How to tighten your breasts after childbirth and breastfeeding – exercise

Pregnancy and breastfeeding do not have the best effect on the condition of the breast, and most often, at the end of lactation, it turns into two empty sacs. Breast size returns to pre-pregnant again, but elasticity disappears – and this is very frustrating for many women.

The depressing state of the décolleté area gives rise to complexes, due to which many go under the surgeon’s knife in order to correct the mistakes of nature. Women can be understood, because today society obliges everyone to be beautiful and sexy.

COLADY will tell you how to tighten the breasts at home for a woman using simple exercises.

How to tighten your breasts at home - the best exercises from the experts
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Why do breasts sag after childbirth and breastfeeding?

  • By its nature, most of the breast cells are adipose tissue, so when a girl loses weight, her size also disappears. But with the onset of pregnancy, fat cells are replaced by glandular cells. Then the breast prepares for the implementation of its original function – feeding the offspring. And before pregnancy, she just “slept”.
  • In the first trimester of pregnancy, the glandular tissue develops and greatly increases in size, from this stretch marks may appear. To prevent their appearance, it is recommended to use special creams or cosmetic oils. For example, almond, olive or macadamia nut oil can reduce the risk of stretch marks on the skin.
  • After giving birth, the breast undergoes another transformation. Milk begins to be produced, and the size of the gland increases dramatically again. Stretch marks may occur again at this stage.

The following factors affect the deterioration of the breast condition:

  • Pregnancy – such is nature, and nothing can be done about it.
  • Genetics. If your mother and grandmother’s breasts did not deteriorate with age, then you will not deteriorate either. If the decrease in elasticity is hereditary, then you need to make every effort to prevent such sad consequences.
  • Improper feeding. The child should not be allowed to behave freely at the breast – pulling the nipple, squeezing and squeezing the breast, pinching, biting or chewing it. This, firstly, is painful, and secondly, it leads to sagging breasts.
  • Improper pumping can also lead to tightening of the skin – and, as a result, to a decrease in elasticity.
  • Low muscle tone Because the muscles are the support on which the gland is attached.
  • Abrupt cessation of feeding. Many mothers pull the glands to stop lactation, and this can lead to lactostasis and mastitis. It is necessary to stop breastfeeding gradually so that the gland goes into “sleep mode” without unnecessary stress and then into “complete shutdown”.
  • A sharp jump in weight. With rapid weight gain, the breasts also increase, which can lead to stretch marks. And with rapid weight loss, the chest seems to be emptied.
How to tighten your breasts at home - the best exercises from the experts
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Prevention of sagging breasts after childbirth

  • Wear the right underwear. A good bra for breastfeeding moms keeps the breast securely in place. It does not press, does not rub, fits perfectly in size – neither small nor large. When playing sports, you need to use special sports bras. They hold the chest more tightly, from which it does not “jump”.
  • Cold and hot shower increases the tone of both the whole body and the skin of the décolleté area.
  • Correct feeding postures. The baby does not hang on the chest and does not pull the nipple in different directions.
  • Using special cosmetics allows you to preserve the youthfulness of the skin and its elasticity. Preventive creams, gels and ointments stimulate the production of natural collagen. It’s no secret that the gland is in the skin, and neither muscles nor ligaments fix it. Therefore, if the skin loses its elasticity, then the chest will turn into “spaniel ears”.
  • Massage It is also recognized as an effective firming agent as it increases the blood supply to all skin cells. They get all the nutrients they need to feel good and stay young for longer.
  • Nutrition. Be sure to have vitamins in the diet. Mainly – vitamins of group B, A, E, C. These are the main components of female beauty. The presence of antioxidants in food is also beneficial. They reduce the action of free radicals, which has a positive effect on maintaining the elasticity of the skin. By the way, antioxidants are found, for example, in apples, green tea, grapes, kiwi, bell peppers.

The deplorable state of the décolleté area is not a reason to go under the surgeon’s knife. AND at home, you can tighten the chest with the help of special exercises… Almost all of them are designed to strengthen the chest muscles.

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The Most Effective Breast Lift Exercises After Childbirth and Feeding

  • Push-ups – classic or with emphasis on the knees
    It is enough to repeat 10-15 times a day. Do the exercise every other day.
  • Exercise “Moving the wall”
    Starting position – standing facing the wall. You need to rest your arms bent at the elbows against the wall at chest level and press on it. During the exercise, tension should be felt in the muscles of the chest. Several approaches a day are enough.
  • Exercise “lock”
    Starting position – arms bent at the elbows in front of you, connected to the lock. It is necessary to press with the palm of the right hand on the palm of the left and vice versa. As in the past, pressure should be felt in the pectoral muscles. It is enough to perform several approaches daily. About 5-7.
  • Rotation with straight arms
    This is just a workout of the muscles of the arms and chest. But even such a simple exercise can tone the muscles.
  • Exercises for the arms and shoulder girdle
    Any exercise for the muscles of the arms will also have a positive effect on the chest, because it is simply impossible to completely isolate some muscles of the human body from others. Exercises with dumbbells, pull-ups, and other loads will be useful for returning the former elasticity of the breasts after childbirth and breastfeeding.

What about the hardware itself? To pump up or train her, such as the buttocks, will not work.

But the gland is able to independently regain its original appearance. A full recovery usually takes 1.5 years.

But this period can be accelerated in special ways that have been described in this article. Together, they effectively restore the shape and elasticity of the breast.

How did you tighten your breasts after giving birth? Share with us in the comments!

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