, be sure that your image will not be left without attention.

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