Libra female names for zodiac sign

People say: “As you name the boat, so it will float.” Indeed, a lot depends on the correctly given name to the representative of a particular zodiacal constellation: its character, the specifics of building relationships with others, as well as life events. Astropsychologists and esotericists believe that if you give a child a talisman name, he will probably be in the zone of positive sound vibrations, in other words, he will definitely be lucky!

We have compiled a selection of happy names for Libra women for you.

Libra name


Translated from the ancient Greek language means “wisdom”. Sophia has the best qualities of a Libra character. A woman awarded this name is benevolent, sensual and empathetic. She is not indifferent to the problems of the people around her. Always ready to help. Prone to self-sacrifice.

Important! Esotericists believe that the name Sophia brings good luck. Therefore, if you call this a newborn Libra girl, be sure that fortune will never leave her.


The name comes from the ancient Greek God Apollo, meaning “solar”. A woman with that name is charming, bright. The Libra woman, named Polina, has great taste, so she can become an artist, musician or singer. Creative and interesting personality. Often changes mood, goes to extremes. Can be domineering and gentle at the same time. She tends to idealize the people around her, so she is often disappointed in them. This name is perfect for a Libra woman.


Light, kind nature. Libra girls tend to patronize, so this name is perfect for them. Constantly arriving on the move. Inquisitive and intelligent. He believes that the world is incredibly interesting, so he always tries to learn something new and exciting about it. Loves to be in the spotlight, a born artist. He believes that family is more important than career, so he becomes an ideal wife and mother. Has a positive attitude towards life.

Libra feminine names

Advice! Earning Albina’s trust isn’t easy. She only listens to people who are honest with her. Perfectly recognizes lies. Therefore, when communicating with her, do not even try to dissemble.


It is translated from Latin as “victory”. A nature inclined to give a rational assessment to everything. Reasonable and careful. He never doubts his abilities. Charming and temperamental. In relationships with men, she is selective, unhurried. He knows exactly what he wants from life and what kind of companion she needs. Victoria, born under the constellation Libra, is a wonderful mother and faithful wife. If she fell in love, then the chance that someone else will win her favor is negligible.


She has incredible sensuality, so she looks at things very subtly. Does not tolerate lies, always speaks the truth and demands the same from others. A very gentle nature, needs the approval of loved ones. Beautiful and charming, so she is never left without male attention. Having married, she becomes an excellent housewife. Ksenia-Libra cooks well, creates comfort for the whole family. Has a strong desire to develop, not only intellectually, but also spiritually.


The owner of a complex character. She is prone to a sharp change in mood, contradictory and eccentric. Libras tend to fall into melancholy even for minor reasons, and Veronica, born under this sign, will not be an exception. Girls with this name are prone to selflessness, they are ready to make sacrifices if circumstances require it. In the second half of life, they become more assiduous, tolerant of others and of life in general.

Zodiac sign libra name for girl

Important! It is extremely important for Veronica to get married successfully. She will be approached by a strong-willed man who will lead her and show her the path of development.

Of course, the baby can be called whatever you want, however, by giving him a happy zodiacal name, you will increase his chances of a carefree and joyful life. What name did you give your child and why? Share your answer in the comments!

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