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Best Fitness Books for WomenEven fifteen or two decades ago, one had to “sweat” pretty much to get a valuable copy of a high-quality book on “building” your body. And some rare variants could be found only in libraries and read under the watchful gaze of her employee. Today, this kind of literature can be seen at every step. True, to find “the very one” in the heaps of books is a real problem.

No more searching! Check out the best fitness books for the right workout!

Anatomy of Fitness and Strength Training for Women

Anatomy of Fitness and Strength Training for WomenBy Mark Vella

According to recent studies, a woman’s body requires special training programs, created taking into account not only gender and age, but the specific characteristics of the body and the body as a whole.

This book, which is both a visual aid and a reference, has everything a woman needs to know about the process of training muscles and creating her own individual training program. You will find here for yourself special tests (determination of the level of fitness), the most detailed photographs of exercises, as well as more than 90 exercises for all muscles of the body.

Modeling your figure easily and at home!

The Anatomy of Strength Exercise

The Anatomy of Strength ExerciseBy Frederic Delavier

This guide is a detailed guide with illustrations on the technique of any exercise – both for men and for the weaker sex, beginners and professionals. The bestselling book from the French sports doctor, translated into 30 languages, is the world’s most popular book for designing your training program.

According to the book of Delavier, a very serious athlete and prize-winner of weightlifting championships, in order to become a true artist of your body, first of all, you should plunge into its anatomy in more detail.

Look in the book for the most effective methods for solving athletic problems, thorough analyzes of each exercise, warnings, illustrations with explanations, features of anatomy, etc.

Delavier can help you avoid the most common mistakes and injuries and improve the efficiency of your workouts.

Fitness. Male and female look

Fitness.  Male and female lookAuthors: V. and I. Turchinskiy

One of the advantages of the book is its versatility. The question of fitness is considered here at once from the male and female sides.

In addition, the book is a guide to proper fitness nutrition, a training guide, and even advice on relaxation.

The essence of the book is to understand and accept fitness not only as a set of training for muscles, but as a culture of one’s life, which includes nutrition, exercise and recovery.

Athletic tuning. A new look at the culture of physical excellence

Athletic tuning.  A new look at the culture of physical excellenceAuthor – Soslan Varziev

The name of the author has been transmitted by word of mouth for quite a long time through word of mouth. An authoritative specialist in the field of personal training did not “shine” in public, which did not prevent such famous people as Rupert Everett, Yarmolnik and Dolina, and others from turning to him for help.

The book describes Varziev’s unique methodology, presented in the form of an excursion into the world of physical culture with lyrical digressions and good humor.

Fitness. Life guide

Fitness.  Life guideAuthor – Denis Semenikhin

Everything you ever wanted to know about fitness in one book!

Your attention is a set of key rules for building an ideal figure, exercise, nutrition, proper motivation and, of course, changing your habits.

This book is intended for a reader with any level of training – clear, intelligible, with a simple manual, exercise technique, photographs, nutritional algorithm, and nothing more! Draw on the author’s valuable experience, acquire the right habits, motivate yourself and others for a long and, most importantly, happy life.

Learn … oops! One-two-three beach uniform

Learn ... oops!  One-two-three beach uniformAuthor – Lena Miro

The main idea of ​​the book is that it’s time to fight laziness. A helpful book therapy for pulling yourself off the couch by the ears and regaining the beauty of your body.

The manual is written in clear, simple language (with a share of pathos and humor) without any hesitation in expression. Here you will find useful recommendations even for those who are completely far from fitness, but dream of returning an elastic “LJ …” figure.

Burn fat, speed up your metabolism

Burn fat, speed up your metabolismBy Jillian Michaels

The book is from a beautiful 38-year-old female trainer who once won the fight against her overweight and today successfully motivates women to lose weight and strive for an athletic lifestyle.

The set of exercises from Gillian is a unique formula “perfect figure in a short time.” You will find in this guide exactly the exercises that will speed up your metabolism and help you burn those extra centimeters from your waist.

An effective program for beginners and advanced.

Fitness for women

Fitness for womenAuthor – S. Rosenzweig

A guide to solving a wide range of women’s problems – from an American physician.

The book covers all aspects of maintaining and increasing your health: exercise, improving performance, rationalizing diet, drawing up a personal training scheme and much more.

This basic “guide” is recommended to everyone who strives for an ideal figure.

Swap fat for willpower

Swap fat for willpowerAuthor – Yaroslav Brin

A simple, accessible book, which is a collection of articles on elementary and step-by-step weight loss.

The motto of the benefit from Brin is “No complexes, excess weight and discomfort!” Here you will find a clear plan for every day to burn fat quickly and irreversibly.

In a very peculiar (sometimes cynical, “uncut”) form, the author gives recommendations not only on how to combat the hated extra pounds, but also to change the worldview in a positive direction.

Best strength exercises and workout plans for women

Best strength exercises and workout plans for womenAuthor – edited by A. Campbell

A complete guide for the fair half of humanity – for experienced athletes and beginners.

Here you can find hundreds of useful recommendations, optimal training programs about the world’s best instructors, unique information about the anatomy of strength exercises.

And besides, a meal plan, cardio workouts, healthy foods and snacks, forbidden foods and food myths, etc. A book to help you get things done fast!

What books help you train?

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