What a man can never forgive – 10 things

Surely each person has his own list of words and actions that in no case should be forgiven to anyone. But love and close relationships often force us to reconsider our principles, and sometimes – to change them.

Colady will tell you about 10 things that should never be forgiven to anyone, even your beloved man.

Words and deeds that a man cannot forgive

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Falling in love sometimes closes a woman’s eyes to the ugly male actions of her partner, often forcing to forgive what, in general, should not be forgiven.

  • Treason.
    On the topic of unforgiveness of betrayal, the opinions of women and men unanimously agree in their majority – you cannot forgive betrayal! Several negative moments have been collected in treason – this is the pain of realizing the deception of a loved one, hatred of betrayal, and the intolerance of the thought that he was close to another woman, this is also the torment that someone burst into the tight world of your relationship with your partner yet, having stained and desecrated the Temple of your love. Sometimes even a very strong person cannot forgive treason, and a weak, sensitive person can simply trample the fact of treason.
    Should you forgive the one who has changed? Of course, everyone decides for himself. But remember that forgiving is not living the rest of your life with a person under the yoke of suspicion, pain, and this resentment. Forgiving cheating means letting go of the situation, completely clearing your heart of resentment and starting life from scratch, never returning to the past. See also: How to properly react to his betrayal?
  • The man raised his hand to the woman.
    The sad statistics provided by psychologists indicate that the fact of the first case when a man raises his hand to a woman soon becomes part of his rule of communication with a partner. A man is by nature very strong, and he is able to protect his loved ones, as well as refrain from excessive emotionality and aggression. A strong man will never allow himself to humiliate a loved one.
    The one who raised his hand to the woman is a creature with an unbalanced psyche who will easily do it for the second and tenth time, each time getting more and more excited and using more and more sophisticated methods of humiliating his wife.
  • The man beats the children.
    Until the debate about whether physical punishment of children is necessary or not permissible, those men who do not even have the right to be called men open their hands in relation to their children, explaining this by their father’s love and the desire to raise good people out of them.
    The highest role of a mother is to protect her children from all the cruelties in this world. So is it worth forgiving a person who regularly tortures your flesh and blood? Is your love for your husband or the habit of living with him worth all the humiliation, physical and mental pain of your child?
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  • Lie.
    Whatever a man’s lie is – small or large – it can become a serious obstacle on the path of this couple to happiness. As a rule, it is a little lie that undermines the relationship – every day, bit by bit, suddenly, over time, it grows into a snowball that cannot be pushed aside. A man’s lie is serious reason to doubt his feelings and sincerity… Relationships are built on trust, if there is no trust, there will be no love.
  • Public words of insult to a woman.
    Dirty words spoken by a man in public should not say goodbye to him. If a man suddenly begins to share with friends the intimate secrets of your relationship, rudely criticize you, utter obscene language in your address – this is a serious reason to reconsider the relationship with him. In no case should a man forgive such behavior. – unless, of course, you want to remain humiliated and insulted all your life, and possibly a bat, in public.
  • Disrespectful attitude towards a woman.
    “That blonde has a super figure, and after giving birth you blurred like a cow”, “Where do you go to this woman, you don’t know how to cook”, “My ex kept order, but you always have a mess” – and continue comparing you with all women on Earth is naturally not in your favor. Do I need to forgive this?
    Respect is one of the whales that Love stands on. There is no respect for you – and this love becomes “lame”, or maybe it does not exist at all. Most likely, comparing with other women, humiliating you, makes the man sickness of his own EGO. Do you really need this weakling?
"Never say goodbye to these 10 things!"  Social psychologist told that you can not forgive a man
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  • Male laziness.
    How often in life we ​​see families in which a woman is “me and a horse, me and a bull, me and a woman and a man”, and a man lies on the couch, finding endless excuses for his passivity … Such a man is not looking for an additional opportunity to earn money , he does not try to solve financial crisis situations in the family, does not do any household chores. The most favorite activities of such a man are watching TV, lying on the couch, meeting friends in the garage or beer bar, fishing, eternal smoke breaks …
    Are you sure that at the moment when you are suddenly unable to provide for your family and do all the chores around the house, your man will take on solving problems? So is it necessary today to put up with his passivity – the answer is quite obvious.
  • The greed of a man.
    It is very difficult for a woman to feel loved and desired if her man is tight-fisted in gifts and purchases. In such couples, constant friction arises over the allegedly excessive spending on the part of the wife and children. A woman in such a pair is unlikely to receive gorgeous gifts, and if they buy bouquets for her, then only on the basis of the principles of economy – cheaper, discounted.
    With such a situation, any woman, if she has not completely given up on her life, will very hard to come to terms… And does a man need to forgive greed?
  • Insults to your family.
    If a man truly loves you, he will never stoop to insults your parents, children from a previous marriage, brothers, sisters, etc.
    According to many people, by no means you can not forgive your man for the words of insults to relatives – even if they were uttered in the heat of the moment, and you cannot forgive his ugly actions in relation to relatives.
  • Male bad habits.
    In no case should a woman put up with the most common harmful male habits – alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction. A man who seeks solace in these manias of his, in fact, does not love you – these passions replace love for him. Although he may swear eternal love for you – but of course, it is very convenient for him to return after a night of drinking or after major losses to the house, where he will be fed, soothed, and cuddled.
    Alcoholism, gambling addiction, drug addiction cannot be forgiven for a man!

4 things a man shouldn’t be forgiven Comments by Veronika Tyurina, psychologist-consultant in the field of interpersonal relations, coach, energy therapist

"Never say goodbye to these 10 things!"  Social psychologist told that you can not forgive a man

  1. Making fun of you, whether in private or even more so in public. This is humiliating and shows that your value in the eyes of a man is low. If you admit unflattering jokes in your address, try to ignore them, pretend that this is nonsense, there is a 100% risk of losing not only self-respect, but also respect from others.
  2. Flirting with other women. If this is allowed, a man will simply cease to see his beloved woman in you, and then treason is just a stone’s throw away. Notice an episode of flirting behind your man – immediately indicate your position as concretely as possible, without waiting for such behavior in your relationship to become the norm for a man.
  3. Hanging on you with heavy physical responsibilities around the house or country. Lifting weights over 5 kg is contraindicated in women. Attempts to “load” you with hard male work can be regarded as the perception of you not as his beloved woman, but as a partner, an assistant on whom you can throw off the load a little.
  4. Any form of violence, abusive behavior. This must be tackled harshly and uncompromisingly. This includes all types of psychological violence, when a man humiliates, insults, ignores your needs and desires, allows himself a rude and boorish attitude towards you. Physical violence in any form is a priori considered a stop signal for a relationship and a reason to contact law enforcement agencies.

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