How to use styling foam correctly – 4 ways

How to foam your hairHair mousse is a styling product suitable for all hair types. It allows you to experiment with strands, give your hairstyle a neat look, and also prolong the durability of styling.

There are various options for using the tool, which I will discuss in more detail in this article.

What is styling foam and what is it?

First, let’s figure out what it is.

It is a liquid that, when sprayed, acquires a foam structure. Initially, it is in the container under slight pressure.

As a rule, the amount of product used depends on the type of future styling and the length of the hair. Usually, a tangerine-sized amount of foam is sufficient to shape a short haircut.

Foam happens various types of fixation, which are always indicated on the package verbally and in numbers from 1 to 5: from the lightest to the strongest.

So, the foam envelops the hair, making its structure more pliable and reducing its tendency to electrify. This greatly facilitates many manipulations with the hair.

1. Giving hair texture with hair foam

Owners curly and wavy hair sometimes they complain that their curls lack elasticity and a clear shape, and their hair is often “fluffy”. However, not all of them know that hair foam is a great way to make curls manageable and even more beautiful.

Foam styling for curly hair

Regardless of the thickness and density of your hair, choose a foam with an easy degree of fixationso that the hair does not become heavy.

Styling foam

The secret is to apply the product to slightly damp hair after washing it:

  • Spread a medium amount of foam evenly over the strands.
  • Then lightly “curl” the hair with your hands, placing the ends in your palms and heading up.
  • Repeat this movement several times during all natural hair drying. You do not need to reapply the foam.

This method works even better if you dry your hair with a hairdryer with a special nozzle – diffuser… Then the curls will be the most elastic and retain their excellent shape for a long time.

Diffuser styling

2. Styling unruly hairs with foam

Hair growth does not always occur evenly, and therefore it sometimes happens that some of them stick out treacherously, spoiling the look of the hairstyle.

As a rule, to combat this, use styling gel or wax… However, if you don’t need to buy a new product, use foam. It is better if it has a strong hold.

Styling wax

  • The foam is applied in small amounts and locally, but the movements during application should be strong and confident.
  • Try to smooth the short hairs as much as possible to “glue” them to the rest. Choose the right direction, do not style your hair against their growth.

Rememberthat before that they must be thoroughly combed.

3. Shaping the hairstyle with hair foam

This is true for owners of short haircuts.

Short hair styling

Typically, such hair is styled immediately after washing with a hairdryer:

  1. In order for the hair to be as obedient as possible and to easily take the necessary shape on them beforehand foam
  2. Further, with the help of waste movements with a hairdryer and brushing, hair is styled.

Usually, such manipulations with hair are aimed at adding volume to the hair: they are, as it were, “lifted from the roots.” If you do not treat your hair with foam, this volume will quickly evaporate.

4. Increasing the resistance of curls will help to achieve a foam for hair styling

Apply a lather to your hair

  • Experienced hairdressers often recommend to their clients wash your hair at least 12 hours before the meeting with them, so that by the time of the process the hair is less electrified and more manageable.
  • Some stylists also recommend that you dry your hair naturally. applying hair foam on them

Under the action of the product, the hair structure will be more susceptible to temperature deformations, which means that the hairstyle will turn out to be more textured and will last much longer in its original form.

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